*New* NY Times Interview With Robert Pattinson

*New* NY Times Interview With Robert Pattinson

Concentrate on the gorgeous new pics instead of the article.




DESPITE the best efforts of Summit Entertainment’s publicity team, which has a third “Twilight” movie to promote, it took more than a month to corral the heartthrob star of the franchise for an interview. Robert Pattinson, various handlers explained, was at the mercy of a chaotic shooting schedule for “Water for Elephants,” his biggest non-“Twilight” picture to date.

Fair enough. A guy’s got to work. But Mr. Pattinson was also not particularly eager to chat for the quadrillionth time about Edward Cullen, the tenderhearted vampire he will reprise on June 30 in “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.” When he was finally able to break away from the circus (the setting of “Water for Elephants,” not the throng of paparazzi and hyperventilating girls who trail him around), Mr. Pattinson seemed to have a bit of “Twilight” burnout.

“It can get a little boring,” he said softly over coffee at the Four Seasons hotel here, referring both to playing an unchanging vampire and to chewing over the Cultural Importance of It All. “The good news is that the whole thing is done in seven months.”

Not that he’s counting the days or anything.

Fortunately for fans (and Summit) and unfortunately, it seems, for Mr. Pattinson, the tally is short by about a year. Filming may wrap up on the “Twilight” series in seven months, but Summit has decided to split the fourth (and final) “Twilight” novel by Stephenie Meyer, “Breaking Dawn,” into two parts. So Mr. Pattinson will probably be out hawking the final installment in the summer of 2012.

Please don’t misunderstand him. Mr. Pattinson, 24, is fully aware that he probably would not have much of a career without the “Twi-hards,” as the mostly female following of the movies are known. His only role of note prior to Edward Cullen was a bit part in “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix,” as Cedric Diggory, the doomed love interest of Hermione. To achieve this level of success so soon after coming to Hollywood — “Twilight” and “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” took in a cumulative $1.1 billion at the global box office — is the rarely achieved dream of young actors everywhere.

But the searing, worldwide fame that has come with the franchise has left him emotionally raw. Hunted by the tabloid media (“R-Patz Cuts His Hair!”), Mr. Pattinson changed hotels six times in the month and a half he has spent in Los Angeles filming “Water for Elephants.” He arrived for coffee wearing both a baseball cap and sunglasses to cover his floppy locks and haunting good looks, and he immediately vetoed a booth hand picked by a publicist for its privacy as too public. “Kris is better about dealing with photographers than I am,” he said, referring to his equally sought after co-star, Kristen Stewart, after finally settling on an outdoor nook surrounded by tall hedges.

“I’ve learned to let it go a bit, but I’m still really bothered by it,” he said. “The more you are exposed, the more people irrationally hate you, I think we reached a point, a peak, with ‘New Moon’ where the stories became so saturated into the culture that it started to feel normal. It’s like the tabloids don’t know what to write anymore because they’ve used up all their scandals.”

He also worries about getting pigeonholed as nothing more than a teen idol. Sure, he excels as a pale brooder in the gooey “Twilight” movies, as evidenced by how fully Ms. Meyer’s legions — the books have sold about 100 million copies worldwide since 2005 — have embraced him. But Mr. Pattinson talks about a desire to play “characters that are not parodies,” and he would love to do a comedy with Todd Solondz (“Welcome to the Dollhouse”). He would like to have a career like Joaquin Phoenix, somebody who makes unorthodox roles pop. (That’s when Mr. Phoenix is working in front of the camera at all and not pursuing other interests, like music or showing up all bearded and bizarre on the “Late Show With David Letterman.”)

To this end the London-born Mr. Pattinson has been busy accepting roles that seem linked only by a quirky diversity. In “Water for Elephants,” an adaptation of Sara Gruen’s novel, he plays a veterinarian who joins a Depression-era circus after his parents are killed. The indie “Bel Ami,” from the Maupassant novel, co-starring Uma Thurman and Christina Ricci, has him playing an unscrupulous social climber who rises to power in Paris by manipulating wealthy women. A possible role in a western called “Unbound Captives” calls for him to speak almost entirely in Comanche.

“I do think the teen idol thing is something that Robert Pattinson needs to worry about,” said Jeanine Basinger, the chairwoman of the film studies department at Wesleyan University and the author of “The Star Machine.” “The question is whether an actor is so perfect at one thing at a particular point in time that the audience refuses to accept him as anything else.”

She rattled off a list. Christopher Atkins, who shot to fame (with Brooke Shields) in “The Blue Lagoon” but was soon forgotten when he tried other roles. Corey Feldman, along with most of his “Lost Boys” castmates. The verdict is out on Zac Efron, who next appears in the drama “Charlie St. Cloud.” Worrying that “Footloose” was too similar to “High School Musical,” Mr. Efron bailed on the remake and has been absent from the big screen for over a year.

“Usually the guys who have the looks to be teen idols don’t grow up to look like what we think of as rugged leading men,” Ms. Basinger said.

There is hope. Leonardo DiCaprio, whose post-“Titantic” adoration is probably the closest thing to what Mr. Pattinson has experienced, struggled to move beyond Jack Dawson (remember “The Beach”?) but successfully evolved by picking gritty roles and teaming with Martin Scorsese in movies like “The Aviator,” “The Departed” and “Shutter Island.”

“Water for Elephants,” which also stars Reese Witherspoon and Christoph Waltz, is awaiting a release date from 20th Century Fox. It’s the kind of serious literary role that could bring critical attention and stretch minds about Mr. Pattinson’s range. “There is a profound vulnerability about Rob and his mannerisms, and that makes him supremely accessible,” said Elizabeth Gabler, president of Fox 2000, the studio unit making the film. “He also has an innate kindness about him that is wonderful in this role.”

Mr. Pattinson has clearly enjoyed working on something else. He lit up when talking about the shoot, mentioning a scene in which a lion had to bite his arm and another where he had to spend hours shoveling horse manure — an unsettling detail given the grimy condition of his fingernails. “It feels like everyone is an Oscar winner except me,” he said of the cast and crew.

Much is riding on “Water for Elephants” because his leading roles outside of “Twilight” have disappointed or failed at the box office. The inexpensive romantic drama “Remember Me,” released in March, grossed only $19 million in North America. About $35 million in overseas ticket sales eased the pain a little, but the upshot was that Mr. Pattinson appeared unable to anchor a movie despite the “Twilight” nuttiness. “Little Ashes,” a foreign film in which Mr. Pattinson played a randy Salvador Dalí (and filmed before “Twilight”), barely registered a blip in limited release last year.

The only career advice Hollywood veterans have for Mr. Pattinson is to keep doing what he is doing. “Continuing to take different kinds of roles and continuing to take chances will ultimately work,” said Allen Coulter, who directed “Remember Me.” “People unwilling to see him as anything but Edward Cullen will eventually be worn down.”

Part of Mr. Pattinson’s challenge is undoubtedly the vampire. The only movie franchise that remotely compares to “Twilight” in terms of popularity and the number of films starring the same cast is “Harry Potter.” But as the “Harry Potter” stories have progressed, Daniel Radcliffe has been allowed to grow up. By his “Twilight” character’s very nature — a vampire who doesn’t age — Mr. Pattinson is largely stuck.

“I hope it doesn’t start looking ridiculous,” Mr. Pattinson said, referring to himself growing older but playing the same character.

Audiences can judge for themselves at the end of this month when “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” arrives at the multiplex. The second movie was more about the chemistry between Bella, the sullen high school student (Ms. Stewart), and Jacob, the werewolf (an often shirtless Taylor Lautner). The third movie, filmed at a cost of $68 million and directed by David Slade (“Hard Candy”), is about the triangle: the push and pull of Ms. Stewart’s character between her vampire boyfriend and werewolf admirer.

“As Rob has acted more, he has become less conscious of the camera and more connected to the character,” said Wyck Godfrey, a producer of the first three films. Mr. Pattinson’s confidence is growing, he said, but the actor can still be self-deprecating to a fault. “Rob comes out of every scene thinking, ‘Oh God, that was a disaster.’ ”

“Twilight” fever shows few signs of letting up. Advance sales are on a par with “New Moon,” and the number of licensing deals (Burger King, Vitamin Water, Volvo) is enormous. “Eclipse” may open on a similar scale as “New Moon”; the franchise has probably matured, analysts say. But the last two movies opened during the school year, and the hope is that a marquee summer slot — the Fourth of July weekend — will generate repeat business that dwarfs the other films.

Mr. Pattinson won’t have much time to parse the results, much less take a six-month vacation, which is what Mr. Godfrey said the young actor needs. Production for “Breaking Dawn” starts as soon as October.

Source NY Times
Thanks to Suz for the tip!


LadyArt said...

How much I pity the boy - but he again does a good job, will give his best - it is, as he once said, a job he has got to do...

angie-k said...

All the new pics are simply wonderful.

I am beyond over-whelmed & at a loss for words as far as all the ROBiliciousness!

I don't know why, but I tried to read the article, but it is just rubbish. I had to stop when they said Cedric was the ill-fated love interest of Hermione. WTF? Was this a real reporter or someone they grabbed off the street?


SluttyPattz said...

Angie I thought the same thing about the interview. The reporter was skipping all over the place quoted random ppl and had very few quotes from our man himself.

Hellooooo he's right there in front of you why don't you have more than that??

jmm4832 said...

Rob thinks Kristen deals better with photographers?! Hello, she doesn't. And Remember Me was not a failure by any means.

Dessert First said...

Kate I've got no time to read the interview anyway!! So much to do and no time to do it.

But there is always a litle time to Admire The Pretty :)

WOOOOHOOOO Robstock II in 2 days

TotallyRobbed said...

Yes, the interviewer seemed to have very pre-concieved ideas, especially about Rob's films. I think the i/v must have lasted about 2 mins and then the rest was padded out.

Kate - I just sent the link for this article to you - a bit too late!

Brooke Moss said...

The first picture literally made me piss myself.

*Waves back at all the nice girls who welcomed me back*

It's good to be back, girls. I've missed you! :)

*Scowls at the mean girls*

You guys....not so much.

solas said...
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solas said...

First of all, since there are a few mistakes that even I can see in a short reading (Cedric wasn't a bit part and he wasn't Hermoine's love interest), I wonder to what extent we can trust the rest.
That said, the lad really does need a rest. Truly, if he really loves what he is doing as far as acting goes, rest does not have to mean not acting, but he surely needs a rest from the grueling schedule, pappz, pressure, promos, etc. He needs to think and create, sleep late, and have a bit of fun with the mates.
The more I read about other careers (Phoenix, diCaprio), the more frustrated I get with the comparisons. I don't know any of them personally, but I perceive Rob as totally different, in a class by himself, and for the overwhelming most part he has excellent instincts, self-awareness, stubborn independence, motivation, and guidance (family and management)that I trust will get him wherever he wants to be, industry/establishment be darned.
He should just be well and safe, and grow--- without comparsons, pundits, and noxous pressure and associations--- from strength to strength.

angie-k said...

SarahBear!!!!! OMG girl I missed You! Welcome back! Please don't let the nasty smelly trolls chase you away again! We gotta stand firm baby!

Slutty! I LOVED your new video!!! Thank you!!

Dess - I changed my flight. I will now be getting to LA on Sunday! So much to do & so little time! Gah!

I can't believe how many pics I will have to go back and LICK & SAVE when I finally get back to my home computer...That is going to take me DAYS!!!

LM said...

angie-k---Rubbish, ITA.

The first two pictures are wonderful compositions. He looks .... no words. The eyes, mouth, colors and his skin tone. I cannot get enough.

Sarah Bear!!! you came back. Thank goodness. Missed you.

solas said...

welcome back, sarahbear, :-)

Christine said...

I imagine Robert does feel that way about Twilight and they way it's taken over his life from time to time. Who wouldn't?

But this reporter is a twit regardless.

Belladonna said...

Wow! This was the New York Times? Whoever this reporter is didn't bother to get simple facts right... Hermione's ill fated love interest? Ok,,, that's the first small error I noticed, but from then on I also saw not only extreme bias but downright wrong numbers on what Rob's films have made. There's no possible excuse for that kind of large error!

It begins with saying how inaccessible Rob is to the press? What is that about? He's been giving interviews everywhere, even on his birthday in the car on the way to his day's work on WFE...

I'm really angry about the complete lack of professional reporting, and obvious lack of fact-checking and editing by this world-renowned newspaper; whose motto is "all the news that's fit to print" which is read by many who may know nothing about the actual truth here.

One note on his inaccessibility to the press,,, if his hair was long during the interview it must have been before WFE shooting began,,, just after his last minute work on Eclipse, and after filming Bel Ami in Europe. He's hardly a slacker NY Times... but hopefully, you will have a "real" reporter speak to him the next time he agrees to an interview.

This is so worth a strong "letter to the editor" for inclusion in upcoming NY Time issues.

skorpia said...

wow-these reporters need to do their fkn homework. I get sick of the bad reporting then saying the tabloids are bad?? bad reporting is just as terrible. Pot calling the kettle black.

Rob needs a rest-he's so used to being all over rushing Im afraid he wont know what to do with himself -or wont know HOW to relax anymore..

Dessert First said...

Angie K,

WOOOHOOO I cannot wait to meet you and all the other LA NB's!!

I am so far behind with my Rob licking and sticking that I don't think I'll ever catch up!


solas said...

NY Tmes has been inaccurate and garbage for a long time now. This is just another in a long line of stupidly written, poorly researched--or just plain agenda-filled with no care for honesty or accuracy-- 'articles.'

Kate said...

If I didn't know that this was from the NY Times I would have said it was a tabloid article.

Monique said...

I won't talk about the article... some of them are too stupid to be believe.

The man is just ROCKING the blue and gold.

That is one beautiful Edward. Now that is how I picture Edward... absolutely breath taking.

solas said...

Yes Kate. They've gone downhill for a while; I have so many instances of inaccuracies and poor reporting, and there was a scandal of plain made up artcles not too long ago. How the high up have fallen.

solas said...

BTW kate, and anyon ein ireland/Uk area-- I was discussing difference of terms recently and i recall back in the day that single merely meant 'not married'; a boy could be seeing only one girl, in a relationship, yet still called 'single' if not married. Is that still the case over there?

HeartThePretty_EvenMore said...

@Sarah B - welcome back. Missed your sense of humor.

Did he really say BB needed a manicure? I right here *nail file in hand*, I make home calls, set calls, I will even file Rosie's toes. lol

AP said...
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Cheeky Chops said...

Were they drunk when they wrote that? WTF???

The pics are nice tho. :)

Vangie said...

@Ap and all the rest,none of the people never do their homework,else they will not even be going on and on to taylor,about jacob,that is the way the story was written,bella chose edwardband that's the end,totally none of these never do there nhomework,at this remember me is playing and it's a hit,they all ready made up there minds about rob,but he will prove them wrong,i really agree with rob not wanting to do no interviews

MMc said...
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Unknown said...

This article is way off. Does anyone else think that the "quotes" from Rob seem to contradict other sources that appear far more credible? And all the places where the author was just complete wrong? I can't believe they even published this. Great pictures though!

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

Hello, I'm late in this post...but first off, Sarah Bear, seriously welcome back.....you were greatly missed...

2nd...the photos? I can't handle anymore, really, I can't...

3rd...this interview is ridiculous..

lallieb said...

@solas, AP, and Belladonna, I would have assumed a credible interview from NY Times, apparently NOT. Thanks for info Solas. Really hard to tell how much time the interviewer actually spoke to Rob but glaring inaccuracies. Not the least that he referred to "Kris" and how she handles the photographers (pappz?) better, I don't think so. I suppose he could have spewed that out, but no one is buying it given her highly publicized reactions to them. Then again, maybe he was just Rob-like joking? Yuh, I can imagine that.

AP said...
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AP said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lallieb said...

@AP, so they don't take it seriously and send out the newbie reporter for this one? Yuh, "Kris" = Kristen. Never heard or seen him refer her to as "Kris" not that he may not, but don't think he would in an interview situation.

nikola6 said...


You really are back? I thought I dreamt it. No really. It was very late and my eyes were droopy and I fell asleep in the recliner and woke up just as dawn was breaking and the laptop was still on my lap and I dreamt that you came back and I was trying to talk to you but you ignored me. And I didn't see you on the blog after that so I thought I dreamt it. Shit. Did I actually post to you? How weird. But how are you? I've been sick about the fact that you left and that we'd hadn't exchanged contact info and I thought, that was it, I'd never know you. I can't tell you how happy I am that you're back and please don't go away. You were/are a big part of this place. It really hasn't been the same without you. Without YOU! The person you are. Please don't go away again and I've got to get an e-mail back up. I will...soon.

I'm so happy you're back and I didn't dream it. I'm kinda bawling a little bit here. Please don't go away again.

nikola6 said...

As for this article...

The NY Times has always had their nose in the air and once upon a time, rightfully so as they WERE the 'tiffany' of newspapers (and they think they still are). But not anymore as the quality of their reporting as deteriorated substantially over the years. They've even been known to use the Enquirer as source material. True. Nothing new here as quality across the board is dwindling on a weekly basis. This culture is in the crapper and sadly, I don't think a lot can see it. Well. You get fed a steady diet of shit sandwhiches and after awhile, I guess they start to taste okay.

And right off the bat, this reporter (and I use the term loosely) was a bit out of joint because Rob didn't jump when the NY Times called (he made them wait...how dare he?) And that set the tone for what followed. Obviously, this one didn't do much homework and unprofessionally, let their bias show.

I'd love to be able to say just ignore it but still, this is the NY Times and it is still considered prestigious and it does have a huge readership. And that's why you can NEVER take a PRINT interview at face value. Because a reporter can take your words and shape them anyway they want. Unless you actually hear the words come from Rob's mouth, don't accept them as absolute truth.

Even the words out of his own mouth as I feel he uses a lot of deflective language and for all the talking he's being FORCED into doing, he still holds a hell of a lot back.

Although I do believe that one day when Twilight is long behind him, when he no longer has to worry about offending this fanbase, he's gonna come clean about what this experience truly was. What he and Kristen were put through by both the media and the slaughter by fans (and I use that term loosely too) on the internet. And it ain't gonna be pretty.

Just a guess.

Brooke Moss said...


Not going anywhere at all. I just needed a time out, because I was wanting to unleash the wrath of Sarah's tongue on a few of the girls here. I was getting singled out for some raunchiness that involved a large handful of the ladies here, all of which are my freakin' hero's because they RULE! But anyway, it ticked me off, and I had to go and pout for a while. But alas...the lure of WFE and Eclipse brought me back. Plus, I just plain missed ya'll! So I'm back and better than ever!! And if my posts are to raunchy for you...suck it. And suck it hard. When Kate and Goz think I've got too far, they'll give me the boot, but until then, either have a laugh (because thats what our posts were intended for...duh.) or ignore them. But don't rake someone over the coals for something 5 to 10 other women participate in!

Ok, off my soapbox. That wasn't directed to you, Nik, or any of my other girls...just the haters. They know who they are. But on to better topics...HOW HOT IS MY BOYFRIEND LATELY!!?? Sonofabiznatch! He makes my butter melt, my cheese curdle, he toasts my PB&J!!

Ok, and Nik, I've been meaning to exchange email addys with a few of you girls. When are you gonna get a Facebook so that I can stalk you right proper? :)

Missed you, too...now I'm gettin' a bit misty as well...


K-Mac said...

Wow, what lazy journalism. It seems to me the person who wrote this used it as an excuse to push their own agenda. Seems to me that they were probably annoyed that such a credible publication like the New York Times had to wait a whole month just to talk to "The Vampire Movie Hearthrob". Obviously we know Rob is much more than that, but I think it's easy for people in their position to write him off due to their own ignorance.

Rob is always very diplomatic when answering Twilight questions, you can tell that he's careful not to say anything that would be seen as biting the hand that fed him. And I think he genuinely is grateful towards everyone involved with Twilight because in spite of all the craziness involved, it has allowed him to be in a position in his career that most actors can only dream of.

There's a whole lot of BS in this interview as far as I'm concerned. They avoid using his own words whenever possible and grab onto anything they can find in order to give the story a negative twist. Also, I've never heard Rob or anyone else refer to Kristen as "Kris". I kind of think the interviewer through that in there to make it seem to be an authentic quote from Rob.

It's a shame really, because while we can read it and smell the BS a mile away because we're informed enough to know better, there will be a lot of people that read that pile of rubbish and take it as truth. I think the interviewer is counting on that. Some people just have to knock down what they don't understand, sad really.

Cheeky Chops said...


I just let yall ogle because I get off on it and I'm a raunchy pervert like that.


Brooke Moss said...

Oh, but Cheeky Chops...

Will you share? Please? At least flash us some jaw porn as you two are making out?

Cheeky Chops said...

I'll get the video camera, yall get naked. I already have him tied up, as a gift. He's just wearing a big red bow. ;)

Ready. Set. ACTION~!!!

nikola6 said...

Aaaaaaand....she's baaaaaack!!!

What a relief it was just a time out. **fist pump**
And yeah hon, you just gotta be yourself. Some are gonna love ya and some are...not gonna love ya. And psst...c'mere...


(Oh. Sorry. Shouldn't have screamed in your ear like that)

As for Facebook...
I don't do dat 'cause I think it's the devil's tool. No wait. Twiddle is the devil's tool. Facebook is just the devil's...toolbox. I dunno. Shit. I think the whole damn internet is what hell must be like. And we'd be forced to sit there and read it. Only it wouldn't be about famous people. It would be about us. And we'd have to sit there and read what the rest of humanity are saying about the lives we led. They'd sit in judgement of us and we wouldn't get a say. We'd just have to sit there and take it. Just like the famous people in the world right now. They just have to take it. Yup. That's what I figure hell would be. Accompanied of course by the sound of teenage girls screaming at an incredibly high pitch. Isn't that the sound Rob said he figured would greet you as you enter the gates of hell? I wonder if dogs (miles away) drop dead when those idiots start in? Anyway. Where was I?

Oh yes. Facebook. Rob himself couldn't get me on Facebook. Unless he sent me nekkid pictures of himself. And then invited me over to do naughty things to me with an egg beater. And if I could still walk? I'd open an account.

But I promise SarahBear, I will put an e-mail up. I've been dancing around it, but you came back and I told myself if you did, I would put an e-mail up so we wouldn't lose contact again. And I will.

It's late and I have to try to sleep 'cause tomorrow is gonna be murder.

Night guys.

(oh she's back...she's back)

Brooke Moss said...

You like me, you really like me!!! (in my best Sally Field voice)

Yup, I'm back, and the Red Room is always open for me. Seriously.

I can't wait to get hysterical with you girls again soon, but I, too, must sleep. Even raunchy loud mouthed female dynamo's like myself need rest. ;) Until next time, Nik...

P.S. Cheeky Chops...thank you. I love a girl who can share her toys.

HeneciaD said...

@sarah welcome back *hugs* missed you and your sense of humour

pics are hot totally hot but the interwiev is a failure I think cuz its like saying he is just edward but no he is not and they should make another point about Remember Me its sucess is mostly because of Rob god it has been watched all over the world who would hear it if it wouldnt include Rob

AP said...

@lallieb: Barnes does media/Hollywood pieces for NYT, I believe. He actually does have degrees and a background in 'real' journalism, having been at the Wall St Journal before the NYT - he hasn't really worked for tabloids. I shouldn't have been so sarcastic. lol I just find his style very snarky. We are not the first to complain about his inaccurate and/or inadequate coverage. However, I still think Rob being in NYTimes shows, even if it is a Hollywood piece, shows he's being taken more seriously.

Has he never called her Kris in public before? Oops. ;)

Snarkier Than You said...

i LOVED the pics but was kind of disappointed that the article in the Times didn't include more actual interview content. There was hardly any of that in the piece, which was kind of a bummer. But those pics - GAH!

myinnergoddess said...

Today at Twilightlexicon they are posting this same exact interview except now it's supposed to have been done by some reporter for the California Herald! I'm getting very suspicious that this interview ever took place at all. Too many things just don't add up.

lallieb said...

AP, thanks, you're a fountain of knowledge, make that credible knowledge, and I appreciate it.

@Belladonna, ITA, with a wink and a nod.

AP said...

@Kitty: If it's the Chronicle, it's the same piece. You can check the byline. It will be in the NYT Arts section on Sunday, in print, so it did happen.

@lallieb: thank you.:) Well, I'll only admit to being a fountain...lol

solas said...

could it be he was talking about Chris--as in Weitz?

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