Robert Pattinson In Tu Magazine With A New Photo

Robert Pattinson In Tu Magazine With A New Photo


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It was May 13, 2010, Rob’s 24th birthday. Any fan would have wanted to talk to congratulate him or give a gift, but we did the opposite: we got the gift from him, since we had the chance to chat and ask him details about "Eclipse". It was 1:53pm when my cell phone was linked to him in Beverly Hills, California. I greeted him with a "Hi, How are you?" . He answered "Okay ... What about you?" I could have said I was in shock, but I just answer that great ..." ready for this interview?”, I pronounce, and after a "yes" we start it.

TU: What was it like working with new director, David Slade?
It's strange, every director has been different. Catherine Hardwicke is a little wild, (Kate: that's putting it mildly!) Chris Weitz was so calm and easy to understand, (Kate: LOVE Chris) David has a different view on how to do a movie, he brought a lot of new ideas, which was interesting.

TU: Eclipse gives a lot of human values. For example, Edward proposing to his family a peace treaty with the wolves to protect Bella. For you, what's the main message in this film?
Maybe that you don't have to base your entire life in only one person and to anchor yourself to someone. I mean, you will always have other commitments and it's the only way to keep a healthy relationship. Another message? Um, I had one in mind and I just forgot. Oh! I got it: Edward's message is to value life. For him, being separate from the world and not being able to live is awful, that's the message Edward gives us.

TU: What was the biggest challenge during Eclipse?
The amount of action scenes. We had a lot of action sequences and a lot of training and those type of things I hadn't done for Twilight or any other film, so it was very different.

TU: How have you changed from the first film to the third one?
They are all different and I had to adapt to that. The first two are more intimate. Twilight is the relationship between Edward and Bella, New Moon is the development of Jacob and Bella. Eclipse unites the werewolves and the vampires for a goal. What this one achieves is huge.

TU: Did you have a special training to film all the action scenes Eclipse?

Yeah, I did about a month, well about three weeks before we started filming [laughs]. We rehearsed the main fight every day, the big scenes and some other things, it was really tiring! (Kate: Wish I was a fly on the wall for that)

TU: Was there any very dangerous scene were you had to use a stunt double?
Sometimes, but I tried to do most of my action scenes. Generally, they won't let me do very dangerous scenes, because if I get hurt, they have to stop filming for some time. I do what I can.

TU: Talking about fights, what was it like working with Bryce Dallas Howard?
¡Oh! She's magnificent, she's really adorable, she turns diabolic in the film ... but in real life she's one of the nicest and caring people I've ever met. (Kate: Awwww well I've got news for you Rob, she likes you too!!)

TU: Could you talk to us a little about the proposal scene?
It was strange to do that, it was a weird scene and curiously we did it on the last day of shooting. I think it's very sweet. I hope people like it, it's a very nice part of the film.

TU: What did you learn while making this film?
I think I learned how fight like a vampire [laughs] What else? I don't know, I don't remember [more laughs].

TU: Do you remember the first day of shooting?
Yeah! What happened? Oh, I can't remember! It's terrible. I remember recently we repeated some scenes. I don't know, one day of shooting. Every time I get back from a break, they put make up on me and center on every little detail. Remembering that is nice, it's familiar.

TU: What's the best about being a vampire?
From Edward, I like that you don't relate to people in the same way you do with humans, you're different, it's like you're invisible. Obviously you see the world in a different way, but communicate some other way. You can do whatever you want, basically because you are not human. I think that's it.

TU: What was your favorite scene in Eclipse?
I liked working with Taylor, they were interesting, because I usually only film with Kristen. So the scenes with Jacob and Edward were fun. (Kate: Ya we heard ALL about it! LOL)

TU: The success you have won't stop! Why do you think girls are so fascinated with Edward?
They are so connected to the books, I don't think it's a specific character that they love so much. It must be the relationship between Edward and Bella, they love that pairing so much, they want to know what happens with their lives, I think they are curious in that way.

TU: What was your favorite location?
We filmed a lot on top of a mountain in Vancouver. It was very high and it's before the big fight scene, it was beautiful.

TU: Thanks for your time, and happy birthday!
Thank you!

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Xylem said...

Awww! That is so sweet! Taylor is gonna bust an artery when he hears that Rob preferred his scenes with him too.

Yeah, I think The Rob and The Slade didn't get on so well. Which I think is funny for some reason... And probably why Slade wanted to reshoot the tent scene with a naked Taylor wrapped around a happy Kristen. Poor Rob!

I don't know why it made me sad to read that Rob thinks the only reason they don't want him to get hurt is so he won't halt production. :(. Poor baby.

If I didn't know it before, it is now official. I have listened to too many Rob interviews because I totally hear his voice when I read his words. Send help!

dina said...

@M we can help each other, I can hear his voice when I read something. How bad is that I am turning into an Edward.
I always had the feeling that he and Slade didn't click and I was wondering why.

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