It's Robert Pattinson's 28th birthday on May 13! Do you want to celebrate with us??

It's Robert Pattinson's 28th birthday on May 13! Do you want to celebrate with us?? 

It seems like just yesterday that Rob was 27....wait...he still IS 27! But he'll be 28 soon enough and it's time to start prepping for the big day!

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We invite you guys to submit sweet words of awesome for Rob that we'll put together in a birthday tribute video for May 13th. Here's what you do:
  1. Choose a picture or yourself that you'd like featured in the birthday tribute video. (HERE is the awesome post we did featuring all your messages a few years ago)
  2. If you're picture shy, you can still participate. Pick a picture of Rob, artwork, a cave that looks like your personal DR dwelling *wink* and that can be your image.
  3. Type a message on your image that you would like to share for Rob's birthday. If you need assistance, Kate and I are here to help. Just submit the message you'd like for Rob's birthday in the email and we'll add the message on your image for you. 
  4. Email your image and message to
  5. DEADLINE: Thursday, May 8th at 12pm PST
Got it? If you guys have questions, ask away in the comments. An operator is standing by. ;)

Here's the video from last year (and you can find previous years on the sidebar) to get your creative juices flowing.

Hopefully this gave you an idea and you're ready to rip open that heart of yours and let the love rain down for our favorite guy in the whole wide world.

Also, if you have song suggestions, let us know! We're open to your musical recs and if we can get the song to play in the video without problems, your suggestion might make the cut. :)

If you're interested in celebrating through donation, Rob fans have set up a donation page on Stand Up 2 Cancer's website in honor of Rob's name and birthday.

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Click HERE to donate to SU2C with the Robert Pattinson Birthday Project team!

Are you wondering why they picked SU2C? Well here's why! A flashback video from Rob's contribution to the SU2C telethon September 7, 2012.

Ok! So time to start tapping into your inner Dennis Stock and snapping some pics! Send in your goodies asap so you can be a part of the birthday cheer on ROBsessed!

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