Bravo Mazine Scans with Translation

This is from Pattinson Online. Go and give them some hits since they are doing a fabulous job on Rob updates :)

Bravo: Wherever you appear, fans start to go crazy .. How do you deal with that?
Robert: It’s crazy. Everyone wants me to bite them.. One time, I nearly introduced myself as Edward.

Bravo: That shows that since twilight, your lives have changed!

Robert: Yeah definitely! But to be honest.. I dont like going outside anymore.. [laughs] It’s so embarrassing to see pictures of you at the airport when you look terrible. (Gozde: Rob, honey, you never look terrible. We had your picture after the trans-atlantic flight as a friggin' banner :)

Bravo: How much time do you need in the bathroom in the morning?

Kristen: I usually don’t need much time.. brush my teeth and that’s it .
Robert: I don’t even need 5 minutes. (Gozde: No kidding! It doesn't show at all. LMAO!)

Bravo: But you GO into the bathroom.. Didn’t you say that you don’t wash you hair sometimes? for weeks?
Robert: That’s Right [laughs] It bothers from time to time.. Actually I just go into the bathroom to use the toilette.

Bravo: Okay.. Let’s be honest: Do you find yourself sexy?
Kristen: Totally.. No, just fun!
Robert: Not Really. Even if it sounds odd, I like self confidence! That’s strange for me because I mostly like strong girls.. But with them , I get the biggest problems.

Bravo: Bella and Edward are nerds at their school .. who were you in your school?
Kristen: I wasn’t popular at my school, and that was good! I didn’t like the stress for school parties and stuff..
Robert: My schooltime was rather boring! I wasn’t popular, but also no one hated me..

Bravo: Did you play tricks in school?
Kristen: Yeah.. whenever we had alternate teachers, I acted like I was handicapped or something so I didn’t have to do my homework. I know that sounds mean but I thought it was funny.
Robert: No I was a total scaredy cat. Whenever I worried I started to cry.(Gozde: All togther now: "Awwwww!")

Bravo: [To Robert] So, you told us (earlier) that there are not many similarities between you and Edward. Why?
Robert: I’m not stiff as Edward.. I want to have fun. And he is with his 17 (1o8) years really an adult. I’m still a 6 years old boy [grins]

Bravo: What are you scared about ?
Robert: Darkness! I can’t fall asleep without a light! And I don’t like driving. Even in a taxi
Bravo: And you Kristen?
Kristen: Too much publicity. I dont want my life to change too much. That would be horrible! Its not often, but sometimes I can go to Los Angeles without being seen. That’s always nice.


Christine [7ww] said...

best comments to the interview ever, Gozde))

Kim said...

Rob's comment that he just goes to the bathroom to use the loo; was very funny. Oh, Rob. lol

Ms. Bonderson said...

I liked the different questions. As much as they get tired of answering the same questions from every interviewer, it gets a bit monotonous reading the same answers as well. These questions allowed for more humor and I like that.

Kate said...

Great questions they moved away from the norm thank God.
And loved your comments Goz!!;-)

Tess said...

Ok.. His answers to these questions sealed it.

I'm officially in love with someone I don't know.

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