Robert Pattinson Seriously NEEDS better pickup lines

DAte Quiz with rob!
Start sign: Taurus
Loves girls when: "pick fights with me"
Hates girls when:"are aloof"
Chat-up line: "hi. You'll do. [joke]" (Gozde:It looks like his pick-up lines didn't improve since he was 17. Not that he would need a line with us :).
Pulling outfit: " I've got a pair of red suede shoes which get me a lot of
My most romantic moment: "I once took a girl to Cornwall for the weekend.
Mind you- we did stay in a dump and i forgot to mention that i'd been given
the train tickets for free...But it's the thought that counts, right?"

THE actual QUIZ part, he had to choose a girl after an interview with them:
If you were an animal what would you be?
Verity: "A foxy feine, 'cause i got cat's eyes."
Lucy: " A bunny- cuz it's cute, like me!"
Hannah:"A lion. I can be quite fierce at times "

It's the end of the world. What last three things would you do?
Verity: "Sky diving, Snog L?? Blue and jet into space"
Lucy: " I'd swim withh dolphines, do a parachute jump and travel the world"
Hannah: "Travel the world, have my own art displayed and shop till i

Would you dump me if I hated your mum?
Verity: "No way!"
Lucy: "No, i'd just ignore her if she was mean to you"
Hannah: "I woundn't dump you! We'd get around it"

And the lucky girl is?

"Hannah Smith. She sounds quite feisty! So when's our first date...!"

Thanks to Marcy for the transcript :)



Melissa said...

Seriously? This man needs no pick up lines-at least not anymore.

This interview was hilarious!

Lynn said...

LOL It's easy to forget that Rob did have his "Tiger Beat" days as a teen pin-up boy....what a cute article!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, im MArcy, i found this thing and i was like: "omg! so funny" so i emailed it to these people, glad you like it. :)

Laura said...

I like the "Hi. You'll do." part! It reminds me of that MTV interview when he said, "She'll do."

Oh, and I agree with Melissa. No lines necessary. All he would need to do is LOOK at me!

Kate said...
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Kate said...

LOL That's so funny. I wonder where Hannah is now ??? Imagine her reading that and saying Robert Pattinson picked me !!LOL

Anonymous said...

Okay, he took a girl to Cornwall for the weekend when he was 17!!!! omg how romantic!! wow, a weekend vacation that young, he sure grew up fast... what do you guys think?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Marcy. You're right Melissa - as if he needs pick up lines now.

All this online stalking and I never heard he's a Taurus?!? The Taurian male is creative, sensual, tactile and likes to indulge in life's pleasures.

One of Rob's idols, Jack Nicholson is a Taurus. Some trivia I've known about Jack for a while.

Damn, more affirmation of his lusciousness.

Love and hate you all for feeding this adoration.

Tearing-up the chatbox lately - hilarious!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Julia - I was thinking that too - a weekend away at 17 seems young. And romantic.

Lynn said...

Julia and Twiheart---I was thinking the same thing about the weekend away answer. But, the Pattisons seem to have had all their children "leave the nest" early. Both Lizzy and Rob were working outside of the home by 16 or 17.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn - That is young to be working. I saw Lizzy's Myspace page someone posted here - they are both are talented and seem wise beyond their years.

Ellie said...

Hi, Girls!

Such deep, smoldering eyes, even at that age. I was looking for the guns, but nope, can't see nary a muscle; not much, anyway... :)

Lynn, were you on the chatbox last night?

LaceyxBrook said...

hehe that is sooo funny! i love his personality!!! yet another reason why it is impossible to not love him : )

Anonymous said...

So he chose the Lion...interesting...a sign of things to come perhaps? hehe

Anonymous said...

Wow, how is it that i've never read this before!?! this is really cool. YAY!!

More of his funny teenage love stories!

Anonymous said...

Lucky Hannah! I bet that now,she's probably gasping in disbelief over the fact that she had done this interview with Rob back in the early 2000s'.Besides,who knew that Rob would turn out to be the massive star that he is today? I sincerely hope that he continues to shine in Hollywood as an actor :D He truly seems to be a deep,introspective and committed actor. Wish him all the best!

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