*New* More HQ's Of Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner On The "Eclipse" Black Carpet

*New* More HQ's Of Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner On The "Eclipse" Black Carpet

At this stage I'm confused (and so is Rob) but I think most, if not all of these are new.


Click and Click Again For Larger

Loads More After The Cut!

Thanks to to Linda at Pattinsonlife


RTP_KJS_Lover said...

This is indeed one of the best days of my life. He just dazzled me, which is why I changed my screen name. Rob, in person, in that maroon suit, was an unbelievable sight. Just pure perfection. He was so sweet to the NB's!!! I just love him more, which I didn't think was possible.

Thanks for all the amazing pics, Kate. Muah!

Kate said...

Can't wait to hear all about it, so glad ye got to see him up close!

Anonymous said...

The maroon suit is growing on me. Really makes his blue eyes stand out. Since it's part of the 2010 fall/winter Gucci line, I'll forgive him for wearing that color. Someone probably suggested it to him, b/c we know he doesn't make the best clothing choices if he is left to his own devices! He rocks a suit regardless of the color!

woms said...

good morning/afternoon.. Indeed he is pure perfection!!!! @CL..your new screen name says it all!!!!
Being so close to him was a dream come true. Truly a life changing experience for all the nb's.

Even more beautiful in person, if that was even possible, not only on the outside but the inside too.

The burgundy suit image is embedded in my brain!
Thanks for all the pics...so much beauty!!

tedgirl said...

CL & Woms & All the Ladies,

Hope you have recovered physically by now but the images of him in Burgundy suit and your own personal encounter with him etched forever in your memories.

We are all dying to hear your stories and other photos if you've got some stashed still in your cameras. LOL

Can feel the emotions running thru by reading your comments.

Thank you for sharing with us who were not lucky enough to be there personally but whose spirits were with you at that moment in time...
Seeing The Pretty up close and personal and much much more...

sarsaparilla said...

Confused or looks like he downed a couple of shots of hard spirits,maybe to help go through the fan screaming , the overwhelming fandom neverending questions about the movie (it is the movie promotion - I know :), but answering same questions not so nice.It is like at an exam -one gets the same set of questions in different units and you don't know whether the it is joke or a misprint!
I could be totally wrong.Cannot resist- Why the maroon color at least it is not orange red :)
thanks for putting these and rest of the pictures Kate and her pals.

Dorym said...

He is rockin'that suit, it looks perfect on him with his lean waistline to die for!
Kristin is one lucky sob.

jmm4832 said...

Love the Rob pics. Kristen looks like her feet are killing her in those heels.

Haystackhair said...

Can't wait to hear the NB stories!! GAH! to see him in person. THUD

ROBsessed89_MIAwithROB said...

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening to you all :D

ahhggg***is screaming bcuz is anxious to hear the NBs AMAZING (which im sure is an understatement) story with ROB****

Im so happy for you girls and i wish that you can all share your journey with us soon :P



LM said...

Love this red, maroon, burgundy, wine GUCCI suit on Rob. He looks marvelous in Gucci!!!!

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