Well Hello! Robert Pattinson IS the Fairest of Them All

We have all been up in arms with the Hello! Magazine poll and Rob won! Good job y'all!

More than once touted as the new Jude Law, fresh-faced British actor Robert Pattinson has a rapidly growing fan club.

Clearly impressed with the 22-year-old newcomer's trajectory into the public eye following last year's sexy vampire flick Twilight, you voted him 2008's most delicious male star.

The race for the Most Attractive Man title turned up two frontrunners as dishy Doctor Who David Tennant and rising star Robert Pattinson went neck and neck all the way. As the male pole closed over 395,000 votes had been cast, with the Twilight star emerging as the winner with 39 per cent - a lead of only one per cent.

UK talent clearly has the wow factor as far as you were concerned. With Hugh Laurie, Orlando Bloom and Daniel Craig in third, fourth and fifth place, the top five became an all-British affair.


Kate said...

Can you believe I actually forgot the results were coming out today ??LOL
YAY Rob!!!

Kim said...

I am so glad I can stop holding my breath now that this poll is done. :)))
Most ATTRACTIVE man...Most attractive man. Yup. That just about says it about him.

The weather has changed out of the 70's here and it's supposed to rain today so I'm inside writing...on Goz and Dani's blog. No, I really will write but I have a few things to say since I've haven't been on since last Friday.

First, they say a picture is worth a thousand words and I won't go a thousand words but I have to say the photos of Rob singing in a pub, made my heart sing and made me think of a lot of things.
To hear he silenced a room made me incredibly happy. I always used to talk to the screen and say "How can they talk when he's singing???!!!"
And now at least fame has got him a quiet room. He deserves a quiet room when he sings. I close my eyes and imagine the room, the smells, the lighting, his singing and what it probably did for his soul to be able to be able to sing again for a crowd and express himself. I can almost feel what must of come out of him. I'm sure it feed his soul to be doing something that means so much to him and that he can still have that in his life. He probably sang his heart out. I would love to know the two songs he sang, probably blues but still to know would be nice. I'm glad the audience was quiet. They got a free performance from Robert Pattinson, they didn't even have to pay for a ticket. I also love his electric acoustic guitar, and it's black, apropo.His singing gets to me more than his acting.
I wish I could teleport and of been there, some way, some how.
The photos were resplendent with joy, for me.

Also it was nice to see that he seems to be having a good time, enjoying himself at home. That was so good to see.

I ♥ you all. Thanks (((♥AJ♥))), for the heart. You're unforgettable.

Anonymous said...

yay all those hours of waiting and clicking at the same thing finally pay off. Of course Rob would win, with all the Roblovers out there =]. hecking proud to b one of them!

Ellie said...

Just knew Rob would win. It was a no-brainer.

Hi, Jovie! I've missed you.

Hi Kate and Amy!

Kim said...

Also, Stella, I thought of you when I saw the first pic of Rob with the little boy and Rob's mouth is open and you can see his top teeth really well and his tongue and then you see a dark haired guy with a plaid shirt on and it looks like a guys hand on him pushing him into Rob's lap.
Anyhoo, I thought maybe it might be TomStu and I thought of you.:}

Kim said...

Hi Ellie, love.
I've missed you too.

I am still catching up on everything.
Love the bicep muscle! Hot damn!
He has a lot of surprises that he hasn't let us know.

Kim said...

Also, noticed the "slipper" thing.
It looks like he is wearing huaraches and not slippers. But that's just my guess. They are usually have an open toe, unlike slippers. I had a pair after Mexico.

Also, wow on the anon, porn posts.
Wow. wow. wow.
I swear~ it wasn't me.

Karla said...

No surprise there!

I'm right there with you, Jovie. I would have given anything to have been in that room, listening to him perform. That would have been beyond magical. *sighs*

♥ you all!!

Ellie said...

Karla, is your husband always that funny?? lol (FB comments...)

Kim said...

I hear ya Karla, open mic nite with Rob Pattinson... I just think about that and have to absorb it.

I think I would defintely have to have a drink first, to calm myself and only one so I wouldn't be feeling it too much and then just sit, get a seat up front, (that ceiling was low) and be completely in the moment and listen.

I heard Jack Johnson at an open mic night before he got famous and I've never forgot it.

Anonymous said...

Most attractive man is an understatement.

Trying to post this link for Amy. If it doesn't work - it's from E! Answer Bi!ch about Rob's fake facebook site. His management said he doesn't have one. I read he used to have a music myspace page under stage name Bobby Dupea but took it down when it got too crazy w/twilight fans - sad.


Karla said...

Yep, Doug is really funny. He's a very witty and clever guy, not to mention super nice, good-hearted, kind, hard working, hot and sexy! We've been together for 16 years (married for 10) and he's as awesome as he was on our first date (when I was 16, YIKES!!).

Ms. Bonderson said...

Jovie - loved your post describing the singing experience...It would be a gift to, by chance, be in the right place at the right time to hear Rob live. I'm glad that he still is finding the opportunity to do what he loves without being hassled. I, too, wish I could "wish" myself there.

Laura said...

Well, we didn't need Hello magazine to tell us that Rob is the most attractive man, did we girls? :)

Hey Ellie, Karla, and Jovie! Hope you all are having a Robalicious day! lol

Laura said...


How can you get to FB at school?! They blocked that shit for us :( It's as if they think I'll be chatting about RPattz all day instead of teaching...OH WAIT, I probably would!!!!! Thank God they haven't blocked out ROBsessed yet!

Ellie said...

Laura, no block here, but my boss can get access if he wants...all the computers in the school. ugh!

Laura said...

I think they can monitor us as well. That's scary! I know they keep tabs on the school email...I send my mom pics of Rob all the time at school! The school board people probably think I'm nuts! LMAO!

MiCh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dani said...

I still don't get what all the fuss was about this damn poll...but glad that he won regardless. I did vote more than once but still just don't get the big deal...

Anywho glad everyone is happy that our boy is on top of YET ANOTHER LIST...seriously this guy is hot hot hot.

Oh and have I told you all how fabulous you are lately and I love love love our site followers cause you are just fuggin fantastic?...True story you are all wonderful!

MiCh said...

I had a blonde moment with my last comment so I deleted it.. that's what happens when you're talking with your boss who is in Germany and writing on ROBsessed at the same time! Pff..

I'm glad Rob won this poll.. and Jovie, I loved your post describing the singing experience!

Kim said...

Dani, I think you know my sense of humor by now to know when I said, "I am so glad I can stop holding my breath now that this poll is done", that I was being facetious.:)))

Also, I have to say about all the hubabaloo, that I think when Rob walks the door from where he lives, there is no privacy from that point on. He is a smart man, this I am sure of, from the books he likes to read and from how much he says he like to read. I just don't think he's naive or dumb.
What makes me feel for him is that he didn't ask for this life, but when you choose acting I think it is par for the course.

Also, Rae thanks for your comment on my commment. I feel for him deeply what he is going through.

Also, Ellie and Laura, you two are cracking me up and you both are very brave. So risky. I don't think I could let anyone know how I am obsessed about Rob.
Except you guys♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Also, to add I took the knowledte of Rob test for fun, I finished it in 20 seconds with 100%! Woohoo! Like that gets me anything, I wish I knew something else as much like,
Why do the male seahorses bear young and not the female and why is that?

Dani we love you and your sense of humor, keep up the funny. You rock chicka.

Mich thanks, you know I ♥ you, miya. My mother used to call me that but it means daughter.

Melissa said...

AH!! I LOOOOOVE this picture....he really is the most attractive of them all...

And oh, I wish those were my fingers in his mouth....LOL

Anonymous said...

He is definetly the best thing that Ive discovered in 2008. And the nail-biting pix, WOW. Nail-biting has never looked so damn sexy.

Dani said...

Jovie I wasn't referring to anyone in particular when I said I didn't understand what the fuss was about.

As I have seen this poll voting thing posted like 20 times over @ the IMDb board and numerous fan sites. It seems to be a HUGE deal. I mean there were hundreds of thousands of votes for the people nominated...YIKES!

Ahhh still don't get it. But I meant no offense when I said what I did. This is all celeb shit as per the usual to me and I am just glad the boy is as popular as ever.

Gozde said...

Dani, babes, did you get my emails?

Anonymous said...

Aw thanks Jov! Unforgettable is almost as good as sexalicious. Let's just say I've given my ♥ to everyone at Robsessed.

No surprise to us that Rob is the most attractive man and the sexiest, smartest, funniest, sexiest, most talented ... and did I mention sexiest?

Kim said...

Just joshing with ye Dani. No offense taken. We're cool, it's all good.

AJ, I love the gave my heart to everyone at Robsessed. Cuttteee.
You're so cute my ex. And I'll say it you are sexilicious, also, beside being unforgettable. And funny. We can't forget that one.

Rob attractive AND sexiest, I want to think on that a bit...good thoughts ahead.

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