*New* Fan Picture With Robert Pattinson

*New* Fan Picture With Robert Pattinson

Taken on 31st May


Source Thanks To Sleeper for the tip & info!


Tinker said...

I didn't know he's a Sacramento Kings fan :)

Anonymous said...

One of our Vertical Streaming staff managed to take a picture of a very famous actor. Robert Pattinson.
-Russo- “When we approached Robert for a picture, he was kind enough to take the time to pose with my fiancé. It was very easy and not so standoffish when we initially asked him.”

We met Robert at a local pub.
Our encounter with Robert Pattinson twitpic.com/1v32tg
So I manage to take a snap shot (my cell) of Robert Pattinson from Twilight the movie. Talk about HUGE following.

@StudySpanish: Dios Mio!!! Acabo de conocer a Rob Pattinson de Twighlight, y si no me creen? Aqui esta la prueba!!!!
(translator: Dios Mio! I know Twighlight Rob Pattinson, and if you don't believe me? Here is the proof!!!!) 31 May 2010

Anonymous said...

@VerticalStream: @RobLovePatts thanks for the RT
@StudySpanish: @RobLovePatts gracias por RT

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