Metric - "Eclipse" (All Yours) - Music Video With Scenes From The Movie

Metric - "Eclipse" (All Yours) - Music Video With Scenes From The Movie


BellaMarie247 said...

Love it! The Soundtrack music is really really good, and it was fun to see how they matched scenes to music last night.
What a great movie, in every possible way!

Have to go back and see it again today, and tomorrow...and then I'm going out to Montauk for the 4th of July and will experience some withdrawal, but received the Eclipse Movie Companion book yesterday so that's getting packed first!

HeartThePretty_EvenMore said...

@Bella247 - ITA!

Love this video and loved the placement of the song in the movie.

I will be at the theater again.

Pattinson_Lover_2010 said...

OMG, I was in heaven last night when I went to see the trilogy. The music fit everywhere. Fantastic - I am going to go see it again. This song just fit the ending. Loved it!!! I have tickets for today, tomorrow and I will get a few more for this weekend. Best of the 3 movies - David did an awesome job, and of course lets not forget Rob, Kristen and maybe Taylor, LMAO. I loved it!!

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