FIRST LOOK: Robert Pattinson's 'The Rover' Trailer, Character Poster & LOTS MORE

FIRST LOOK: Robert Pattinson's 'The Rover' Trailer & LOTS MORE

What a day today has been. The Rover is an Official Selection of the Cannes Film Festival and now we have this. I have no words................

Check out Rob's character poster below and see Guy's character poster over at

 photo FIN03_TheRover_Tsr_Pattinson_TrimFullSize-1.jpg
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 photo FIN03_TheRover_Tsr_Pattinson_TrimFullSize.jpg

The Rover opens in LA/NY on June 13 and NATIONWIDE on June 20.
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 photo TheRovergif4.gif

WHEN you've finished replaying the trailer you'll find The Transcript, Gifs, Screencaps & MORE After The Cut!

Excerpt poem “The Second Coming” by Yeats: Things fall apart. The center cannot hold. Anarchy is loosed upon the world.

Off camera voice: It’s over for you.

ERIC: I know that. Whatever you think is over for me was over a long time ago.

Man 1: Let’s go! Come on, come on, come on!

HENRY: Turn the car around.

Man 1: We’re not turning around. He’s gone.

HENRY: What do you mean he’s gone. He’s my brother!

Woman 1: That looks good. Is this man your friend?

ERIC: Tell me where your brother is.

REY: He’s going south, gone away from here. I’ll take you to him I promise.

ERIC: Your brother left you to die. He’s abandoned you out here to me. You don’t learn to fight, your death is going to come real soon.

ERIC: You should never stop thinking about a life you’ve taken. That’s the price you pay for taking it.

REY: I’m still in control here.

HENRY: What’s he doing?

Man 1: He ain’t giving up.

ERIC: Start talking to me!

Woman 2: What a thing to get worked up about in this day and age

REY: There’s no harm God wants to see me coming to.

ERIC: God feels nothing for you. The only thing that means anything right now is that I’m here and he’s not.

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 photo TheRovergif19.gif  photo TheRovergif14.gif  photo TheRovergif17.gif  photo TheRovergif16.gif  photo TheRovergif11.gif  photo TheRovergif18.gif  photo TheRovergif15.gif  photo TheRovergif12.gif  photo TheRovergif10.gif  photo TheRovergif13.gif  photo TheRovergif9.gif  photo TheRovergif1.gif  photo TheRovergif2.gif  photo TheRovergif7.gif  photo TheRovergif8.gif  photo TheRovergif6.gif  photo TheRovergif3.gif  photo TheRovergif5.gif


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Just the Rob Caps

 photo TheRoverTrailer209.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer210.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer208.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer211.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer212.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer213.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer214.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer217.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer215.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer216.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer218.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer220.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer219.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer246.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer249.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer248.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer247.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer293.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer294.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer292.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer295.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer296.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer297.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer308.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer310.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer309.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer311.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer312.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer313.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer314.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer315.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer374.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer376.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer375.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer377.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer378.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer379.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer397.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer398.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer401.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer402.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer399.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer400.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer403.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer415.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer413.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer414.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer416.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer435.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer434.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer436.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer437.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer473.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer472.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer474.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer475.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer476.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer477.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer478.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer479.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer480.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer481.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer483.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer482.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer484.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer485.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer492.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer491.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer493.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer494.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer495.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer496.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer497.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer498.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer499.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer500.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer501.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer502.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer503.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer504.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer505.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer506.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer549.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer551.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer552.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer550.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer557.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer558.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer560.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer562.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer561.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer559.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer564.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer565.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer568.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer566.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer567.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer602.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer604.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer603.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer607.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer606.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer605.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer609.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer608.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer613.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer610.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer612.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer611.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer614.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer615.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer634.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer635.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer636.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer637.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer638.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer639.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer642.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer641.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer643.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer640.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer645.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer646.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer644.jpg  photo TheRoverTrailer647.jpg

Click HERE to download nearly 700 caps from the trailer

Do you like the trailer music? It's 'Enter One' By Sol Seepy and is taken from the album "The bells of 1 2" (Grönland Records CDGRON30)


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