Ashley Greene: Breaking Dawn Will Shoot Right After Eclipse

Ashley Greene told E! that they will start shooting Breaking Dawn right after Eclipse.
Rob confirmed it himself multiple times in the past.
Well, it's a good choice since Rob doesn't really look like a 17 year old anymore :))

As for the director for the 4th movie Ashley doesn't think a repeat director will happen: "I don't think so," says Ms. Greene. "[Eclipse director] David [Slade] and [New Moon director] Chris [Weitz] will both be busy in postproduction, and Catherine [Hardwicke] will be doing Hamlet."

Thanks to Coral for the tip :)

Enjoy a fan made Breaking Dawn trailer with Renesmee(hobbit :))


Diane said...

Taking time on the holiday to tell you how much you're appreciated. Goz and Dani, this song's for you:

We’ve grown accustomed to his face
It truly makes the day begin
We’ve grown addicted to his hair,
His hot come-hither stare,
His lips, his eyes,
His scruff, his thighs
Are all essential to us now
Like breathing out and breathing in
We were ridiculously normal and mature before we met
Now we're nearly brain-dead and we're almost always wet
But we're addicted to the porn
You peddle every morn
Addicted and Robsessed

ROB PATTINSON for Dummies said...


Gozde said...

Awww :) Thank you Diane :)) XOXO!

Dazzle said...

I thought he was shooting that movie with Hugh Jackman immediately after Eclipse......

Kate said...

Yes Goz they better have some hot Robward and Bella scenes!!!
And ya he doesn't look like a 17 year old anymore does he?? LOL

Anna said...

I didn't like BD, but I'd watch Rob in anything :)

Dazzle: I thought so too, but I'm sure they'll accommodate his schedule somehow. He's the star!

Nikola Six said...

So lemme see if I got this straight...
Summit is essentially asking Robert Pattinson to work for them for OVER ONE YEAR (making four films back to back) WITHOUT A BREAK??? (Rob honey, you need some new management. There is a word in the English language and it's called...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! And you are allowed to use it).

Here's what's confusing me (and believe me, there's a list a mile long of what confuses me)...
Eclipse is shooting from mid August to mid/late October, correct? Then they plan to go right into BD in Novemeber? How? NM is coming out in Novemeber and they've not only got to promote it here in the states, but overseas as well. Which brings us to December. Most film productions shut down for a couple of weeks during the holidays ('course this is Summit were talking about and they just may have those kids opening their presents Christmas morning ON THE SET). Also...

If you recall, BD is one big ass book and unless they take a machete to the story, it's gonna take them longer than 2 months or so to film it and if they do start it in Novemeber, and with them having to stop to promote NM and taking a break for the holidays, then filming on BD should take them well into the new year. Which brings us to UNBOUND CAPTIVES!

They've talked about a year end start date and that well may be as Rob's is a supporting role and he won't be required to be there for the entire shoot. But with a release date already set for November 2010 (and this being an epic film in nature), this film MUST begin shooting no later than January. And just when is he suppose to learn to speak in Camanche and learn to ride a horse bareback? Summit wouldn't dare cost him another role, would they? Yeah. I think if the bastards thought they could get away with it, they would.

Rob? Sweetie? Let's practice...

That's it. You got it. You're doing good. Just keep practicing.


Good boy.

P.S. And what's the rush with BD? Does Summit really plan to release FOUR Twilight films in just two years time?
Nov.2008 -- Twilight
Nov.2009 -- New Moon
Jun.2010 -- Eclipse
Nov.2010 -- Breaking Dawn

(why else go into production in late 2009 if you're not planning on having your film in the theatre a year later in 2010? Talk about over saturating the market with something. Summit is going to overkill this thing so bad that by the time BD comes out, even if it's great, the critics will be so sick of Edward and Bella, that they're gonna crucify them).

Can we say it all together now?

(not you Rob. Your word is NO!!!)


wanabRPsmom said...

Dazzle said...

I thought he was shooting that movie with Hugh Jackman immediately after Eclipse...

I thought so too dazzle! But,then since he is a co-star only...maybe they'll shoot his scenes all of Nov-Dec.
Bel Ami is early part of 2010, isn't it?

HAPPY July 4th to Everyone:)
USA is the BEST place anyone could ever live in. I am an AMERICAN ..and am PROUD!! :) Cheers!!

wanabRPsmom said...

oh..Hi Nik:)

Summit is going to milk out RP's popularity first. Some chewed bones for the others? Summit is greedy because they have not had a GOOD MEAL ticket yet?

Rob is NICE,..hopefully he will learn quick. You think his management signed him up with SUMMIT for 5 years?

Nikola Six said...

Oh my god Diane...

I just read your song and it is brilliant. FUCKING BRILLIANT!!!

Oh how I wish he could see that.

I am copying it down and leaving instructions that when I die, as I am being lowered into the ground, or having my ashes tossed at sea (or stuffed into this really cute Winnie The Pooh honey pot I've got), this song will and must be sung. Maybe even by a choir of Robsessors.

Thanks Diane. That made my day. And I needed to have my day made.


Noe said...

heck yes i'm way over do with sexward. kristen is gonna be a lucky lady once those scenes come about.

and hobbit nessie is all i can imagine cgi can do or a benjie button type of deal.

Sara said...

Hello Lovelies :)
Remember me?
Oh god, it's been two long.
And by too long, I mean almost two weeks! ACK.
Nice to finally have time to come back here again. It's amazing how much I missed this amazing little blog.
Can't help but notice all the new names. *waves <3

Sara said...

Also, Diane you genius.

Anna said...

Nikola - they wouldn't dare! If that crappy BD movie costs Rob either UC or Bel-Ami, I swear, I will hunt down, and proceed to kick, Summit's collective ass.

I'm still optimistic though - he said at some point that they were working the movie around his schedule. Surely - surely! - his management was smart enough to put that into his contract when he signed on for BD (which was not that long ago).

WanabRPsmom - I realise that today is your day for being proud, so I won't challenge your claim... ;)

Christy P said...

Breaking Dawn better be R rated! Besides the steamy scenes - which i can't even dare to think about right now - the birth scene is very violent. It took me about 5 readings to get to like the book, but it does grow on you. And the Edward emotions are amazing.

Pandora said...

It looks like Summit wont let this boy walk out on them at all and do anything to milk him as long as he brings the cash in.

Robert is probably happy going along because lets face it, this guy wants to work, he wants to take this oportunity to make movies and get his name out there. Fair enough but like someone else said.
There is something called oversaturation and Summit is heading that way with their plans.

Or they do it like the Harry Potter guys. The new movie that comes out soon was finished last year in April so maybe they are just going to wait with the release of the Twilight movies but want to get it done as to prevent Robert from looking too old.

Christy P said...

Diane - LOVE THE SONG! The thighs! Ha ha

Anna said...

"And the Edward emotions are amazing"

Really? I though his part was pretty lame in BD... which made me angry.

(nobody puts Robward in a corner)

But if you say so, maybe I should re-read the book

showme said...

Damn right he doesn't look 17 anymore LOL

Diane *golf claps* hahahahaa. that's what u were talking about last night? awesome

Nikola, i agree w u. i think they won't start BD til January. that's what i'm thinking. and rob will do one week on set of UC in December.

that's what i'm thinking? what does 'right after' eclipse really mean anyway?

Sara said...

Oh god.
Breaking Damn as a film, would be...

Nikola Six said...

Anybody who thinks that BD is going to be R rated, you better get your 'disappointed' cap on RIGHT NOW.

This is Stephenie Meyer's empire and surprisingly, she still seems to have alot of clout where the films are concerned. I say surprisingly because once a writer sells a story to the movies, they pretty much surrender control of content. But she had them water down the bedroom scene in Twilight and screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg has already gone on record saying that no future films will be R rated.


If you've ever disreguared anything I've ever written on this blog, TRUST ME on this one.

The most the 'adult' portion of the audience can hope for would be for, more 'intense' scenes on the DVD. And besides...Summit will do NOTHING to alienate the teenagers and their mothers who make up a very large portion of this audience.

Sorry again, but us 'big girls' are just gonna have to rely on our imaginations and our fan-fic to fill in the gaps.


Jewels64 said...

Oh thank God! Then Rob can get past Edward Cullen and continue to give us hot stuff like this past week!!!

Nikola Six said...

And LittleBear,

You hit on something I agree 100% with...the relagating of Edward to supporting status in Breaking Dawn. HUGE mistake on the part of the author. Once that baby was born, Edward became a supporting character and Jacob became the lead. There's even reference to Renesme ranking the people in her life in their importance...
1. her mother
2. Jacob
3. her father

Excuse me? Jacob is more important to her than her father? No man should have been more important to that little girl than her own father. No where in this saga do we ever get to 'hear' Edward's point of view. But we get Jacob's, don't we? Big mistake in the storytelling as far as I'm concerned. This story is about Edward and Bella and their daughter. Period. Originally this was suppose to be only two books anyway; Twilight (how they met and fell in love) and Breaking Dawn (their marriage, their baby and Bella becoming immortal). That was it. That was the story. Until Little Brown wanted the story expanded and so Meyer came up with werewolves and a love triangle and the imprinting. And there was a mistake...imprinting.

I've written about this on another thread (that's buried somewhere on this blog), but...the imprinting was a mistake. Alot of people read that and screamed...'pedophilia.' They didn't see it as the meeting of soul mates. They only saw teenage boys fixating on little girls that they were one day going to have sex with. If I were writing this script, I'd drop the imprinting like a hot potato. Jacob and Reneseme are not essential to the core of this story. Which is? Correct. Edward and Bella.

They need to come up with another reason why Jacob does not kill that baby. How 'bout this? He goes to do it. He takes her in his arms and looks into those huge chocolate brown eyes -Bella's eyes-and realizes, that he can't. He simply cannot kill the baby that his Bella (he thinks) has given her life for. THAT is actually the stronger choice, rather than he can't do it because she's now his imprint. At least that's how I'd write it.

And for my money, there simply was not enough interaction between Edward and his daughter. That baby was a miracle. Never in his ninety years as a vampire did he even have a hint, a whisper of a thought that he would one day be a father. Because it was an impossibility. His kind cannot reproduce. Yet, there she was, a miracle in his arms. There just simply wasn't enough of him acknowledging that.

I think Meyer got a bit ambitious trying to finish the Twilight saga and write The Host at the same time. The Host was pretty darn good, but Breaking Dawn suffered because of it.

OR should I say, the character of Edward Cullen suffered because of it.

Just an opinion.


Rominiwi said...

I think BD will be too much for me...

kimberlesk said...

IDK about you Kate and Jules, but the fact that he doesn't look 17 anymore makes me feel sooo much better .....

Christy P said...

LBear - I'm just recalling the way Jacob describes Edward's emotional state and his torment, etc. during the pregnancy. I really liked that perspective.

And Nik - you're right about the R rating. I was crazy to suggest it. But these latest pics are giving me X rated thoughts. :)

Noe said...

oo and i also think they should half the movie. i have too many favs in the book to be sold short with 2 and a half hours of film.

the should do it wedding till change and end with a bloody baby crying and bella screaming. (what a cliffy? i don't have a warped mind i'm purely thinking on what will get the masses aka men)

then part two will open with extremely good sight aka bella after transformation. then they can do all the adjusting to being a vamp/visiting allies/volturi war.

Nikola Six said...

One last thought...

To those (my self included) who think there should be more 'steam' in BD, fear not. We may not get it in these films, but were gonna 'get it.'

Me thinks Mr. Pattinson is going to take plenty of risks throughout his career. We'll get our fair share of 'R' rated films and I wouldn't be surprised if an
'NC-17' or two doesn't pop up along the way. He's a risk taker. Hell, he took one at 21 with Little Ashes.

I promise you, we'll be "seeing" PLENTY of the gorgeous Mr. Pattinson throughout the years. Just not in the Twilight Saga.

Patience...patience. LOL


Nikola Six said...

And I agree...

Breaking Dawn DEFINITELY needs to be split into two films. There's just too much story to be told and if they try to cram it all into one film, they're going to have to butcher the story.

They're doing it with Deathly Hallows and only because of the insistance of J.K. Rowling. Meyer has as much clout. If she wants two films out of that one book, she's gonna get it.

Besides, it's just that much more moola for Summit's coffers. It's really a no brainer.


Loisada said...

Diane: thank you love, you are TOPS! I could grow accustomed to your bawdy wit.

Nikola 6: you're 100% right R-rated is out of the question, I'm sure it's in the original contract as the scriptwriter has confirmed.

But honestly, BD is such a terrible book they'll have to make major changes anyway to craft a workable script. That's going to be interesting, to say the least.

I am SO grateful Rob no longer looks 17... we're not pedophiliacs! (are we?!)

Sara said...

Nik, you seriously need to get out of my head.
We share all the same thoughts! All of the time!
You described how I felt about Breaking Dawn, to a T.
Edward as a father, or rather the lack thereof Daddy Edward, almost entirely ruined that story for me.
It was just such a let down of what could have been great.

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

Wow, lots to read...
Diane, love your song!

Somehow Rob managed to agree to all these films knowing his schedule-he's a smart guy and I think he knows that he's doing.

He does want to work and enjoys the skill of creating meaningful and memorable characters..I think we need to have faith in his choices.

BD R rated, never gonna happen..not with Stephanie & Melissa involved...

I don't know how they're going to cram this all in either..BD is such a long story, they can't really chop it down too much or they'll ruin the story..

Edward in BD-his emotions were some of the best I've ever read,'s Kristen's emotions I'm more worried about. I love her, but I don't think she shows good happy or sad emotions-at least in Twilight she didn't. I hope she brings them in NM and the rest of the saga.

IMO, Rob can do no wrong so I have total faith in his decisions and can not wait for all these movies to start hitting the theater!!!

Oh, and happy 4th!

wanabRPsmom said...

Thank you ladies:)

Love reading all your intelligent opinions/posts!

maha said...

He looks so attractive in this picture.

I think the succeeded of the movie Twilight is related to Robert because I never read Twilight novel and never heard about it. Yes the story of the movie is good I love it but I don't think I will be so addicted to Twilight movie if Robert wasn't acting Edward character ,I just saw the movie Twilight without knowing any actor or actress or even what is the story about and what attracted me to the movie was Edward also the director of the movie was Genius.

And I think it is good for Robert to finish filming all twilight parts to have more chances to start filming new movies which I think we will enjoy more and more of Robert's talented in acting.

Christy P said...

It's very good Rob doesn't look 17 - even so, as I explained to my 17 year old daughter - no matter how old I get, my romantic mind is pretty much as giddy as a 17 y.o. Thus, I am not ashamed to be hot for young Mr. P. Sounds logical, anyway :)

Christy P said...

Maha - go for it - get lost in the books this summer. Or at least read the excerpt from Midnight Sun online at Stephenie's site. You'll get hooked.

margot said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
margot said...

I have always had a feeling that SM wrote the saga regarding Bella the only main character, her desired alter ego, pretending she is a modest unaware girl but look what happened after a while? everybody and everything is going round her, ppl and vamps protect her, worship her, even Alice and Rose are dressing her like a doll... I suspect this is what SM (being one of a big family) desired for herself. OK, Edward is one and only and great but... still he is Bella's protector and he serves to show her... all in all, I think this is US who love Edward putting him in the first place (at least with Bella) but not the creator !

Pet73 said...

Good evening ladies!

Nik- I'm so with you on the Edward / Nessie subject! I really looove Edward, in every book. But I hated to (not) read about his interactions with his daughter. I was wondering what position Stephenie's husband took when she gave birth to her children. Was he also not there?

Thank you for your recent comprehensive explanations (:p).

However, I still cannot understand why she let us down with the love making scene although Edward and Bella were a married couple at that time, and as I'm so sure, Edward loves his daughter, why didn't she show it?

I hope, that in the movie, we will see a lot of love (making), intense feelings portrayed by Kristen (I think rpattzgirl is right and there is a lot to worry for us) and the love Edward has for Nessie.

I'm not sure if we will get any of it though :( .

Pet73 said...

I don't think, that they will make BD immediately after EC. I believe, Rob will do Unbound Captives first and BD afterwards.

Rob doesn't look like 17 for some time now. Filming a few months later doesn't matter anymore.

However, I am still wondering about the time schedule for Bel Ami?

phosphorus said...

I still wish he had not signed for Breaking Dawn. Alas, he has, so I hope he robbed Summit.

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

I have to admit too, I did not like BD when I first read it-
Bella getting pregnant so soon ruined it for me...but I read it 2 more times, and fell in love with it-finally...

I never really understood why SM had her get pregnant, but then the part in the book where Edward tells Jacob they never really intended to break the treaty-means he never had any intention of making Bella a vampire- so I guess maybe that's why she wrote it in...I don't know???

And, of course Edward loved his daughter-but the whole point of the story was the love story with Edward & Bella.

I cross my fingers for a steamy honeymoon-but I think it will be left up to our imaginations.

Pet73 said...

Hi Phos! I'm back :)! How are you?

Why don't you want Rob doing BD? Because of the book or because it may have a bad effect on his career?

Anonymous said...


what was that hobbit creature doing there??!!

jaysus! what a mess!

Pet73 said...

rpattzgirl- I also liked BD more after reading it several times. I personally have huge problems with marriages of teenagers and even more when they get pregnant (for me it's like children have children, YKWIM).

I think Stephenie, who also married young and and got pregnant the first time before finishing her education, wrote about her own "experience"? Maybe, it's also her correct view of the world?

Although I like BD in general now, there are still parts (especially as far as Edward is concerned) I hate.

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

I get what you're saying-seems like he got pushed in the back round-again,,but I did love the emotions, and the "burning man" that part killed me..

No one puts Edward in the corner!

Pet73 said...

rpattzgirl- I also love the burning man, as well as the pillow biting, and the proud groom, etc.

But somehow (although there is so little sex in it), after the marriage I got the feeling, his only interactions with Bella are in their bedroom? No funny, sexy dialogues anymore. And - as said before - I imagined him complete different as a father. He loves Bella more than his life - this also has to show in his relation to their child!

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

You are totally right...I missed "Edward & Bella" in BD, and that's why it took me so many times to appreciate it...

Lets just hope to hell that NM is as good as I think it will be-and that we get the proposal at the end!

phosphorus said...

@ margot: I agree with you.

@ Pet: Because the story isn't very good. I'd rather see him doing other, new and more interesting projects.

maha said...

( Robbedofmygoodsense )

You just encouraged me to read the novel

I will have a vacation after 2 weeks I will spend it
in reading

and thanks for the links I liked the site ^_^

Juli87 said...

@Nikola Six: I totally agree with you - regarding the BOOK Breaking Dawn. But for all that I still think that it can be a great movie... because when I read BD I could really see pictures of certain scenes in front of my inner eye. Just imagine: The marriage (Robward standing at the altar between all those flowers waiting for Bella...), ISLE ESME (no further explanation needed!!) or even the awful pregnancy, Bellas rebirth as a vampire, her and Edward hunting together, making love, the preperations and the angst before the big fight... Maybe BD wasn't perfect as a book, but it still contains so much stuff that could be perfect for a movie.

I for my part am rather afraid that Eclipse might turn out to be a huge catastrophe on the big screen... because now that they've obviously already taken most of the love-triangle stuff (if I read the right NM-script...) for New Moon, what contents are left? When I read Eclipse I thought it was fun... but not much more. In my opinion it was kind of shallow... So what stuff is there to make a great movie of it? The proposal (the real one on the bed), some scenes about jealousy between Edward and Jake, and then the big fight... What else? And it also makes me a little bit anxious that the movie is going to be directed by David Slade. - Have you seen "30 days of night"? I remember that I was really looking forward to that movie because the plot sounded quite interesting... but it disapointed me, BIG TIME! 'Cause it was an uninspired, shallow and nothing but brutal action flick. Just boring, without any deeper meaning. I really hope Eclipse won't be the same... ;-/

P.S.: Rob recently said in one of his interviews that he's in fact really glad that they're shooting all four Twilight movies so fast in a row. Because this way he'd be ready with it completely within only two years instead of being bonded for almost a decade like those kids from Harry Potter. So I guess there is not so much need to feel sorry for him regarding his schedule... By the way: I think he didn't even look like he could be 17 when they were shooting Twilight ;-) And for New Moon they dressed and styled him like an old man (I hate it!)... So actually it doesn't really matter anymore if Rob's aging. We love our Robward anyway, don't we?! ;o)

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...


I agree, I'm nervous about Ecplice because of David Slade-he made some stupid comments before getting the role as director.

To his credit, he's back tracked & apologized-but still makes me nervous...

I did love the book though because Edward & Bella's bond gets deepened-even with Jake in the mix..

I haven't read the script for New Moon-if anyone has it I'd love to read it too ( I'm all about the spoilers)
my email is


thirtysomething said...

i'm just hoping the boy gets to spend the holidays with mom & pop... enjoy some home cooking, rest up and chill with his boys

Tenneil said...

TS ~ I totes with the family & friends would be a good thing...

Chicago girl now in LA said...


That is a beauteous song, thanks so much!

I'm not really worried about Rob's tight schedule. He's only 23 and working consistently, especially in acting is a good thing! I highly doubt that Summit will burn out the Twilight Saga too quickly...wouldn't be good for business. I do think it is funny how much Rob has matured so quickly. It should be interesting to compare "Twilight" Rob with "Breaking Dawn" Rob. I find mature Rob much, much more attractive!

Today at the movie theater, we saw the "New Moon" trailer on the big screen. SIGH! ROBLOVE!

Personally, I'm not surprised Stephenie had Bella get pregnant immediately because it is expected in the Mormon culture. I know many Mormons who did exactly that, not because they wanted to, but because they felt pressured.

It definitely will be fascinating to see how "Breaking Dawn" is interpreted. There really wasn't much sex in the book, so I don't think that is an issue. But the birth scene will be...

Anonymous said...

Stephanie has said several times that Jacob is her favorite character, she named him after her brother. Which is why I think Jacob starts to take over right after the first book. Which btw, annoyed me when I was reading the books because I was into Edward from the beginning of Twlight. I actually threw New Moon and Eclipse across the room a number of times when I was reading them, either I didn't like what Stephanie was doing with Edward or Bella was seriously annoying me with her waffling. My daughter had the same reactions she's still not able to re-read New Moon, I read the first few chapters and then skip to the end all the time.

Breaking Dawn I did like, but I didn't like what she did with Edward and that thing about Bella and Jacob running neck and neck and Edward coming in third in the baby's eyes upset me too. I also didn't like Edward's offer to Jacob about sharing Bella, excuse me? Edward wouldn't do that. Not the Edward from Midnight Sun.

Well they aren't books, they are Stephanie's, I just know what I would have liked to see. Like the wedding, Edward making Bella imortal and a good story about Edward teaching her how to be a Vampire. Find another way like the threat of the Cullen's growing power to cause the problem with the Italian Vamps..I dunno..I think I would have liked that better..anyhow, Midnight Sun is in my opinion the best of all, better then Twilight, it's too bad she didn't write the whole thing from Edward's perspective, really, a 100 year old Vampire who's read everything is so much more interesting then a withdrawn 17 year old. His stuggles coming to terms with his lot in his non-life..anyhow..still isn't my story.

Maryann said...

Um I have my doubts about this article, look at the says E! yes but the ACTUAL source is Ted Casablanca's Awful Truth. That is not good enough for me to believe sorry, until we get official confirmation or more CREDIBLE confirmation than Ted C (Robsten obsessed rumor mongrel anyone?) then I will take this as rumor only. Just my opinion.

IF Ted C end up being right on this one, cos let's face it he CAN get some stuff right too lol, then it does make sense that they will have these movies done asap. Rob IS getting older, he cannot pull off looking like a 17 years old for much longer.

I DO know that the actors have "confirmed" that Breaking Dawn will happen, but they have only said it will happen, not necessarily as "specific" as Ashley Greene allegedly said here. I do think it make sense due to the actors are maturing in age and well Rob as 23 pushing 24 when BD is gonna be filmed, he doesn't have much longer to go to pull off looking 17. He looks older than that NOW lol. Not that I mind..I like it lol.

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry it would be utterly absurd to create the breaking dawn film right after eclipse is done filming. I mean these actors and actresses need a little break from all the chaos, as well the fourth installment of the series is a much bigger book with three parts to it, and there's more locations, as well as more characters. I mean I know that they are getting older but they are not going to change that much within a year, I still think that the characters look similair if not better in new moon than they did in twilight (not bashing twilight or anything), they all get a bigger budget for each film as they progress towards the end. Makeup and technology work wonders, so i think they should wait at least till may or june of 2010 before they start filming breaking dawn. So they can actually incorporate the fans in each filming process, i mean the fans love the movies but we also love to be included in each process, and filming each movie back to back doesn't give us that chance to be excited for rach its like bam! what just happened.

anyways thats my input lol

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