Throwback Thursday! Robert Pattinson was the King of Cannes in 2012!

Throwback Thursday! Robert Pattinson was the King of Cannes in 2012!

You know what today is right? Right??? YOU KNOW.

 photo Cannes2012HQ209.jpg

In honor of the RETURN OF THE KING....our Throwback Thursday is taking a look at some CannesRob2.0 pictures. Most of these beauties we haven't posted before and are in HQ.

And now I bring you.....THE KING OF CANNES!!!!! Gird your loins!!!

 photo Cannes2012HQ070.jpg

 photo Cannes2012HQ106.jpg

 photo Cannes2012HQ019.jpg

 photo Cannes2012HQ011.jpg

 photo Cannes2012HQ092.jpg

 photo Cannes2012HQ134.jpg

 photo Cannes2012HQ008.jpg

 photo Cannes2012HQ010.jpg
  photo Cannes2012HQ048.jpg

 photo Cannes2012HQ068.jpg

 photo Cannes2012HQ085.jpg

 photo Cannes2012HQ040.jpg

Over 250 CannesRob pics after the cut!

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