Mädchen Interview

Pattinson Online has the translation of the Mädchen interview with Robert Pattinson. You can read the whole thing on their site. Here are some parts:

Mädchen: Are you romantic?
ROB: When I was fifteen I had a date with a girl at the zoo. But we didn’t
have enough money to pay the entrance. So we ran along the fence of the
zoo on the outside. It was raining and we didn’t have an umbrella with us,
I think that was romantic. (Gozde: Ya think? I can litterally hear y'all sigh:))

Mädchen: What does trust mean to you?
ROB: If you tell a friend something about you no one else should know and he really doesn’t tell it to anybody it’s a good feeling. Then you know that you know this person well. There are not many people who keep secrets.

Mädchen: Do you believe in love on the first bite?
ROB: Yes, I do. It’s absolutely possible that you meet somebody in the streets and you suddenly fall in love with this person. That often happens to me (laughs). (Gozde: Way to encourage stalkers Rob! They will keep bumping into you from now on :)

Mädchen: What do you do to be polite during a date?
ROB: I don’t question the girl and don’t tell her how she has to be for me. I don’t want her to corrupt herself for me! (Gozde: Oh honey, We might corrupt YOU :)

Mädchen: What else is important for you?
ROB: I like talented girls. If she’s really talented I don’t really care about the other things. (Gozde: Quick! Go get some talent!)

Mädchen: Do you believe in something like soulmates?
ROB: I don’t know if you can have a soulmate, but sometimes you meet
someone and you know they’ll always be with you- for the rest of your
life. (Gozde: My uterus just skipped a beat)

Mädchen: Can love be boundless?
ROB: Yes, I think so. When you really love somebody something like rich
and poor or bad and good doesn’t matter.

Mädchen: How does it feel when girls ask you to bite them?
ROB: I don’t think that they know what they’re saying. If somebody would
bite me I think I’d hit him. (laughs) (Gozde: Oh, they all KNOW what they are asking!)


bella's mom said...

Ok, let me see if I can get this straight.

You have to run around the outside of the zoo in the rain until you see Rob, then you run over and bump into him, and lean in and bite him and when he hits you, just accuse him of being corrupted.

Did I cover it?

Kim said...

I love, love his comments in this!
I think it's great how he said he thinks he would try to hit someone who tried to bite him.
I ♥ him. I feel like Renee Zellwegger, after this article. from Jerry McGuire, talking to her sister.
I ♥ him. I ♥ him. I ♥ him.

Goz, lol at your comments.

There's just too much to say about his comments.

Kim said...

Mona, lol!

Trix, you will know the trust comment, it means a lot big time!
(I have trust issues)

MiCh said...

I'm a talented basketball player, that counts as a talent? Wait, he doesn't like sports, I'm ruined.. :(

Kim said...

Goz, I think my favorite funny comment of yours was when you said 'Your uterus skipped a beat."
Now that is funny.

bella's mom said...

Awww MiCh, he said he wasn't good at them, not that he wouldn't like to watch you play. He might be your loudest cheer leader. lol

MiCh said...

Awwww Mona, you made my day! Can't wait to start my season training, that lovely image you put on my mind will be with me every time!

I just remembered that I have this useless gift, I can recognize the brand, model and characteristics of almost every guitar I see.. I bet that is a talent Rob would appreciate!

Sabrizzle said...

Oh, I'm sure he would appreciate your guitar recognition talent, Mich!

LMAO @ your comments, Goz!

Kim said...

Sabrina! I really like you new avatar, I must tell you so.

Kim said...

sorry, *your avatar* and Mich yes that is a very good skill.

Gibson & Fender are about all I know.

Sabrizzle said...

Hi Jov! Thank you, I was getting sick of my old avatar.

Gozde said...

Teehee :) Thanks ladies! And MiCh I LOVE bball players! If you were a guy I'd hit on ya :)

MiCh said...

I always knew that silly gift could be useful some day!

And Jovie, if you can recognize a Fender Stratocaster, a Fender Telecaster or a Gibson Les Paul, you're almost done!
One of my faves was the Les Paul Goddess but now I'm dying for an Ibanez Artist Prestige.. damn, guitars are evil!

182 said...

haha i have no talent. expect from talking. a lot.

or wait! i'm good at music.

Sabrizzle said...

LOL Mich! I want a Rickenbacker 4003 bass, but they are too damn expensive!

Anonymous said...

Damn, I need to find a talent pronto. Well, something I can show him in public, lol

Kat said...

Goz... you're notes made me crack up... love it.

Ms. Bonderson said...

One of the best interviews yet - love his answers. And love your comments Gozde - they're great - exactly what we're all thinking.

For the talent pool, I can play piano... I need the music, though... I don't have that "play by ear" talent.

Gozde said...

At this point I'm in tune with what y'all think :)

Ms. Bonderson said...

I just reread the interview again - does Rob realize what he does to us with these answers? He's only asking for trouble! ;)

Anonymous said...

When he said he likes someone who's talented, I immediately thought of how he really admires singer/songwriter Laura Marling...I think he has a thing for her. And Camilla.

Rusharthi said...

Awww!! myyy goodddd! Can this guy be any more amazing?! Love love loveed this interview!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

We're all talented here at Robsessed. We can put ♥s in our posts.

And we can spell (most of the time) except for Lynn :) but that's not her fault as her keyboard is deschmecken.

And we're well-read *cough fanfic cough*. What more could Rob want?

Anonymous said...

This interview is so adorable. Thanks, Goz...you made my night, deary! :-)

Tess said...

Awww. thanks for this Goz..

How fantastic is he that he remembers a date from when he was 15! Character traits like this are why all or our uterus's are twitching.. damn fine man.. inside and out.

Now I just need to find out what my talent is..

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