Robert Pattinson's The Rover is number 1 on an awesome list, Anton Corbijn calls Rob fantastic, upcoming film start dates and more!

Robert Pattinson's The Rover is number 1 on an awesome list, Anton Corbijn calls Rob fantastic, upcoming film start dates and more!

Happy Monday for Rob fans! We have a few movie updates for you that will certainly make you feel spazztastic.

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Did you know THE ROVER trailer is well past half a million views and should hit 1 million in a couple of days? Give it another watch to get you in the mood for this movie update post.

First up is The Playlist making me the love by having this article - Summer Movie Preview: 40 Most Anticipated Films - and then going ahead and making THE ROVER number 1!

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1. "The Rover"
Cast: Guy Pearce, Robert Pattinson, Scoot McNairy
Synopsis: In a war-torn future beset by financial collapse, a man trudges across the Australian desert to locate his stolen car and secure the mysterious cargo found inside.
Why It’s Worth Seeing: This is the first film for director David Michôd since his riveting debut “Animal Kingdom.” It’s been described as an existential western, and sees him reteam with Guy Pearce, with heartthrob Robert Pattinson and character actor favorite Scoot McNairy also on board. Michôd's debut captured the sweeping scope of early Michael Mann mixed with Werner Herzog’s anthropological analysis of human behavior, crafting a debut that was both terrifying and utterly unforgettable. While he’s taking things in a vaguely sci-fi direction here, Michôd has promised that this will be a relatively grounded affair, a crime picture in the outback that could be indicative of a contemporary mashup of “Wake In Fright” (with the idea of an outsider stranded in the outback) and “Mad Max” (with its emphasis on vehicular action). It's still under wraps beyond some impressive trailers, but more than anything else, we're hopeful that a Midnight Screening premiere at Cannes bodes for this being something truly impressive. We're tantalizingly close to finding out.
Release Date: June 13th.
You should totally check out the full list just in case your heart is still in tact. Reading all the movies THE ROVER beat will make your heart burst completely out of your chest. I'm currently typing with my heart spilled out everywhere. My god...that's morbid. Let's move on although the news continues to be good and my heart continues to swell.

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LIFE director, Anton Corbijn, has a website and while he was filming last month, he updated his site to drop a little gem of awesomeness:
This photograph is our first publicity shot from the film LIFE that i am currently shooting in Canada and USA. It is the story of James Dean and photographer Dennis Stock, set in early 1955. In the back of the car sits Jimmy as played by Dane DeHaan and in the passenger seat is Dennis, played by Robert Pattinson. Both guys are fantastic and are giving the film very good energy despite the very harsh winter we encountered in Canada.
We could have told him that. Rob is forever fantastic. Everyone else just needs to get the memo. ;)

WorkingRob is currently in transition. Or maybe he's just busy trying to figure out which crown the King of Cannes will be wearing next month. Either way, there are a couple of upcoming Rob projects that are starting to show signs of movement.

THE CHILDHOOD OF A LEADER might be filming from June 17 to Aug. 17 in Belgium and the UK according to Crew United. The site also revealed Rob's character name - CHARLES.

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The website of costar, Michael Epp, also confirms a June start month.

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The time frame conflicts with some 411 RPAU and Cumberbatchweb got from Benedict Cumberbatch this month about THE LOST CITY OF Z.

Excerpt RPAustralia:
I know I know you all wanted information, but let me just say, Benedict was a little reluctant to talk about this film in detail for the simple reason that it was an upcoming project that he hadn’t filmed yet. Although when I asked him about it starting to film in July he did say “yes or possibly sooner”. He also made it a point to say that LCoZ was a difficult film and the logistics behind it are huge....So during the Q&A one wise soul did ask him about future projects (for those interested he has some TV in the pipeline with BBC and a movie in post production called “The Imitation Game“), but it’s his final comment on this question you’ll all be interested in (and I’m paraphrasing) “I am hopefully filming a movie called Lost City of Z in June”.
Tweet from Cumberbatchweb:
Other tidbits from the Benedict Cumberbatch panel include his favourite childhood movie was Ghostbusters & Lost City of Z filming in June
This could all work out since Rob is on supporting duties for both films. He seemed to film T.E. Lawrence for QUEEN OF THE DESERT in a blink. Summer 2014 for Rob might see him knocking  out both THE CHILDHOOD OF A LEADER and THE LOST CITY OF Z. We'll keep you posted of course. :)

As for Rob's other films that have been on a back burner - MISSION: BLACKLIST and HOLD ON TO ME - they remain on the back burner. No substantial movement or bait for us to bite on. Right now, I've got all of my digits crossed (making typing very difficult) for 3 things: 1. a new project is announced during Cannes 2. Rob is the lead and only star and 3. it's 24 hours long.

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Ok so maybe just number 1 will happen. ;)


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