'Twilight' Cast: What Will They Be Up To In 2009?

MTV.com counts down the 10 Most Eagerly Anticipated 2009 Films From the "Twilight" Stars. You can find the whole list here.

2. "Little Ashes"
We know him as Spunk Ransom, we know him as RPattz, and in 2008 we came to know Robert Pattinson as a hair-raising, riot-causing international superstar. Now, the in-demand actor has several projects in the works, but none are more anticipated than "Little Ashes," an indie flick about surrealist artist Salvador Dalí. Thankfully, the movie looks much better than Rob's mustache, and advance buzz is building. Soon enough, the world will know if RPattz is truly a wunderkind or a one-hit wonder.

1. "New Moon"
It's got a new director, a super-fast turnaround time, and several key casting decisions yet to be made. But, to borrow a phrase from Eric Yorkie: Chillax! Stephenie Meyer has already given her thumbs-up to the sequel, scripted by returning screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg, and everybody from Rob and Kristen to Kellan Lutz, Ashley Greene and Peter Facinelli are in like Flynn. Not only is the November 20 release a no-brainer for the most anticipated "Twilight"-related movie of 2009, but to millions of die-hard fans, it's the single most anticipated flick of the year. Better keep those Tuesdays open, folks.


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