Robert Pattinson's High School Was Very Romantic

Robert Pattinson's High School Was Very Romantic

I'm sure Rob was No1 in the romance classes! They'd have nothing to teach him.


Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson's Eclipse characters, Bella and Edward, essentially have three or so movies of virginal eternal longing for each other; they never quite go all the way (except in Breaking Dawn, which Melissa Rosenberg swears she's penning as quite sexy...but more on that later). (Kate: Oh she better be or I will be after her blood like a newborn! )

When we talked to the stars of Eclipse at last night's premiere at the L.A. Film Festival, we threw it out there to the cast: Do you think the longing and self-control the main characters exhibit when it comes to sex is something high schoolers can actually relate to these days? Here's what Rob, Kristen, Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz had to say...

"Oh my god, definitely," Stewart told us on the carpet with the stern-yet-sweet look she exhibits so well. "I feel like everything in our movie—the reason people love it so much—is because it's everything that we experience. It's like put on this...I don't want to say ideological...It's just put on this level that it is fantasy love. You feel like when you're in love it's fake almost. I feel like that's how everyone feels."

Spoken like a girl who has been truly smitten before! Speaking of, Rob, in his über-cool, maroon Gucci suit, added that he has no clue if holding out for something great is in touch with teens today, but it's what he is used to.

"I hope so," Pattinson dished about whether Edward's self-control is relatable to guys his age.

"I don't know, I didn't really go to a normal high school," R.Pattz ‘fessed. He added, "I went to a very romantic high school."

So that's where he learned his suave tricks!

To read what the rest of the cast had to say on the subject head over to EOnline


Cheeky Chops said...

*throws and fit and stomps feet*




Kimmie said...

What's the difference cheeky ???

I tried to decide because since it's one of my fav.colors

Vangie said...

@hi cheeky well let me tell you what i found out,do you know the gay guy with the with platinum hair from america's top model with tyra banks i thank his name is jay he was on e today all gushing on rob's suit he said some will call it maroon,he call it another colour i cannot remember but not burdundy,i know maybe you did not like it but we all have our own taste because you like rob and some prefer taylor me i found rob looked exquisite in that suit why do formal suits have to be black or gray it time to stop the routine

Cheeky Chops said...


Burgundy and Wine is not much difference, but Burgundy and maroon is.

ROBsessed89_MIAwithROB said...

well difference of not I LOVE IT and HE looks exquisite... WHEN DOESN'T HE???? ok i know everyone has their own taste but i think that ROB can literally pull any color of the spectrum and look S*U*P*E*R*F*U*C*K*I*N*G*G*O*R*G*E*O*U*S

jmm4832 said...

Yes Cheeky Chops, it's burgundy, LOL.

Noe said...

i did as well. so many good valentines through out my old campus. best was this one guy who got his whole dorm to help him chalk up the whole basketball court below his gf's dorm so that when she opened the blind's it'd be the first thing she sees. super creative :)

Cheeky Chops said...

@jmm-Thank You. I know I'm always right. :D

@evang-No they don't have too always be black or gray. It's all about "cut" as well. I think all the men looked fabulous. The ones I saw anyway. Jackson NAILED it tho.

Yes, I'm shallow. :D

LM said...

Don't much care if we call it wine, burgundy or maroon. It's Gucci and Rob looks smashing in Gucci. This is what? 3rd or 4th Gucci suit he has worn? If his acting career goes down the tubes he could just model Gucci. I don't think that's going to happen any time soon. But if it did, I'd still look and drool.

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