Robert Pattinson Talks To MTV & Says He's Tired Of Being Misquoted

Robert Pattinson Talks To MTV & Says He's Tired Of Being Misquoted

We hear ya Rob!

"Twilight" superstar Robert Pattinson has been conducting so many "Eclipse"-centric interviews lately, it's a wonder he actually remembers anything he says — let alone the countless articles that hang on his every word.

However, when MTV News caught up with him on the "Eclipse" premiere's black carpet Thursday night (June 24) to ask him about an article in which he'd been quoted as saying he's tired of all the "Twilight" work, Pattinson seemed to remember very clearly he had said nothing of the sort and quickly set the record straight.

"That's bullsh--!" Pattinson joked. "I hate reporters misquoting me, it's so annoying."

Of course, realizing he'd just used a naughty word during MTV's live feed from the premiere, he was quick to apologize for the blunder and cover his mouth.

Nonetheless, regarding his reportedly being "tired" of playing the world's most popular vampire, Pattinson denied it wholeheartedly: "Anyone who says they're tired of this is really crazy." Thinking about his life without "Twilight" reminds him of what he was doing before, "which was sitting around doing nothing." (Aside from his role in "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire," of course.)

"I love doing the movies," Pattinson insisted. "I like all the people. I've had a great time on all of them. The cast is great."

When asked to put into words what he'll feel when the series comes to an end in a couple of years, the teen heartthrob said simply, "It's just weird. They've become so much a part of my life, it's like divorcing someone. I guess Ill see. Maybe it will be great!"

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HeneciaD said...

ahahah I love swearing rob watching it again LOL

Unknown said...

I totally LOL'd. xD

Oh, and your Word Vomit... :)

Aslaug said...

Haha, I think that is the most I've heard him swear.. :P Kristen's rubbing off to him. Getting him a bit more tougher ;) I just he doesn't get all Ozzy Osbourne.. He's adorable, though =)

Netra2121 said...

did anyone notice his publicist freaking out in the background lol

jmm4832 said...

Rob is apologizing to the MTV reporter for swearing when the MTV awards show was full of f this and f that? Whatever.

Anonymous said...

Aslaug Robert swears sometimes but it's rare and when that happens he almost always uses mild words that everyone uses sometimes like BS or "damn". Swearing rarely- every once in a while- and using mostly mild words does not make anyone ill-mannered, but rather normal and still well mannered.

Dropping the "f" bomb every chance one gets, is vulgor. I'm glad that Robert is not like Kristen.

Robert does not drop the "f" bombs and other offputting words every chance he gets like her. Swearing a lot does NOT make you tough, it makes you ill-mannered, b*tchy, and appear uneducated.

Although I'll give credit to Kristen and say that she did well last night, at least she was posing with her costars as she should, and all three seemed relaxed with each other. It was nice that Robert and Kristen posed together for the premiere of the movie that they are both leads in, that's the way it should be and part of their job. Nice premiere, even though I'm not interested in Eclipse. And I must laugh at some of the people trying to turn it into some romantic thing, lol.

I'm glad that Robert is still the smiley, charming,charismatic person that he is. And I agree with jmm that it's ridiculous that Robert apologized for using the word to MTV. But it makes me love Robert, because it shows how cute he is and how polite he is.

PrettyBrownEyes said...

omg you guys really dont know how Rob is in private && to say that Kristen is rubbing off on him is really crazy because Rob is a grown man nobody can influence you to say anything you dont want to say.
I've heard Rob curse way worse than that in many uncut tv/magazine interviews.
Robert [just like many other celebrities] only let us see what THEY want us to see. I wish people would stop acting like they just know Robert oh so well when they really know nothing at all.

oh && at jmm
I agree I dont understand why he had to apologize either..
and then the reporter was like 'were LIVE u can't say that'
uum weren't the mtv movie awards live too??
with plenty of people old and YOUNG watching??
yeah it was nice of Rob to apologize but somewhat unnecessary.

Anonymous said...

Cherry of course no-one knows what they are really like in private, but we are talking here about their interviews (at least I am) and the personality they show us, which is a part of their true personality but of course nowhere near the whole picture of who they really are.

And Robert presents a picture of politeness, humbleness, humor (he's very charismatic); while Kristen no so much, that's fact.

ShariG said...

LOL My grandma said bullshit. Not a real swear word in my book. He is so cute. I love that it embarrassed him. All of the vulger language at the MTV awards was embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

Love the new banner. Okay, it might not be "new," but I'm just catching up!

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