German Interview

The translator talks over Rob for most of the vid but he still looks scrumptious and the vid quality is amazing.
The video keeps autoplaying and is messing up the site, so I'm removing the embed. You can view the video at the SOURCE :)


Jewels64 said...

So do you think he still subconciously rakes the hair even though it is short? I do! Can't give up a nervous tic that easily! Damn this video was clear, hot and spontaneously combustable! Love the way one sleeve of is shirt pokes out from under the jacket!

Adorkable!!! Do we ever doubt it?

Sabrizzle said...

I'm positive he is still unable to keep his hands out of his hair. His shirt sticking out of his jacket made me giggle, I would expect nothing less from Rob.

Kate said...

Gosh you ladies were on late last night. I was up late reading WA and checked in here before I settled down and there was no sign of any of you!!!
I was reading through the comments and I too was on the lookout for a part of boots like Camella and I found a lovely brown suede pair over Christmas but they aren't completely flat they have a little heel and they have bows so I'll be pulling them off :-)I'm not a bow type of gal!!
I even bought a pair of skinny jeans to wear with them and I've worn them already with my fake uggs and I bought a lovely orange top that looks great with the jeans it's kinda boho, I love it and best thing is none of them were expensive!!!!
osh the vid on that is so clear, I just wish they'd use subtitles instead of talking over it!!! The perfectionist in me wants to fix ROb's sleeve LOL

Sherri said...

*sigh* He's just so...Robert. Simply devine!

Kim said...

Rob, I was thinking the same thing you when you said "I was thinking what the hell is going on." When you said that I said, "Yup." What the hell is going on with them talking over your voice in the vid they published? Do they not have any clue that women don't like "your voice" not to be heard? LOL

Also Kate, I'm there with you on the t-shirt.
Rob near candlelight, got my mind drifting again. I was thinking when I saw the candles burning behind him that I just wanted, after he said "thank you very much" in his sexy voice,
to push him up against his poster, covering up Kristen's face with his body and take his jacket and I take care of the not looking good t-shirt and pull his tshirt over his head and passionately kiss him against his poster.
Sorry, I am reading a book on face reading and body language. When I saw him touch his face three times and hold his wrist and then put his hands under his knees, it read, "Jovie, I need some of your affection."

Kate~ I want to see you in your new boots and skinny jeans and orange top, I bet you look adorable.

Kim said...

Score for Stella, the vid they showed the BBJ on vid, not just a still photo, I bet Stella will be stoked.

Kate said...

Jovie just for you I'll take a pic when I get around to pulling the stupid bows off the boots;-)
Jeans and top are in the wash at the mo so as soon as they're washed and dried!;-)

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