Robert Pattinson misses Patty Pattinson

Sorry I can't call her a dog. Patty Pattinson is just too tempting a name :)

Twilight star Robert Pattinson has skyrocketed to international stardom, thanks to the vampire romance's runaway box office, but he's still just a regular guy at heart.

"I miss being able to go for a walk," Pattinson, 22, told Sweden's Frida magazine in a new interview. "I miss the smell of London...I almost cried because I missed it so much. And I miss my dog [Patty]," he says.

While the handsome 6'1" British hunk lives in Los Angeles these days for professional reasons, his setup there is surprisingly makeshift.

"I haven’t moved [to L.A.] for good," says Pattinson. "I live in a rented apartment where all of the furniture is rented."

Meanwhile, Rob—who recently dropped out of the indie flick Parts Per Billion—is busy with pre-production on New Moon, the highly anticipated sequel to Twilight.

Pattinson will begin shooting New Moon in Vancouver in March. The sequel will be filmed back-to-back with Eclipse (2010), the third installment in the best-selling Twilight book series.

Twilight, which has raked in a staggering $279 million worldwide since its Nov. 21 U.S. release, will keep Rob super-busy until at least 2010. The hectic activity will leave the single Rob little time for dating.

As it is, Pattinson, who has described himself as a loner, likes to keep his personal life quiet—and private. "There’s just a few persons who are worth your time," says Rob.

"Plus, I’m always moving around and that’s a problem," he adds. "I would rather stay at home doing some creative than [go out] just to talk some crap."

New Moon hits theaters in November 2009.

Oh and for your viewing pleasure:


Unknown said...

Omg lol I love it!!!

Awesome work! Heheheh

RPattz tongue action ftw!!!


Ellie said...

This made me so's always so nice to go back home. So happy, though, that Rob is home (or is he???) recharging and getting the well-deserved love that he needs.

And the gif...well, yum.

Melissa said...

AWW..kinda makes you feel bad for the poor guy. Must be nice to be back home for a bit....

Oh, and that little gif at the end of the post...well, yea...kinda just makes you forget everything you just read....yummy

DirtyD said...

Holy hot lips Batman! Delish!

Rob sounds like he needs a big hug. Poor guy. I hope he is enjoying his time at home.

Ellie said...

Good morning, Dana and Melissa!

Dana, have you recovered from all the mayhem last night??

And I'm so loving Jules' vid!

DirtyD said...

Ellie- I was smiling when I woke up. All that smutty talk and my dreams were lovely.

Ellie said...

Yay for you!!! :)

How's the weather out there...did you just have a snow storm? Because we're expecting a big one this afternoon.

bella's mom said...

Goz the #1 pusher STRIKES again!!!

Tongue action no less!

Trixie said...

Hey Mona! How are ya?

Lynn said...

Good morning, lovelies!

Ahhhh, my heart always soars for a guy and his dog.

I know that Patty is Rob's school boy nickname. I wonder if any of is mates still call him that....I would love to hear that!

Love the tongue action!

Kate said...

Aah I such a softie when it comes to dogs and I would hate to be parted from mine. She's lying at my feet here right now :-) Hopefully Rob is getting a chance to relax with his family, friends and Patty before the craziness starts all over again !

Oh BTW ood Morning Ladies (waves)
Wasn't Jules' vid FAB??

babbles said...

Oh my ever lovin holy smack my hand on my mouth and break out in sweat that is some tempting blushworthy tongue action gif... Damn! I mean Thanks!
Falls right into play with my readings last night - Hmmmm...
anyway, Mornin!

Melissa said...

Good morning everyone!! I just wanted to thank everyone for getting me addicted to DAMN WIDE AWAKE!!! Holy shit...I finished it now I am having withdrawls...

It was actually keeping me from this blog-NOT GOOD.

kristen said...

LOL, that gif is PURE WIN!!! It is incredibly hot yet funny at the same time. Love it!

rpattzlover. said...

aww poor rob )=

haha olala im liken the tongue action.
= P

Tess said...

Oh I love this. I love what comes out of his mouth (and what's in it)

lovely gif.. and hilarious.

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