Rob has been cartoonized!

Im sorry this cartoon is creeptastic, but still kinda hot.
I want to see Rob wearing black lipstick now for some reason.

Is that Edward Cullen? Yes it is, ladies and gentlemen! Robert Pattinson is an English model, musician, and actor. His fan base started to grow when he played Cedric Digory in the film Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire and also in the Harry Potter film after that. Pattinson also appeared in various advertising campaigns. However, that was only the start. His fame ultimately grew to an unimaginable extent when he starred as Edward Cullen in the movie adaptation to Stephenie Meyer's Twilight. Fans of this handsome gentleman/vampire should wait for his other movies: Little Ashes and New Moon which are scheduled to be released this year!

No matter how talented this guy is though, he cannot escape Cartoonize The World.



Tess said...

Ha ha..

Dolls, Cartoons, what next? Sheets??

Ohh good idea! I want Rob Sheets.. can you imagine Rob's full length lovely self on a flat sheet! I would have to buy a set of those and just lay down for a cuddle.

Dani said...

They make a Edward bed spread I am pretty sure. Yes the Twilight sheet set and Edward pillow covers are out there.

Just ask your nearest Twimom, she has all the goodies.

Tess said...

DANI! is that really you!!

I'm so silly excited.

Lynn said...

Dani---I would love to see Rob all dolled up a la Robert eyeliner and some dark lipstick.

Dani said...

Hello Lynn and Tess...and yes it is the elusive sexy beast known only as "dani"

Ahhh Robert Smith Pattinson would be a tasty treat.

Yes guy liner on Rob would really do me in. I need to freeze frame that goth vamp bite scene in twilight the instant I get the DVD. And then take myself aside for a little unicorn action.

Anonymous said...

this cartoon does not do the jaw porn justice.

just my opinion! lol


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