Bravo Girl highlights

Pattinson Online has the translation of Bravo Girl (Germany) and Gala (Germany).

Here are the highlights:
My meeting with the vampire.

Hey girls! It’s me, Julia. I met Robert Pattinson:
I’m sitting here in the “Bayerischer Hof” in Munich waiting for the
star from “Twilight” Robert Pattinson. My intention: Find out what he
likes/doesn’t like about girls. I’m waiting and waiting and waiting. Suddenly the door opens and he appears. He shakes my hand with a grin.

The interview begins; Robert laughs a lot. He tells me that it was
embarrassing to wear make-up for his role as Edward. He looks down and
blushes. Sweet! Here something that concerns girls: He hates ugg-boots and
sticky lip gloss; he likes cheap lingerie which doesn’t match; he likes
cotton shirts and sneakers.

And did you know that Robert thinks that he is not a good listener and talks too much?

You can read the rest at at their site HERE


Ellie said...

"I, on the other hand, can do whatever I want, no one is interested."
Wake, up, Rob...Love, that's why we're here!

Gonna dig out my cheap lingerie tonight...

Kate said...

I was laughing when I read that too Ellie!!
Nearly as much as I laughed about the Ugg boots!!!
Sorry Rob only way I'm getting rid of my ugg boots is if you offer to warm my feet up for me LOL

Ellie said...

Hi, Kate! How are you today and how's the computer?

Kate said...

Hi Ellie. Thank God everythings working perfectly today ;-)
After the storms last weekend BB all over the country was acting up BUT I did get 5 chapters of BD read last night and now I'm back hooked on it again LOL

Ellie said...

You're a good girl, you can reward yourself with a "hot box creamy delight"!

Laura said...

LMAO at the cheap non-matching lingerie!!!

I love how random Rob is!

Laura said...

Oh and his comment about how he's "resisted" love so far...*sigh*

Lynn said...

LOL Random Rob is the best!

Love the comment about the cheap, mismatched lingerie!

I absolutely adore the fact that Rob hates Uggs....I ave been trying to figure the phenomenon of them since I was a freshman in high school.

Anonymous said...

• Pink bra with red ♥s & blue panties √
• cotton shirt √
• sneakers √

*throws away sticky lip-gloss*

That proves it, Rob, we were destined for each other. Call me @ IAM-HOT-4YOU. If a man answers the phone, just ignore him. I do.

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