Screencaps From "Eclipse" Clip "Something New"

Screencaps From "Eclipse" Clip "Something New"






Loads More After The Cut!


angie-k said...



woms said...

mmmmmm fierceward!!!!!!!!
hi Angie :o)

angie-k said...

No worries, Kate. :o)

Yesterday was the last day of school for my kids & I wasn't online much either.

Hi woms! ;o)

Fierceward Rocks My World!!!

LOVE the new banner!!

Carole UK said...

Now you all know I'm an Edward girl through and through ....

But I'd just like to comment on how lovely Jasper looks in this movie. I love his hair!

Can't wait to see a bit more of the Cullens in Eclipse.

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

Kate you ARE trying to kill us today!!!!

I love all the screenshots except for AngryEyebrowsWard/NoseWard...


HeneciaD said...

fiercedward OMFG
fiercedward OMFG
fiercedward OMFG

see all I can type is this Kate this is too much

modestypatch said...

Hi @angie-k @woms & @rpg

It's getting closer! This movie is going to Rock!!!!

BTW done with school, HELLO SUMMER!!!!!


Thanks Kate!

angie-k said...

Heya MP!! Got the Alice Cooper song going through my head too! ;o)

angie-k said...

RPG - You no likey ThePretty ugly? AngryEyebrowsWard/NoseWard needs love, too! LOL! ;o)


Vangie said...

rob has on two different pieces of clothen in these shots what's up with that

Est said...

i've posted this on another threads but i have a big doubt and i need you to answer me

i'm on another blog chatting with latin girls and one of them has told me rob had a facebook, but someone hacked it. I've told her i don't think he was really Rob, someone could impersonated him.

Please, IS THAT TRUE??? answer me i'm discussing rith now!!! ;)

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