Polish TV Interview With Robert Pattinson With Translation

Polish TV Interview With Robert Pattinson With Translation

Translation thanks to Namalowana

Rob: I've been learning polish for three weeks.
Interviewer: Why?
R: I have to speak polish in film, in which I'm playing now.
R: Podnieś nogę (It means 'Lift up your leg')
I: It's quite a strange question
R: I know, I wasn't thinking about this.
I: It's funny that you chose this sentance to tell me
I: Okay
R: I forgot what it meant for a while
I: But now you remember?
R: Yeah and I'm embarrassed. I'm saying this in one scene with an elephant.
I: Oh, it's changes a lot.


Cheeky Chops said...

Hahahaha he's the biggest freakin' dork ever. I swear to God. LOL

papagáj said...




WFE will be the death of me!!!!!!


is she flirting with him


is Rob staring at her legs at 0:51

she's hot
but there's more in Poland
so come to visit


I ordered my WFE book and i got mail yesterday and i'm in the middle now


so entertaining and funny and genial

Roblove said...

A glance at her legs, then 'lift up your leg', the girl is surprised, then 'I forgot what it meant for a while' ---
yeah, I believe you Rob, of course I do ;)

Steph is Legit said...


You got your wish granted. He not only spoke in your native language, but also asked for you to lift up your leg lol

papagáj said...

whole tranlation:)

R: I have been learning Polish for three weeks.

I: Why?

R: I have to speak Polish in my new film. He said 'podnieś nogę' in Polish - it means 'lift your leg up'.

I: It's quite a weird request.

R: I know and doesn't mean the interviewer to raise her leg.

I: It's funny hyou chose this to tell me.

R: I forgot for a moment what it means in English but now I know and feel embarrassed. I say it in the scene with an elephant.

I: It explains a lot.

I: In Eclipse there are two main plots: love of Bella and Edward and rivalry of Edward and Jacob.
The trio had to shoot many scenes together. She hopes they get along with each other.

R: They always get along with each other. It's wonderful what happened to them but success didn't go to their heads.
Twilight has become a big phenomenon but they were together in it from the start and they supported each other and it's amazing.

I: I have read You didn't want to go to the test shooting because you were afraid not able to play perfection of Edward.

R: it's funny because later I decided i would play Edward as so insecure and doubtful about himself as you could only imagine.

I: The fact you are British helped?

R: Yeah, definitely. Now when i think about it, it seems i played myself.
But it's funny because everyone thought Edward should be someone with absolute self-confidence all the time.
I never wanted to play him that way and finally everyone accepted it

I: You were named the best dressed man in the world. It's funny because as a British You rather don't mind what you wear, do You?

R: I don't. I'm wearing the same clothes all the week.

I: A British friend of mine told me once you don't like when somebody pay attention to what you wear because it's so shallow and facile.
Is it true?

R: i don't know if it is some British mind-set but i think so. I am embarrassed when i am dressed to kill.

i don't like wear new clothes and anything flashy.

I: Last time when i interviewed you had a ripped jacket. It was intentionally?

R: probably it was.

I: It was during Remember Me promotion, it was yellow jacket.

R: I'm suppose not to remember i have that one ;-)

I:What does you think about the title the sexiest man alive?

R: it's obvious, i think there wasn't any competition.

I: The title seems so silly - "the sexiest man alive". You are British guy so you are supposed to be cynical.

R: Everyone who was named the sexiest in the world made a special interview about it
but i said: no way, I'm won't make an interview about what is a feeling to be the sexiest man alive.

I: you had to feel idiotic.

R: i said to them: you're insane. Don't you see you look like complete morons?
So hi didn't give the interview an think and everyone was pissed about it.

I: Do people often think Robert is Edward? That You are the character you play.

R: At the beginning it was frequent. At the fan conventions everyone believed the character stepped from book into real world.
I: Did they call you Edward?

R: Yes, they couldn't understand we're normal people.

I: Friends of mine ask their boyfriends: Will you be my Edward?
How did the movie affect your relationships with women? The expectations have to be high.

R: I am coping with it. I like pressure.

I:It makes You better.

Angie said...

RPG: hello NBs!!!! I am in Sacramento, Californication!!!!! 9 hrs driving, in wiped out... where's everyone????

RPG: somewhere we're I drove through http://tweetphoto.com/28093155

CullenLover: We just past the Nokia!

papagáj said...


Like you said this is it
in the best wicked way
*lifting my legs *

Brooke Moss said...

I love love LOVE my dorky boyfriend.

papagáj said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
papagáj said...


maybe i'm not genuine NB ROBSESSED creator but i support you no matter what on the other side of the ocean

I enjoy Ur view a lot
looks like highway to heaven;)))

TotallyRobbed said...

WFE is such a beautiful book - I just couldn't put it down.

I saw this earlier on the other thread and thought there was something cheeky going on when I saw him looking at her legs - so that's what it was all about!

This i/v looks fascinating because it started off with a misunderstanding - hilarious! Quite a long i/v too.

TotallyRobbed said...

Hope you and the girls have a FANTASTIC time. When the time arrives, don't forget the batteries, water and smelling salts!

You are a star - that's a brilliant translation - what a great i/v - I like her. She asked some good questions.

papagáj said...

Please sbd help me to find out
in what period of time it has been taken i see rob with strange white gallows and kristen near him

is it from the set?


Roblove said...

papagáj - it's from the Twiligh set. The car crash scene?

TotallyRobbed said...


The photo was taken during the first Twilight film in Spring 2008. I remember it because it appears in the Catherine Hardwicke's book - Twilight Director's Notebook. Rob and Kris were practicing in a warehouse for the scene where Edward stops the van. You can't see the rest of his arm, but he's holding it out as if he's stopping the van!

papagáj said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cheeky Chops said...

@pap-He still has the "Little Ashes" hair and unless my eyes are fooling me, or Kristen's chest grew 2 cup sizes bigger, that's not Kristen. Looks almost exactly like her tho, from this angle. I would say he's practicing with her stunt double.

papagáj said...

@emma and @TotallyRobbed

*kneeling below your feet*

i'm completely pretwilight moron
so forget

Xylem said...

"R: i don't know if it is some British mind-set but i think so. I am embarrassed when i am dressed to kill."

A-Hah! This is proof. It IS premeditated. He does know he dies us with the spiffy suits and skinny ties. GQ Rob hmmmmmm.

papagáj said...

@Cheeky Chops

Don't forget this

Edward Anthony Masen was born on June 20, 1901


lets start party time;D

Angie said...

From CullenLover: The Nokia Theater! http://twitpic.com/1y9q69

Cheeky Chops said...

Already started Darlin'. ;) Grab a drink and make urself comfy. :)

Happy Birthday, Edward. CHEERS~!!!

ordbajseri said...

There is no doubt he's a giggly, silly goofball who always make jokes about everything, and that's probably the way he is around people. Yet... for some reason, I always get the feeling that he puts on a facade in these kinds of interviews.

Maybe it's just me, but when I read the more serious articles and interviews, I imagine him as a pondering, emotional philosopher almost. It's not meant as something negative and pessimistic, but someone told me once that creative people are tortured souls.

Anyway, I wish I was the elephant! "Carina, podnieś nogę!" "Ok, Rob, if you insist!":P

lallieb said...

@Cheeky, Bravo, good eye you have there K. and very glad I read before I put finger to keyboard. Absolutely right.

lallieb said...

@Papagaj, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Do you want to say which one it is? Understand if you do not, we're kind of sensitive about that around here LOL. Have a great day!

gracefulgrace said...

Oooh! That was a little flirty between them.

lallieb said...

@Ord, don't believe he is a tortured soul, AT ALL, but he's getting better at finding creative ways of answering questions and deflecting them if they get personal. The way he does it still gives a glimpse of his personality and when not having to talk about "Edward" we get more of him.
BTW, glad you have joined in here, I like what you have to say.

Marna said...

OMG, of all the things he could have said, he picks lift your leg? I can't even imagine what the interviewer was thinking!

Vangie said...

happy birthday PAP!better late than never,

Cheeky Chops said...

They don't call me "eagle eye" for nothin'. LOL. I was trained in it.

Kelly Louise said...

Hahaha oh Rob.

And I totally forgot he had to speak Polish. That's cool though.

OT: It's 4:30am, I just got back from a concert and I haven't had dinner yet. I'm starving.

Angie said...

From CullenLover: At Water Center in Downtown LA. http://twitpic.com/1yb4mb

Angie said...

Last comment is not Rob related but I thought we could get the tour while CL is in LA. LOL

Loisada said...

Hahahahaaaaaaa!! Rob walked right into his own trap! A pretty journalist finally ruffled him!!

Yeah, I bet you forgot what that meant honey, as you said it to a leggy lady in a mini skirt! Completely forgot where you were for a moment there, didn't you!!

Do you know how to say "opens mouth and inserts foot" in Polish, Robdorky? Time to learn!

Someone make a GIF of this quick, puleeeeeez.

Vangie said...

i am reading tweets,it concerns so,it seems a though kristen is slightly under the weather,maybe she is tired

Xylem said...

He was not kidding... he is dorky around pretty girls.... pretty brunette girls specifically. I am sorry, I love Rob and all, but I can totally see a pre-Twilight DrunkRob trying this line in a bar and getting shot the hell down. Somehow in the era post-Twilight era the response would be more like "Sure, how high?"

HeartThePretty_EvenMore said...

Glad you arrived safely. Welcome to LA. You resting tomorrow or taking in the sights before the early am call on Monday? This town going to be abuzz over the next couple of days, because the NBs are in town (LAPD is on tactical alert over this, looking for suspicious looking women with a monkey and an elephant). LOL Look forward to the adventures (bail bonds on speed dial). Have fun ladies!

angie-k said...

ADM - I see you are doing a fab job already!!!

I leave tomorrow! Woo Hoo!!
So freakin' excited I can barely stand it! I got butterflies the size of pterodactyls again!


AngelWingsAndStardust said...

Papagaj thank you for that great translation, another great interview. Robert laughing at the "sexiest man alive" title, made me love him more, if that is possible! I think it is really good that Robert seems to have a really good head on his shoulders, and that he's so down to earth.

And it was too funny when he spoke in Polish to the interviewer, lol.
And I can't wait for WFE.

Oh and happy birthday Edward, I love you! (thanks to the poster above for mentioning that, I didn't know that June 20 was Edward's birthday!)

Cheeky Chops said...

@pap-Thank you for the translation. U're a sweetheart. :)

TotallyRobbed said...

@Pap - was it really your birthday yesterday? Thought you were saying it felt like your birthday because he was speaking Polish! Happy Days either way!! ;)

Butterfly25 said...

Hearing him speak my native language is like the best thing ever!!!
Those were two very simple and in fact quite silly words, but in his mouth and with this accent of his, they just sound so lovely:)
I'm pretty sure he has no idea how happy he made a lot of Polish fans just by saying "podnieś noge":)))

I can't wait to hear him speak more Polish in WFE:)))

HeneciaD said...

waves everyone look at what did I miss

@papagaj if he would told me to lif my leg up I would do it too=))

HeneciaD said...

@adm keep informing us hon

tedgirl said...


Thanks for the translation. Very nice indeed! I'm chuckling due to Rob's comment!!!!!! First it was Hungarian, now Polish, what's next I wonder? Hmmmmm, Hummm .... Truly International Robfest....


Saw the highway and LA Centre. Thanks for the updates/photos and wish you ladies all the best time in Rob's world.... More please ....

Angie said...

From ModestyPatch: About to board plane. California here I come!!!

Angie said...

From thedessertfirst at 5:05am: Bording now!

HeneciaD said...


another interwiev of Rob

@adm hey I need to put this avi too pls send me pic =))

HeneciaD said...

ok here is the ground control avi proud of being a part of this

Angie said...

From thedessertfirst: Extra charge for overweight bag & a lady BUSTED in my stall while I was peeing. But I'm on the plane and still HAPPY!


Angie said...

From Womadsart: Good morning/afternoon nbs Done getting ready!!!! Will be leaving shortly to SkyHarbor Airport...Should be in Cali at 9:30am!!!! :o)

jlsentangledweb said...

Really? She didn't obey? She sat around for a few stunned seconds? My leg would be in the air so fast it would look like a leg hitch rehearsal!

Remember the woman who frantically started undressing when Rob told her to talk her clothes off? SHE knows how to obey;)

jlsentangledweb said...

P.S. Happy Fathers Day, Papa Pattinson!

AP said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
papagáj said...

You are hysterical GALS , thank you for your compliments and birthday wishes that I had not yet


I actually have a 25th birthday in September, but I felt as though they were previously because I have received the greatest gift - fulfilled one of my dreams, to hear how he speaks Polish.

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