Jake The Movie Guy Interviews Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner

Jake The Movie Guy Interviews Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner


RTP_KJS_Lover said...


I didn't think I would ever catch up on the blog. Gozde, Kate and Kat, wow! You guys worked your butts off. We were so afraid of missing so much being camped out in Tent City, but here it all is. Thanks!!!!

Rob is adorable. No need to be insecure sweetie, you are adored by millions! Trust me.

I really like Jake the Movie Guy. He's funny and his interviews are always light and the cast seems to enjoy him. PFach is my #2 vamp, (especially after he came to visit us in Tent City), him and his spitting out his gum and then sticking it under the arm of the chair is hilarious! He has a great sense of humor.

MMc said...

Yeah Peter is awesome - he's a very good influence on the rest of the youngin's in the cast too cause he is funny and polite and works it with the press and fans.

So Rob says the more successful the movies the more insecure he gets. Hmmm, I guess better that than to get cocky and conceited cause sure enough you'd be knocked off that pedestal pretty quick. He's playing it pretty well.

I have not caught up on all the videos, etc. but what the heck was Rob thinking with the maroon suit??? That's like the red velvet jacket and leather pants at the Potter GOF premiere - although he was younger and it didn't look too bad.
This wardrobe choice was not too great.

But they did coordinate pretty well with K in her white dress and Tay in the steel gray suit - she looked like a coconut cake. Sorry to go there.

Oh Rob - please grow your hair out quick and I hope you find the Stoli shirt. But I bet he's right - someone probably stole it. Check EBay everyone!

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