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USA Today Celeb Heat Index
Hottest breakthroughs:
In 2008, 298 stars joined the list. Those who got increased attention from celebrity magazines, websites and news shows include heartthrobs such as Twilight's Robert Pattinson, it-girls such as Gossip Girl's Blake Lively, political figures such as Barack Obama, and celebrity offspring including Harlow Madden and Zuma Rossdale.

The Sun Daily year in Review:

A new heartthrob also emerged. When Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince moved its November 2008 release date to summer 2009, Twilight was moved up from December 2008 to November.

Hence, with no Harry Potter to contend with, Twilight – a romantic tale based on Stephanie Meyer’s best-seller about a lonely teenage girl and her vampire boyfriend – turned out to be the choice of many youthful fans, especially the girls.

Robert Pattinson, who played the lovable but tragic Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, rose up from the dead to emerge as teenage girls’ new heartthrob in his leading role as vampire Edward Cullen (right).

Teen Ink Magazine Soundtrack Review:

I’ll admit that the first time I listened to the album, I immediately skipped to track 10. My incentive for buying this CD was to hear Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen in the movie) sing “Never Think.” Since his catapult to stardom, some of his music has appeared on the Internet. So it was no surprise that he would lend his vocals to the soundtrack.

Pattinson’s music has been compared to Jeff Buckley: bluesy with lots of groaning. But there is also a soft, subtle quality to his voice – completely swoon-worthy. Yes, I have a crush … leave me be!


DirtyD said...

Good morning lovely ladies :)

I hope everyone had wonderful smooch at midnight. I did, although it wasn't Rob....sigh.

I wonder if he and TomStu rang in the new year together?!?!?

Dani said...

Good morning to me and good evening to Goz. We've been on a 2009 update spree...

I miss Rob though. It is really great that he is living the secret life right now and getting some much needed time off. But I wanna see a damn pic or something!

Kim said...

Ells, that's why the last photo of Rob on my vid is the one it is because of his expression, and I thought his expression said it all.

Dani, I hear ya.
It's like this blog could be an update for his parents on the goings of his life.
But the instrution is so severe now, I for the first time am grateful for no new photos. I so wanted him to a break. Just hoped he was able to get out in the streets.
Last night I feel asleep on surfer dudes shoulder and he said I muttered something about "he is a loner and likes to meander the streets and he can't anymore, I'm sad."
He asked "what are you talking about and why are you sad?"
I said, "I said that? I don't know why. No, I was just talking in my sleep."
I so like to just walk around by myself and to not be able to do that would make me so sad.
My headache is so bad I can hardly think.
I need to reign it in again.

Kim said...

I meant to type *have a break*

Kim said...

intrusion, sorry about that.

Anybody, have advice for a hangover headache?
I've tried a few things and it's not working.
I don't think I've had a hangover since I was 19, in college in Phoenix and away from home. The drinking ago there was 18 and I went a little nuts for about a week.

Kim said...

*drinking age*

Kim said...

Hi Dana!
Rob, Tom, Sam.
They all have such common, nice simple names, don't they?

Kim said...

Goz, I like this posting.

I just realized the Rob and Blake went commented in the same sentence.

Like the bluesy w/ lots of groaning,soft subltle quality to his voice, swoon worthy, yes I have a crush ~ let me be, comments.
Women journalists not able to resist his spell, it's so damn cute.

Kim said...

*were commented*

I'm giving up now.

Gozde said...

Hi ladies :))

I agree Dani! I need to some more short haired hotness ASAP! We got so used to seeing new stuff everyday and now I'm in major Rob withdrawal!

Jovie: for the hang over headache I take AlkaSeltzer or if your stomach can handle it just have half a glass of the drink that caused the headache. It usually is too disgusting for me to drink the same thing when I'm sick but it HELPS!

Trixie said...

Happy New Year everyone!

Jovie! Glad to see you... was thinking of you, wondering how your night went. I'm not surprised about the sleeptalk :) sent you an email...

Hope everyone is having a great New Year's Day!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Goz. I will follow your advice and have some alka seltzer.
I've never drank booze in the morning in my entire life I think I will feel very Nicolas Cageish in Leaving Las Vegas. :)

I went and got a latte at Starbucks and that has made me feel better.

I am so glad I didn't do too much to embarass myself.

Trixie, I'll go read your email, love, good to "see" you also,soul sister.
I just want to say to Mich, you're lovely sweetie.
I swear this blog has such lovely, witty, funny, smart ladies attending.
luv ya all.
Goz I'm going to go see "Seven Pounds" with some friends and then post your vid. Luv ya Dr. Goz.
didn't sign in, obviously

Gozde said...

Cool! Thanks Jov! :) I might not be able to get online for a while so email me kay?

Kate said...

Aah Jov I'm sorry you're feeling so bad. No words of advice here, I've never had a hangover in my life, not that I don't drink but I never get hangovers. I've only every been sick once in my life from drink and that was when I had too much vodka, I got sick that night but the folllowing morning had a big fry up and I was fine then !!LOL I get drunk very quickly so I don't know if that's the reason for never having a hangover. Anyway i hope you feel better soon {{{HUGS}}}

tea_time said...

Another Twilight fan who's a friend of mine and I disagree on Rob's "Never Think" performance. She doesn't like it and thinks he's slurring his way through the song. I told her that she's wayyyy too traditional LOL

She doesn't get the sexiness of it all.

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