Another Interview Out of Germany

Thanks to the robalicious AJ for the link to the interview.

Translation of the questions he is asked below. Thanks to PattinsonOnline for sharing as usual. give em some love HERE.

1. Originally were you surprised about the fascination about 'Twilight' and the other books? Did you get sucked in to the story while you were reading it?

2. At the start the fans weren't happy about you being Edward now they all love you. How did you realize this change?

3. If you could get up now and do whatever you wanted for as long as you wanted, what would it be.

4. What are your plans?

5. You did a lot of preparation to play Edward in the first movie. Do you think it will be easier for the next movies?

6. Seriously now: Did you practice Edward's facial expressions in the mirror?

7. How hard is it not to start laughing if a teenager beggs you to bite them?

8. Would you like the movie to have more sexual content?


Laura said...

LMAO!! "Save the day, let's kiss!"

"I wanna have sex with Edward Cullen!"

Anonymous said...


"I wanna have your babies"

"Can you?"

Rusharthi said...

I laughed my head off when he talked about the 10 year olds asking to have his babies. "Can you?!" ROFL. He's amazing.

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