Eclipse debuts on record number of screens!

Let the records begin! I think there are a couple of folks out there who might want to see this movie a few times over! Maybe? :-)


It remains to be seen how much cash The Twilight Saga: Eclipse takes in when it opens this week, but fans will have ample opportunity to catch it.

The movie is set to debut on a record 4,416 screens on Wednesday, beating the previous domestic release high of 4,380 (Iron Man 2).

There is no official word on the final number of theaters offering midnight showings.



solas said...

They just had on the news that the 3 midnight showings at Lncoln Square IMAX in Manhattan are sold out. People are already camping out, waiting!

Mrs.Deen said...

Hi Solas:

I am kind of new to this site but I am a Rob fan. Wow everyone is camped out on a Wednesday for the movie..Did you see it already? I am going tomorrow with my daughter.

waiting for more info from you.

Vangie said...

welcome,MrsDeen,yes i will be going tomorrow,but i sent my niece and her friend so the went since about 7

Heidi said...

Going Thursday...hopefully will be a little less crazy. I am in Alaska and we have 5 midnight shows sold out. They just added a 3 am screening.

MMc said...

Off topic but a cute tweet about WFE

Fun day on #WFE. Rob got pies to the face & showgirl kisses.
13 minutes ago via TweetDeck

Lolli said...

I live in a little college town in Northern California. I went to the double feature - Twilight and New Moon and the theater was almost full. Elipse showing at midnight tonight is sold out!!!

Go Robward!!

dixcreek said...

Just saw Eclipse and it was A W E S O M E ! Team Edward kicked ass!

Nancy said...

Hope they kill the BO records. They deserve it.

9 showings at 2 different movie houses here for midnight showing.

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