8 Things That Are Bugging Me About Robert Pattinson

Times of the internet gossip blogger(?) Lupe Lasano wrote this about Rob and I think it's hilarious!

Robert Pattinson this, Robert Pattinson that. You can't leave your house anymore without being assaulted by Robert Pattinson. The name haunts me worse than any tween vampire ever could. Robert Pattinson is all anyone cares about. He's like Brangelina, only stronger, because there's only one of him. That's right. Robert Pattinson is a Hollywood Power Couple all by himself. Let me articulate what's getting on my nerves about Robert Pattinson.

8) Nobody is this humble! This guy has to have an ego or he wouldn't even be able to leave the house in the morning. Personally, I know people who work the graveyard shift at the local gas station and think they're something special. Here's a guy in one of the hottest movies around and he refuses to talk himself up.

7) He doesn't have a girlfriend. He's 22 and he's not tied into a relationship. He doesn't have a ball or a chain he has to answer to at the end of a long day of filming. What nerve.

6) He's nice to fans. This guy is nice to his fans, a rare trait if ever there was one. I prefer surly, anti-social celebrities. They're easier to hate on.

5) He's had it too easy in Hollywood. Where's all the "paying of dues" actors need to go through in order to become this famous? Pattinson just walked into Tinsel Town one day and they handed him the keys to the place.

4) He doesn't get involved in unnecessary drama. He has no bitter custody case going on. He isn't under arrest for DUI. Compared to Shia LaBeouf this cat is unnatural.

3) Girls love him just a bit too much. RPattz is to girls what spinach was to Popeye. Women go crazy at the sight of Big Rob.

2) He's not going away any time soon. Right now Pattinson can do no wrong. Everybody wants him in their next movie so he can afford to be selective and choose whatever project he wants. We'll all have to deal with him for years!

1) His new haircut. He's supposed to have long vampire hair. Now he looks like a Young Republican.

I know some of you will say "You live in a Free World, if you choose to, you can ignore Robert Pattinson." Uh, no I can't. It's not in the cards. Sure I'd love to be a Robert Pattinson hater, but it just doesn't seem to be in the cards. So far the guy has managed to keep his overall image so positive, there aren't any chinks in his armor.

So far.



Unknown said...


See no matter how hard people try, they just cannot avoid the perfect and lustrous vampire with sex hair (that will soon reappear), chiseled jaws, and intensifying eyes that is... Robert Pattinson.

Love love!


Jewels64 said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA! LMFAO! Thanks for this Goz....tooo funny!

182 said...

haha :D

Amy said...

This is hilarious Goz :)

Kate said...

ok my e-mail is gone again and my Internet went as well this time. Internet is back for 5 mind so I popped in to say hi . I'm heading to bed with BD so at least something good is coming out of it!!! LOL
Hopefully it'll be sorted by the morning. Talk to you all then,fingers crossed. Olive juice.

Lynn said...

Hi and bye to Kate!

I absolutely love this list!

Good afternoon, lovelies!

luckygyrl said...

How interesting. Some of those reasons are the reasons that I love me some Rob Pattinson.

Ellie said...

Cute article and funny observations...which I just happen to fully agree with! lol

Good evening, girls!

Jules, are you afraid???

Anonymous said...

Jeez - can't keep up with you all! I love that a new, new post. I should be working - back to it. Will check-in later. Thanks for welcoming me!

bella's mom said...

3) Girls love him just a bit too much. RPattz is to girls what spinach was to Popeye. Women go crazy at the sight of Big Rob.

lmao nuff said!

Dani said...

Hey Twiheart...welcome. I heard that you live in Portland right???

I do too! Small world eh?

Ellie said...

TwiHeart, welcome!

Tess said...

resistance is futile.. ha ha..

Hello everyone.

fun post.

Ms. Bonderson said...

Okay, after catching up on the fanfic the "Big Rob" comment sent my mind straight to the gutter...shame on me!

Anonymous said...

@Zina....same here! What's wrong with not being a complete d-bag?

BlueEyesBella15 said...

That has to be the funniest article ive read LOL....all the reasons this person is annoyed by Rob is the reasons i love the man....LOL....hes REAL and hes HONEST which is what makes him ROB PATTINSON! striaght up!
you cant take that away from him

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