Sam Bradley, Catherine Hardwicke, Kristen Stewart talks about Robert Pattinson

First Catherine talks about how she coerced Rob into putting his songs on the soundtrack:

Catherine Hardwicke, Director from the movie Twilight talks about "Never Think" by Rob Pattinson -

Sam Bradley gave an interview to Vamp radio. He talks about how Rob never sings the same song the same way again, about wanting to collaborate with him for his album and how hectic his life has become:

And lastly Kristen talked to MTV about New Moon at Sundance and this is what she said about Rob, how he handles the craziness that surrounds him:

And although she may be with Jacob for much of the upcoming film, Bella could never forget her Edward. So, appropriately enough, the famous-since-she-was-12 actress was also eager to heap some praise on Robert Pattinson — who has spent the past three months dealing with an onslaught of paparazzi, wild fans and rapidly increasing fame unlike anything Hollywood has seen in quite some time.

"I think he's OK," KStew said of RPattz. "He's back in London now, which makes it easier for him. It's funny. It only affects you when you come to something like [Sundance]. And then, other than that, he's totally the same guy he always was."


Kate said...

Thanks for putting up the Sam Bradley Interview, I was trying to listen to it earlier and it wouldn't let me !! That's just not on !!

luckygyrl said...

I found some of Sam's other songs online, and I must say, the boy has talent. Me likie. Cant wait til he comes to LA. Hopefully, he brings Rob with him :)

Kate said...

Zina, have you heard "Passport" it's on "You Tube" it's one of my faves !!

Jewels64 said...

Love Sam Bradley! His music is so fresh and so different!

Catherine was so cute "Aw, c'mon dude, let me hear it..."

Lynn said...

I loved the Sam Bradley interview...he is so candid and honest like Rob. The whole thing about the working visas was hilarious...hopefully the INS wasn't listening. The women interviewing him were a bit bland, but, otherwise it was great!

CH is still one of my faves...what a sweetheart!

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