Showcase Saturday With Robert Pattinson & We Have Winners

Showcase Saturday With Robert Pattinson & We Have Winners  

This week over on RobArt Gallery I posted these gorgeous wallpapers by the super talented Tarah.
Not sure if you managed to catch them over there, so just in case you didn't I'm posting them here too. I think you'll agree they're absolutely perfect for the week that was in it ;)

Tarah made 2 versions of each wallpaper. Your only problem is trying to decide which one to use. I have them rotating on my computer because I couldn't pick a favourite!

ALSO make sure to scroll down to the bottom of the post to see if you were one of our lucky winners in our giveaway from last week

 photo TheRoverWallPaperVersion2ByTarah.png

 photo MTTScolorwallpaperByTarah.png

Click and Click Download for Full Size

 photo TheRoverWallPaperVersion1ByTarah.png photo TheRoverWallPaperVersion2ByTarah.png  photo MTTScolorwallpaperByTarah.png photo MTTSblackandwhitewallpaperbyTarah.png

NOW onto our giveaway winners. First a reminder of the great prize which Audrey kindly gave us (thanks again Audxx)

 photo giveaway.jpg

And our lucky winners chosen by ARE............
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Melissa and Hannah expect an email from us very soon! 

If you weren't lucky enough to win then don't forget to can purchase Audrey's paintings over HERE


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