Rubish Mag "The Summer House" Review and Promo PIcs

(a minor break from Comic-Con to focus on another peice of Rob's work)

I attended the premiere screenings of The Summer House, directed by RUBBISH BFF Orlando Gili's (aka photographer aka the guy who lent us a fridge during last fashion week!) sister Daisy Gili an eve ago, and I am so happy that I did. There are many reasons for are some
Gili, (R Patz), Daisy Gili on set.

The film was actually shot about three years ago, however set in the late 1960's against the historic back drop of man landing on the moon, it doesn't matter and actually seems fitting with the current 40 year celebrations of the occasion that it has it firsts screenings in 2009. Additionally as Daisy said herself before the screening it doesn't hurt having cast back then one of the now biggest rising stars in Hollywood as your lead. None other than Robert Pattinson...back up off the floor ladies!

Now I will probably have many a teenage tantrum thrown my way for saying this but I much prefer this floppy haired tanned look over the spikey haired pale vampire Edward Cullen that R Patz has found fame for.

"The film is about a moment in a young girl's life. A turning point, a time for decision: to go back, or go forward?
Jane (Talulah Riley The Boat That Rocked) is in rural France visiting her aunt...she has left behind an unfaithful first love. Several letters have pursued her, letters decorated with hearts to tempt her. The author of these letters, Richard (Robert Pattinson Twilight & Little Ashes), turns up uninvited."

OK so a qwalified film cwitic I am not but I can say that the film left me wanting more, I cared enough about the characters to want to know what took place before we met them and what was going to happen next...what a short film should do, no?

Go HERE to the source to check out the entire review.
Thanks to JulesRules for sending me the link.


Anna said...

lol, is it just me or does he look like a way more doable version of Rhys Ifans in that pic?

I want to see the Summer House!!!

Xtyn said...

oh yey!! Dani is back! woot-woot!

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

Finally!!! Thank you!! I've been waiting for this movie for so long!! Can not wait...Richard I guess is a little cheater...and I believe there's some type of love scenes!

peeling a fig said...

"more doable version" haha. Agreed.

I was lucky enough to see the fun documentary of The Summer House at the Robfest triple feature her in the UK in June. There is some really great footage of each cast and crew member walking up to a directors-type chair and sitting. A label appears: The gaffer, the director, the script boy, whatever. They went to slo-mo when it came Rob's turn and the label read: "The Robert Pattinson". Heh, heh. Then Rob sort of missed the chair while trying to sit down. It was both endearing and sexy. Well, he is just plain oozing sex in the role actually, all sleepy-eyed and smokin'. Can't WAIT to see the whole thing.

maha said...

I read about this movie and so exciting to see it

finally I will.

Thank you for the post.

Shani said...

I love the pics of Rob and Talulah sound a sleep on the couch together.
To cute!!

I saw that short vid of the Summer House a while back.It looked really great and it did leave you wanting more. Rob looked so the part of the sexy bad boy who will love you and leave you. Talulah looked gorgeous and I loved her green dress.They should have made it into a full fledged movie.I don't get why they didn't do that.

Yvonne said...

Maybe they will now that Rob has a "name" for himself....from the clip, the movie looks cool....

I love that black and white photo...wish it were in color as well. He def looks like he's a 60's stoner, kind of John Lennon-ish, VERY hot.

Rhonda said...

Oh Lawdy he is channeling John Lennon in that one with the glasses. Hot as hell. Rob & John are my favorites. Rob channeling John is all kinds of awesome.

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