Rob playing a gig in London

Rob plays at a SoHo pub in London, according to the PerezHilton site he "silenced the room" with the two songs he played. I bet you could hear the sound of panties dropping all over the pub.

Thanks to my lovely friend Sparkle for the pic links...I heart you babe!


Anonymous said...

LOL @ Dani's panties comment! This is when Rob is truly happy - playing live in pubs! Go Rob.

OT: Chatbox = scary peeps. Shhh - don't let them know we're in here.

Anonymous said...

Yum. You gals are quick. Now lets start the countdown for when people start whining about how upset Rob must feel that this pic is out and how he will *never* play again if someone releases a video of this. Snicker.

Sparkle said...


Anonymous said...

I do feel bad for Rob.
It's obvious he hates all the attention and wants nothing more than to disappear back into oblivion.
I hate it for him that he has to worry about people leaking pics and vids of him anywhere he goes.

BUTTT I have missed seeing him. I mean he disappeared for like a month straight with no pics or anything! So I don't feel TOO bad for him right now. I needed my dosage of Rob :)

Dani said...

Oh hell this is celebrity. Rob apparently got over his issues with performing.

And I adore the man to death I really do but he needs to buck up. This is his life now, no fucking privacy. Sucks but thems the breaks.

Gahhhh he is lovely with a guitar even in these craptastic pics.

Rusharthi said...

What I would do to listen to him live...*sigh*.
Thank you for the pictures! Parez Hilton has his spies over there lol

Lynn said...

Well, Rob must know that he is in the public eye---small intimate pub or not...I just really hope that whatever ends on Youtube is few and far between.

bella's mom said...

I agree Dani babe! and the panties that didn't drop right off just sizzled away. SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I can hear them now!

DirtyD said...

Undies are gone. Completely destroyed.

Anonymous said...

Finally another sightings
glad see him performance music whatever he want at his motherland
thanks for the pics

Gozde said...

Eeeeek!!! There is nothing sexier than Rob and his guitar! I love his short hair so so much! I have a thing for men with really short hair and we all know I have a thing for Rob :) sigh...

Dani babes! You rock! Thanks for all the awesome updates!

La Stella said...

I thought it was going to be full of anons talking shit about how personal photos of Rob were posted.

Le Sigh.

Watching photos of Rob with a guitar just make my heart melt :)

Anonymous said...

Heh, I'm giggling @ the panties dropping statement!

Seriously, he does have a beautiful voice.

182 said...

this was a stab in my heart. i was supposed to be in london during that time. damn. i'm so annoyed.

MiCh said...

YAY, Rob's playing again! So nice to see him with his guitar.. sexiest thing in the world!

La Stella said...

Ok people, you have all found the Rob. Now, its time to search for the elusive TomStu.. if you want to keep me alive!!

Anonymous said...

wow a craptastic photos but still handsome with his guitar *sigh*
dani babes you rocks keeps the blog awesome :-*

Anonymous said...

I'm greatly pleased he is playing in a Soho pub. I just wish I was there to see those long fingers on the guitar, that heartfelt rumble of his wonderful voice and to see his face through smoke and shadows. Tis what dreams are made of!:)

Kate said...

Aah Stella babes are you missing TomStu???{{HUGS}}

Great to wake up to these pics. He looks so comfortable when he's performing his music. Gosh wouldn't you loved to have been there?!?!
Well I'm glad he's getting to do what he loves best ;-)
Talk later

La Stella said...

I am missing him Kate. A few days ago I saw a movie of his, to see if it would make the missing go away, but it didn't. I just noticed his voice is really great.

Le sigh.

Emilia said...

To see him come alive live, good grief.. The thought of it makes me want to cry *Siiiiiiigh..
But its so great to know he's back doing what he loves best. I felt so bad for him when he felt like he needed to tuck that side of him away for a while..

Melissa said...

GAH! The pics are kind of fuzzy but I LOVE THEM!! How hot is he with that guitar in his hands.

The panties dropping comment was great!! Totally could see that actually taking place...Oh and I LOVE THE HAIR!! THE HAIR!!! YUMMY!

Melissa said...

Oh, and lets all pray for less grouchy-anons today...BAH!

Laura said...

Ahhhh.,,Rob and his guitar. So hot! Wish I had been there!

Thanks for posting, Dani! The panties comment had me rolling!! lol

Ellie said...

Good morning, ladies! What a wonderful site to wake up to today!

Rob? check
Guitar? check
Drool? check
Panty disintegration? check
Okay, we have lift off!

Shandy said...

There was nothing for ages and now theres loads of sightings, i feel slightly overwhelmed :)

I think i need to go on a bit of a pub hop to spot the elusive Rob for myself

Anonymous said...

Ah Stella-Delightful. Hopefully TomStu was in the audience with his fresh face all lit up and happy to see RP playing again.

The bromance will live on, baby.

Dani said...

Goz if you read this I have a fantastic e-mail coming your way today.

If you didn't know shhhhhh but word on the street aka the RPL LJ...Dani is a "flat out cock baiting bitch" yeah huh...Kristina says so, it must be true.


Dani said...

Sorry correction let me not missquote she said "The girl who runs that blog [robsessed] is a flat out cock baiting bitch", we know Kristina wasn't talking about Goz.

And apparently she has that opinion for other reasons as well, not just for me posting the pictures. Which I got from an already leaked source.

Awwwww if you haven't signed up for their LJ I suggest you do. Perhaps you can find some more gems about me. Oh and not only am I a "cock baiting bitch" but Im obnoxious too. But you already knew that so no surprise there.

Anonymous said...

Le sigh Dani. It's the October she-who-shall-not-be-named debacle all over again.

'Cock baiting bitch' is a bit harsh though. Now 'cock biting bitch' I think I would own with pride.

Ellie said...

Dani, you know that we know that you are all those things. That's why we love you so much! lol

Melissa said...

BAH! Dani-who cares what they say...I love this blog! I love all the pics, the stories...its all in good fun. SOme people just need to get over it.

babbles said...

I cant beleive how fast his hair is growing....

Good Morning!

and who exactly called our Dani a cock baiting bitch? WTF?

How is everyone?

Melissa said...

Just what the hell is a "cock baiting bitch" anyway?? DUMB!

Dani said...

Ahhh it made my day her insults were a delight to my eyes.

Just to know that I pissed her off enough for her to call me such a thing makes me smile from ear to ear in pure and utter satisfaction.



Ellie said...

Dani, We aspire to be you... xoxo

Crazy Lady said...

Ah, fudge it! Thank you, Dani for today's pics AND yesterdays!!
I do feel overwhelmed of his pics popping out of thin air! LOL Weeks with no pics and then BAM, BAM, we get two days in a row!! Love it!
Sweet yummies!
Just dust them off, girl....that saying the pot calling the kettle black sounds so right for them.
Really is Rob losing sleep over this? I think not and the pics are nothing scandalize, so if they didn't want them spread over the internet than they shouldn't have shown their little group the pics! They should be scolding their member/members, who did that not you.
Ever heard that other saying...."Sharing is caring."---I probably told on who I am to some people by saying that last saying....oh well! LOL ; )

Crazy Lady said...

LMAO of your panties comment...thanks for that morning laugh! = )

Rose said...

Dani~ You know how loved you are.
Thanks for being YOU and posting the pics! :)

I still don't understand why there is such a fury over these harmless pictures.

Kat said...

Dani... you're great and I love you, you and all that cock baiting you get up to in your spare time.

Thank you for some more delish pics of ROB IN PUBLIC (where camera's are not banned). He looks so content with his guitar, that makes me smile.

Off to purchase a 12 pack of panties, I'm gonna need them if this flurry of photo's continues.

WildCat said...

Wow....I just caught up on all the recent posts and comments. I always seem to miss it when hell breaks loose. LOL

All joking aside, I would just like to say, that while I haven't been here very long, my impression of this blog (and to be honest, one of the many reasons why I decided to follow it) was that it has a high level of respect. Not only for Rob, but for the individuals who are a part of it. I salute you, ladies.


DirtyD said...

Man- I come back to read the blogs after missing everyone for a couple of nights and what do I find?

A fight? About posting pics! Pics that were already roaming around the net? You've got to be kidding me.

It's so simple. If you don't like it don't look at it.

Hi girls!!!! Hopefully my new laptop will arrive soon. I'm going through nighttime chat withdrawl :(

Kate said...

Ok i don't know what the problem is with the photos or why people are being so nasty.
Dani we love you, you know that! ;-)
I don't know anything about that other site or anything that has happened previously etc but at the end of the day I don't think there's any need to be calling people names etc it's so childish and I'm sure Rob would not want people behaving like this that are "supposed" to be his fans!
That why I love it here, it's fun, it's lighthearted and I enjoy myself and that's what it's all about.
Keep up the great work Dani and Goz and Olive Juice and Unicorns the rest of you!(you know who you are ;-) LOL)

Sabrizzle said...

Good morning all! Dani and Goz, keep kicking ass! This is the best Rob blog around because of your hard work and we all appreciate and love you for it. Thank you both for providing all of us Robkats to chat and share our love for Rob. Muahhhh!

Rominiwi said...

I wish i was there listening him...
Hi everybody :)

Gozde said...

Muahaha! Kristina needs to see a shrink ASAP and/or get laid. We still remember her making a post explaining "why she is not a psycho bitch".

I hate people with negative energy and Robert Pattinson Life has given nothing but.

Let's keep our happy place bitch free :)

Gozde said...

Oh and thank you all so much for the love you keep giving the blog :)) We keep it up for the love of Rob and you :)

Laura said...

Dani and Goz--I just wanted to say that you two are fucking AWESOME!

And to address the whole "cock baiting" issue...Dani, you ROCK for not letting the fucking "MORALITY POLICE" get to you! Seriously, I cannot stand people who sit there on their thrones and preach to others about what they should be doing. They need to get over it.

Maybe that chick needs a little "cock baiting" herself to dislodge the giant stick that is undoubtedly lodged up her ass.

Sorry to be rude and stoop to their level, but I held my tongue yesterday, but could do it no more!

Melissa said...

Dani and Goz-you guys ROCK! Don't let anyone tell you any different!!

These people need to seriously get over it already...keep posting what you want. We all LOVE IT!!!

Anonymous said... crack me up! LOL!

Seriously, you and Goz are awesome and so is this blog (it's the only one i follow). Keep up the great Rob-related work, ladies!! Woo-hoo!

Gozde said...

Thanks ladies :) No worries, we'll keep going according to our own moral compass on what's appropriate.
I hate when people get on their high horses. I am not Rob's mom, neither is Dani and if I see pictures of him I am going to post them! I know you all are salivating over them as well :) I put my pictures on facebook knowing they can be posted ANYWHERE! And I seriously doubt Rob is pissed over them. If he is, he also needs to take a chill pill. It's not like we are posting pictures of him that were taken from outside his window while he was at home. They are not "personal" pictures.

Okay, now I'm going to go and take a chill pill myself. I just can't stand anyone trashing my Dani and our site :)

Okay rant over :)

MiCh said...

I think someone is green with envy out there.. it's not easy being as great and fabulous like our Goz and Dani! Keep trying bitch! BWAHAHAAA..

PS. I don't know what the hell is a "cock baiting bitch", but the "C" word makes me want to go home and read WA.. somebody help me please!

Anonymous said...

[begin heart overuse]

I think we need m♥re ♥♥♥s in this p♥st.

It's all ab♥ut the R♥b-l♥ve here. And Dani and G♥z love, too. You tw♥ ladies are the b♥mb! We ♥♥♥ y♥u b♥th.

[/end heart overuse]

DirtyD said...

I ♥ hearts :)

Dani said...

Thanks to everyone who posted and showed some Goz and Dani love. I wasn't fishing for compliments but I appreciate the love from the constant and loyal followers who we do this for anyways.

Thats right I DON'T DO THE BLOG FOR ROB!!!! I do it for myself, I do it for the followers and my friends, I do it for the fun of it. And Rob should be thankful he has such awesome fans as this place shows, you people ROCK!

Rob doesn't give a shit about me, although I adore his adorkable ass. I am under no impression that he and I will get married someday or hump like bunnies but a girl can dream.

You guys are just made of win and are what this place is all about.

Tess said...

Dani and Goz-

I really enjoy visiting this blog because the posts are always tasteful. I post comments because the majority of the posters are positive and I really enjoy the vibe. I stopped frequenting other blogs due to negativity.

You have never initiated a negative or insulting about about another blog/poster etc..

Take it as a compliment. When base people are jealous or intimidated of something or someone else, they resort to lewd and base comments because they lack the wherewithal to do other wise.

Oh... and for 'she who shall remain nameless'.. if you're not familiar with the word 'base' outside of adolescent make-out slang or sports... this is how I mean it.

base 2
(of a person or a person's actions or feelings) without moral principles; ignoble : the electorate's baser instincts of greed and selfishness | we hope his motives are nothing so base as money.
• archaic denoting or befitting a person of low social class.

Leah said...

Im so jealous lol, I'd love to see him play, his music sounds good. Not my usual type I can admit, but it would still be pretty sweet.

Anyone got any details of future gigs? I think it would be a good 20th birthday present for one of my mates.


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