More MovieManiacs Audio Interviews..

Talks about writing 'Let Me Sign' and 'Never Think'

Rob on being seen in public with a "mystery man" AKA-his manager.

Whats so special about Edward?

Talks about the things he resists...he's boring?

Rob on voice training for his American accent.

How he prepared for the role.


Anonymous said...

Thank you ladies...Perfect way to start 2009!

Rusharthi said...

Ahh I love his answers!
Thank you!

Dani said...

Welcome Rae...a very happy 2009 to you.

Kim said...

Dani, I loved these, absolutely enjoyed them.

like when he made the comment of asking fans what it was about Edward. It think it's the first time I heard him say "because of how he loves Bella." I think he understand what it is about women and why they have reacted to what is now a literary icon. I have friends call me to talk about Edward. They just need to talk about him.

Also, I found the resist vid, the most interesting.
when he said "I can resist a lot of things" ~ fascinating.
I want to imagine he can resist women for a while and be single.
I have him most unusual in the male gender category, which is one of the things about him that appeals to me the most.

Kim said...

not going to correct my typos, you get the jest.

Melissa said...

Ah...his voice is music to my ears...

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