Robert Pattinson LOVES his beanie...Well Duh!

At this point in the Twilight pandemonium, Robert Pattinson, 22, has millions of teen girls screaming at just the sight of him.

Therefore, the British actor has got to stay under wraps when in the public eye.

Robert usually maintains a lot of wild, crazy hair, so it’s only natural that he’d need a hat that’s flexible to keep his signature messy locks tucked under.

In a recent interview with fan site Robert Pattinson Online, the actor was asked how long it takes to get his hair perfectly coiffed.

“It’s the funniest thing. I just wear a hat a lot," he says. "I have so much residue crap in my hair from years and years and years of not washing it and not having any sense of personal hygiene whatsoever."

"Even today, I go into these things where I’m supposed to be this sexy guy or whatever, and I’m literally asking [the studio rep] if I get plumes of dandruff on me, can you just brush it off.”

Ewwww! Thanks for sharing. Ironically, those confessions hardly do much to keep the girls away. (Gozde: Yep, we'll ALL volunteer to brush his dandruff off :))

So what did Pattinson learn from not washing his hair for six weeks?

“That it starts to wash itself," Robert says. "If you don’t wash it for six weeks you won’t have to wash it ever again. Until it gets unbearable."(Gozde: I'm pretty sure when you don't wash your hair for six weeks it will stay on your head like someone just licked it on and his hair looks OH so SEXY all the time :)



Blackie said...

OK, he loves his beanie and then, why isn´t everybody voting for it in the poll that is about to end?
I am the only one that chose his beanie?
I can put his wild crazy hair again into the beanie after...well, you know...

Blackie said...

OK. First pic:
black beanie
black jacket
black pants
black suspenders
black undies
OH my! My name is Blackie...

kristen said...

I love that he says "plumes" of dandruff!! Who says shit like that??! He is one-of-a-kind, and I love him for it!

Anonymous said...

Awww, I love the beanie, too. And Blackie, you're not the only one. I voted for it, too!

Anonymous said...

I don't know what the hell a 'beanie' is, but here in Canada, we call it a tuque.

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