Bravo Magazine Scans

Here are a bunch of magazine scans that I found on Lion and Lamb Love. Sprechen Sie German? If you would like to translate them for us we would love you :))

Keely translated some of it for us. Thanks so much girly! :)

The first three Bravo-Scans just descripe the story of twilight, a bit like a foto-story/ comic like.

The 4th scan says:

What does he look like?

Robert, what a sight you are? Instead of a wild mane the twilight star wears a geek hairstyle and a handlebar moustache. But just for the film: in " Little ashes" he plays the spanish art legend Salvador Dali.

#5: " Hey, these are Rob and Kirsten! " You can see both of them in " Twilight- Bis(s) zum Morgengrauen " which will hit cinemas on January 15th in.

#6: Exclusive in bravo: The best pictuers of the movie-hit! The big movie-novel...


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