*NEW* Eclipse Still With Robert Pattinson

*NEW* Eclipse Still With Robert Pattinson

Oooh just the thing before I head to bed. Angry, possessive Robward!


Source NY Times via kstewrobfans


Monique said...

I will be up late awaiting all the good or bad news from the movie.

I will be dead at work tomorrow... but, I won't sleep until I hear from the Robossessers.

HeartThePretty_EvenMore said...

Ok, can I have a total fangirl moment. . .just got my Eclipse Movie Companion and I am getting my stuff ready for the Twilight Experience (all 3 movie). . .squeeee!
*doing happy dance*
It's a couple of hours to Cafeteria Rob and 6 hours of Robward! It's all good!

Vangie said...

so,so true monique,i just called my girlfriend to call me with the juice,i just read a very bad review on rob and he have no future in acting,darm ass!

Roblove said...

What do you think? Is he standing on a box here? :P

BellaMarie247 said...

4 more hours and i'll be in a darkened room with him.

off the deep end, I know....

Gwen Cooper 426 said...

Me likey Fierceward. MUCH.

Monique said...

Where did you read that Evageline?

Monique said...

And how come you always seems to find the bad stuff?

Unknown said...

I just watched the movie last night. Oh boy oh boy
bedroom scene smokin hot, tent scene awesome!!!!
I live of Guam which is a day ahead of the
continental US and I got a private view on our
29th which actually the 28th. Eeeeeeee gonna
see it again n again and well you know.
Rob was the most beautiful here!!!

Vangie said...

@monique,that was suppose an insult!oops

papagáj said...

I just back from Eclipse screening


It's 2 am here but

BEDROOM SCENE my fave so far

papagáj said...

Oh Robward

You can even rock bad makeup
although i can actually feel your pain through contact lenses



I can not help myself
can't wait for Breaking Dawn


Monique said...

Evangeline... not at all. I am just asking where you found that review.

When I watch TL's scenes, it always look like his T-Shirts are always one size too small. LOL... becuase when he's in a suit... he doesn't look that big.

And I suppose this is the scene where I would like to punch Billy.
He seems so proud that Jacob kiss his own daughter against her will

Roblove said...

papagaj, Was it better than Twilight?

Monique said...

Is anybody going to give away spoilers?

papagáj said...

I really like the begining really dark and kinda new to me.

A lot of stuff cumulative in one, like someone at any price wanted to convey. For me, a not enough of breath, a lot of pressure and continuous decisions - a little less consistent as for me,
I would like to say that it was well-balanced film but something went wrong.

twilight had something of the magic of first love
so it always be my favourite.

Here in Eclipse were such moments but unfinished, the nature of Bella with total respect for Kristen, unfortunately, has expressed little emotion at crucial moments.

Victoria was just too gracious so she didn't fit the character at all

papagáj said...


virginity talk was hilarious

HappyHappy3000 said...

YEAH!! I also think some some of the decisions made by Bella (via Kristen) weren't really given the true inner dispute and feeling of agony and heartbreak that I took away from the book ... for example, the scene between Bella and Jacob near the end when she's in his room, pretty much ripping out his heart, it wasn't really given enough ~ I dont know ~ maybe pain? regret? I just didnt feel much in that scene but dont get me wrong! I really LOVED the movie overall!!! The tent scene was also built up to way more than delivered ... when Rob said it needed to be more "erotic" I was thinking WHOHOO!! but I didnt really see that (guess I'm a bit too naughty :) I really liked Rob's makeup and acting best in this movie but Twilight will always be my favorite I think (mainly for nostalgic reasons : ) Overall the movie was freakin' AWESOME!!!

Vangie said...

hi ladies,hope everyone who went to see eclipse enjoyed it

Roblove said...

thanks for the answer, papagáj ! :)

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