The article with my Disturbia Video :)

Gozde: posted an article about Rob and featured the Disturbia video I made a while ago. How cool huh? :)

Robert Pattinson: 'I Couldn't Live Without Music'

22-year-old Brit says music is an important part of his life

By Samantha Chang

Twilight star Robert Pattinson has become an overnight celebrity since starring as the alluring Edward Cullen in the hit vampire romance.

Adding to Rob's own mystique is the fact that the actor has not been seen publicly since Dec. 22, when he jetted to London for the Christmas holidays. But his absence has only made his legions of young fans even fonder of him.

Fortunately for them, international media interviews have recently been released providing some interesting insights into the British heartthrob's introspective personality. In a new interview with Quebec's Le Samedi magazine, Pattinson, 22, discusses what drew him to the Edward Cullen character, what he finds appealing in the opposite sex and his enduring love of music.

Pattinson, who sounds like a bit of a contrarian, says he was drawn to Edward because of the brooding vampire's fringe status. "Outsiders are always seductive, or at least fascinating," he says. "You can see why they're alone and can't integrate themselves into groups."

[Editor's note: Samedi doesn't have a website, so we were unable to link to the interview, which is in French; we have translated some key excerpts and pasted a partial scan below.]

Ironically, Twi—which began as a teen cult phenomenon—has mushroomed into full-blown mainstream popularity. So far, the tiny indie flick has grossed an astonishing $284 million worldwide since its Nov. 21 U.S. release.

A sequel, New Moon (2009), will begin shooting in March, and will be filmed back-to-back with Eclipse (2010), the third installment in the best-selling Twilight book series.

As previously reported, the self-deprecating Pattinson initially was intimidated by the idea of playing Edward, who is described as unspeakably beautiful—an Adonis. "I really liked Edward's personality but I asked myself if I was indeed the right actor for the role," Rob recounts. "He is described as being a rare beauty, and that's not what I see in my mirror every morning."

Despite his global popularity, Pattinson says he is unattached at the moment. "Je suis toujours célibataire," he says. [I'm still single]. But what does he find attractive? "Like everyone else, I'm attracted to girls who have a head on their shoulders. The other day I was watching 30 Rock and I was charmed by the quirky Tina Fey," says Rob. "Rarely have I seen a woman so sexy."

But Rob has other celebrity crushes as well. "I'm not immune to the sex appeal of the three Jessicas (Simpson, Alba and Biel). And I'm really fascinated by the grace and beauty of Natalie Portman."

Pattinson—who says he was once infatuated with actresses Patricia Arquette, Elizabeth Shue and Dana Delaney (all age 40 or older)—likes all types of women. "Age matters little to me, and as I said before, I don't have a specific type," he says.

But Pattinson's true love is music. When asked what career path he would've chosen had he not become an actor, Rob is unequivocal in his reply. "I would've become a pianist," he says. "I play three instruments, I sing and I write songs."

Indeed, Pattinson, who wrote two songs on the Twi soundtrack, is intoxicated by music. "I always say that if acting is my first love, music would've been my Plan B for becoming famous," he says. "That may sound a bit pretentious, but it's true. Music occupies a very important place in my life. I couldn't live without music."

[Editor's note: Enjoy the above video tribute featuring the hit Disturbia by Rihanna.]


Dani said...

YAY are famous for your fabulous work now.

I loves ya babe, I am so tired but I have the day off today thank God!

Where in the world is Rob? You know all this anticipation of when we will see new pics is going to explode on the poor guy.

There will be a fangirl frenzy when he shows up in America next.

Ms. Bonderson said...

He plays three instruments? I know about guitar and piano (which I LOVE by the way) but what is the third?

I'm a little worried for Rob when he does reappear - he's going to be attacked from all sides. Poor guy.

bella's mom said...

WTG Goz!!!!! They obviously recognize beauty and perfection when they see it, and that's why they chose YOUR video!

Ellie said...

Goz! You're world wide, now!Congratulations!
(and this is one of my favorite montages).

Kim said...

Goz, I wish he could meet the beautiful, talented, smart lady that made the video tribute for him.

And in this little land of Oz that you created of Rob, I just hope he has peeked over to at least see your postings.
I'd love to be sitting next to him and see his face during that process. I have a feeling he would be embarassed, horrified and amused, probably some outright laughing out loud.

This video has always been one of my favorites of yours, I think it's when I first really started to follow your blog.

The article is also very interesting. And in the below article, I always had a feeling he slept with the light on...

Kim said...

I really should of wrote~
I always knew *he sleeps with the light on*
I don't think it's past tense.

Also, Rae, I think I read or heard somewhere that he plays a bit of the trumpet and sax. But I could be wrong. My memory is not all that great.

Rusharthi said...

Awww thats so cool Goz!! Congratulations! :D

Anonymous said...

You rock Goz!!! There should have been a link back to Robsessed.

Kate said...

So proud of you babes !!!!

Anonymous said...

ase, please, PLEASE tell me where i can get a HQ shot of Rob sitting in front of thoe piano earing that waistcoat and tie. That is the most hottest i have ever seen him look.

Tess said...

This is fantastic Goz!

I felt a little thrill inside when I read what you wrote over the posting.. They really should've linked the site, but OH well.

This article had a new bits of information in it. Which was good, because we're all parched!

PS: I think the 3rd instrument is the harmonica (if this can be considered an instrument) I have a vague recollection of some vid I watched months ago where he said he played the harmonica?

Crazy Lady said...

Congrats, Gozde!! Loved that song even before I started getting interested in Rob and his work!
When I started hearing it, again recently I would laugh because it made me think of him!! And here you had a video made about him!! It so fits!! = )

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