Wish He Was Mine Wednesday With Robert Pattinson

Wish He Was Mine Wednesday With Robert Pattinson

It's Wednesday which means it's time once again for 'Wish He Was Mine'.
First up thank you SO much for sending in all your fabulous pic choices. My inbox was a dangerous place to be last week and I had to take lots of cold showers after looking thorough your emails.
It's such a hard job but someone has to do it right?

Anyway one thing was becoming quite clear as I was going through your emails and that was that Cannes Rob was on a LOT of people's minds. I wonder why? *smiles*.

I just had to choose Cannes Rob for today's 'Wish He Was Mine Wednesday' BUT I couldn't decide between the 2009 Rob sent in by Linda or the 2012 version that Lyn sent and then I thought, sure why do I have to decide? So here they both are for you.
Tomorrow we'll find out if we're going to get a 2014 version but until then ............................

 photo robert-pattinson-1.jpg

 photo GorgeousHQRobertPattinsonOntheOTRRedCarpetCannes5-1.jpg


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