All 7 "Eclipse" Scenes in One Video

All 7 "Eclipse" Scenes in One Video

All 7 "Eclipse" scenes that have been released so far in 1 video

Thanks to Collider


Petra Eller said...

I am first. Holadiredoliö
finally I can even yodel.
And I have not seen. I am strong. At the moment.

rini7 said...

or anybody... i've been seeing some new gorgeous GQ outakes in magazines and wallpapers on this blog and i was wondering if u made a post with the original outakes? maybe i missed it?

could u post the link to that post pleeeeease!

Vangie said...

the clips that they put all together nice except the one where bella,road off with jake i just tooked my head set out of my ear until it was over and to me it was the longest,compare edward's home to jake's ha,ha!vast different,edward 's wealth,jacob,s abs

Carole UK said...

Much as it pains me, I'm not going to watch this - I'm saving the pleasure for the cinema!

From the bits that I have seen, it sure looks good and I just now I'm going to love it.

Currently reading Eclipse to remind myself what a great book this was!


HeartThePretty_EvenMore said...

Darn! Can't see here at work. I will have to wait until later.
@Carol - I am rereading Eclipse also. The countdown is on.

solas said...

sheesh-- I leave for work and come home to 2 new pages of stuff!! Are you working overtime Kate, kat, and Gozde???? Thanks so much for all of your work, but maybe you should pace it out? Don't wanna wear you all out!;-)

gaba said...

I'm dying to see it but I will wait until the premiere, I was not excited with new moon because I saw clips before the premiere, I don't want to make that mistake again. I'm really dying. 8(

Chocolate Martini Gal said...

Blocked due to copyright issues. :o(

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

GAH!!! Can't watch at work...cant' wait to get home and watch!!!

Delle1 said...

Omg,I'm not as strong as some of you gals.....I had to look and am so excited.......It's gonna be FANTASTIC.......Eclipse absolutely totally Rocks!!!

LarissaH said...

The video was pulled by Summit. :( Anyone have another link? Perhaps even a playlist that has them all somewhere?

Ana73 said...

i am covering my eyes, i am not looking i promised myself last week that i wont watch anymore clips...i will look at pics but no more videos :)

so robstock ladies...twifans has up on there site a survival list for camping out, it's very informative you should go look :)

Angie said...

Official guide for RobStock II

As many of you know the NB's are descending upon LA for the premiere of Eclipse.
What kind of trouble can a group of Naughty Bitches get themselves into? You are about to
find out. You will have a front row seat to all the hilarity and Rob watching.

June 12 Twilight Convention (attended by Womadsart)
June 19 thru June 25 RobStock II
June 22 Sam Bradley Concert
June 24 Eclipse Premiere
June 26 The Misadventures of thedessertfirst: the tale of an English woman in LA

Look for the above avi, to find all the fun details of the adventures of the NB's in LA.
Below are two lists Team LA are the lucky ladies we can all be jealous of. Ground
Control are those of us who are turning green with envy. Uh...what I meant to say
was we will relay all information about RobStock II to you. We will post the information
in the comments as it is received. We will do our best to make it easy for you to find
this information. Hopefully the avi's will help.



We look forward to sharing this experience with you!

Take note that we do have a representative attending the Twilight Convention this weekend.

Angie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Angie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Angie said...

Womadsart will be seeing Rob at the Twilight Convention on Saturday June 12 @ 7:00pm

No I am not jealous. Okay maybe a little. ☺

Kate said...

Vid is up again ;-)
And I am off to bed night, night

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

Vid is not playing...copyright bull..


rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

oops, take it back, it is working!!!!

Thanks Kate!!

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

Awesome vid!!! Already hate Leah..

Chocolate Martini Gal said...


I hate Woms a little... LOL

Thanks Kate!

@rpg - yup, I'm hating Leah too!

Angie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ana73 said...

ADM- heart the pretty is going to twicon too :)) i was trying to go but RL got in the way :(

jc(britlover) said...

Great correspondent work!!! Thanks!



SluttyPattz said...

summit just formally announced BD will be two films.

SluttyPattz said...

solas said...

Interesting, as Rob had been referring to it as if it were one. Very interesting. I wish I could read the scripts and see what they have planned to cover and how.

SluttyPattz said...

IMO they will shoot everything at once and then break it in two movies during editing process.

Kimmie said...

I'm might see you guys at Sam's concert if I can get a hold of nikola.

Ana73 said...

sluttypattz - yeah, i think the same thing :) that kind of sucks for them because they will be done filming it around the beginning of 2011 and they wont be done with promotions until the mid 2012. rob will be 26 by then, crazy huh !

i really think they should have pushed it to have the first one released by june 2011 and the last one nov. 2011. but oh well i am not summit, nor a producer, nor a director, nor an actor i am just a robsessed mother and wife who is babbling on and on LOL.

Anonymous said...

It hurts that Summit is changing the story. Condense it, but don't change it. Bella would have not been that distant with Edward either at school or at the Cullens. I loved this book. It is a shame that I am going to the movie to see the fight sequences not the love story. If I didn't already buy the tickets, I would wait to see the movie on DVD because I have lost the faith that Summit and MR can deliver the E/B love.

Marna said...

Now I feel like I've seen the whole movie already, I'm going to try to stay away from any more clips, but I am weak, so I'm probably just kidding myself.

I am concerned that I don't feel a lot of E&B in these clips. I hope they didn't screw it up because Eclipse is my favorite of the books. I also wonder if having Riley/Bree being central characters when they were only tiny parts in the book is going to screw up the focus. It's a little late to be changing the plot, & I'm tired of this whole love triangle crap they keep pushing when it didn't exist in the books. It was E&B together, & Jacob trying to become a part of it, that's all.

LM said...

I am so weak, so weak. I was trying to resist looking at this but failed miserably. I don't like the apparent heavy emphasis on Jacob one little bit. Fight for your woman, Edward! Oh, wait, Bella and Edward were solidly together in Eclipse weren't they? I'm confused. What's going on here? Is this the same story?

solas said...

laurie--Jacob is a manipulatitve SOB and Bella is a sap, easily played. She feels guilty for not being there for Jacob, for hurtng him by making it clear that 'it was always Edward' and wants him in her life as family, and feel is indebted because he was there for her when she fell apart.

Vangie said...

that is because summit already knows we will see the film regardless and summit are playing for the male audience they are keeping the edward bella love story back of course the love is there they just not showing it,just cool it sisters we will be ok just it's david and he likes dark stuff,but i like how he made edward mean to battle victoria and save his girl,edward was a real hero to bella,he killed victoria and bella was right there

LM said...


Yeah, I know. I just don't like the looks of this interpretation that DS, MR and Summit seem to be running with. Maybe the film will pleasantly surprise me. I liked the books for the mushy Edward & Bella love story not the so called "triangle." In my mind there never really was a triangle since Bella's love for Edward was complete and her feelings for Jacob were as a brother not as a lover.

olejp said...

I have seen many postings on the expectations of Eclipse, and I'm continually amazed at many of the comments. Have the definite feeling many readers skipped though the book and only read the parts related to Edward (Rob). To think Bella experienced little or no conflict about her feelings for Jacob would indicate at least to me that you forgot to read a bunch. Yes, her great love was/is Edward, but she also loved Jacob. You all need to do a little re-reading before you dish so negative on the love triangle. Without the love triangle there would not have been much story in any of the three books, especially the last two.

AP said...

Julia is the real deal. I think she does a great job as Leah - makes a lot of a smaller part.

OCD56 said...

I am one of the readers who usually reads only the Bella and Edward parts because I was very upset when I read the part where Bella kisses Jacob and says she is in love with him too. But I am rereading all of Ecilpse now for the fifth time. I have read all of the books four times. I cannot understand how someone can be so totally in love with someone and be in love with someone else. I understand why Stephanie Myers said she wrote it this way. She wanted Bella to have a clear choice. But I still hate it. Maybe my opinion is based on the fact that I have been happily married for 35 years and I am still totally in love with my husband. I am also worried about the movie because of the scene where Bella rides away with Jacob on his motorcycle and leaves Edward just standing there. I hope they don't screw this movie up.

twmmy said...

Oh, no...I won't watch this....please give me some power, I won'twatch this....please give me some power......and so on all day , all month long to 30th june at midnight. then I will be in the theater .

HeneciaD said...

@ADM great work hon :)

Bisst said...

Seems to me it's gonna be my favourite part as it is my favourite book as well.

solas said...

olejp-- It is true that she loved Jacob, but it was made very clear over and over starting in New MOon, that he would be like a subsitute for the real thing, that she 'could' love Jacob, but she had that hole in her heart for Edward, that Edward was her one true love. And ultimately, she told Jacob, 'It was all about Edward, It was always about Edward.'
She felt for Jacob in Eclipse as well, but never expressed a romantic love, but rather kept feeling sorry for him, and forgvng him, because she DID love him, but was not feeling any romantic love for him. And when they finally had that scene of the long kiss, where she envisioned a life with him, with her her aging parents (her not being changed) and with babies, she made it clear to him afterwards that it was what COULD have been, not what WOULD have been-- she realized that in a different world, without Edward, but also with her self not being an old, responsible soul, that she might have been with Jacob, but with herself as she was, it would not happen. The truth is, there is a difference between just loving a man and being in love and loving a man and wanting to bond with him and share life (or eternity) with him.
Edward said it best when he told Bella that she had holes in her heart from his leaving, and Jacob patched those holes, and that was bound to make a bond between them.
That bond, however, was nothing like the bond between Bella and Edward, and ultimately Bella knew that.

Anonymous said...

Well said, solas. I would also like to add that Bella did not realize until after the kiss on the hill that she was in love with Jacob and even after that it did not compare to her love for Edward. Until that moment, she was reaching out to the boy she loved more like family because he was hurting and he helped her in her time of need. Her love for Edward was a given.

The slant in these clips being shown display her love and happiness only around Jacob. With Edward, she looks like she can barely stand him and comes off like a b** and insensitive to Edward's feelings right in front of him. That was not in the book that I read. Now context may help those scenes not seem as harsh, but Summit is changing the story to intensify this triangle and make it look like a choice.

Olejp, everyone brings their own perception to what they read and see. I can only speak for me. I respect your view of the clips may be different. I just don't feel good about this movie right now and can voice those concerns whether they seem negative or not.

PrettyBrownEyes said...

Bella is in love with Edward even though she loves Jacob too. I can really relate to her situation because I've been in similar circumstances.The previews just make it look like she doesn't care but she does. She is just tryiing to show Edward that she is going to be friends with Jacob regardless and he just has to accept that. I'm going to go see the movie and not pass judgment on a few previews. I've loved the first two so far and I'm sure I'm going to love the last two.

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