The Brit Pack: The Leader, The Wanderer, The Muso, The Geezer and The Shy Boy

I want to know exactly how OLD that Stoli t-shirt is :)

This is funny :))

From Ahlan Live:

There’s a hot new gang in celebville. They’re super-cute and talented, they’re all besties and a certain Mr Pattinson is their leader...

The wanderer
Sam Bradley
Age: 22
Brit Pack Connection: Sam met Rob when they were 12 and the pair co-wrote Never Think (Too Far Gone) for the Twilight Soundtrack, which the actor then recorded.
Sam On Rob: “There’s no formula for [fame]. But he’s taking it in stride. This is his job now.”

The muso
Bobby Long
Age: 22
Brit Pack Connection: Bobby co-wrote Let Me Sign with Marcus, simply saying of the track, “[We] wrote it, and [Rob] took it away and recorded it.”
What’s Next? The boys are hoping to get some songs on the New Moon soundtrack too.

The geezer
Marcus Foster
Age: 23
Brit Pack Connection: Marcus co-wrote Let Me Sign with Bobby Long, which was sung by Rob for the Twilight Soundtrack. And he’s old pals with Sam and RPatz – “I went to school with Rob and Sam, and I’ve known Bobby for a few years now,” he says. “They’re my boys!”
Watch out! Sienna’s About: Sisi recently caught Marcus’s London gig – “[They] were snuggling up to each other,” said a spy.

The shy boy

Tom Sturridge
Age: 23
Brit Pack Connection: Tom’s siblings went to posh Brit school, Harrodian with Rob – and that’s how he and Tom met. Until recently they lived together in a “cool little ex-crack den” in London. “We spent the better part of a year just getting drunk every night,” admits Rob. “I don’t know if that counts as ‘struggling.’”
Yes, he’s single! “I can’t talk to girls,” says Tom. “I never know what to say!”

Thanks to Lindsey for the tip ;)

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Stacy said...

That bottom manip is hilarious!

Here are pics of Rob filming today! I'm assuming its rehearsals since he's in his own clothes ...

showme said...

I love that Banner of the 5 of them! That's awesome..,

"I don't believe TomStu is shy" - LOL at the tag!

thirtysomething said...

rob has some hot ass friends... yummmm

oh and talented too

albaville said...

what a nice "gang"..they seems to have a lot of fun together and its cool that Rob keeps going on with his old friends even if now is a huge star :)

lulusfolie said...

i actually think it is a law that hot people hang out together.... That has to be mandated somewhere...

Lisa Serrano said...

I love that video thanks for reminding me of that its hilarious!!

Don't like that Marcus is the Geezer- He seems more like the Sage- one with advice. Old soul

riddleinside said...

I love the Brit pack: Bobby Long has very good songs, some on itunes and the rest on myspace.

No need to say again how much I love Marcus. and btw Marcus Foster 23? are you kidding me? He seemed older to me :)

I don't know if Rob is the leader, to me it's more Marcus, but I see what you mean. In our heart Rob is always first :) (don't worry Marcus you come just after ;)

katykeene said...

I laughed the first time I saw this and it just cracked me up again.
What I love about the Brit Pack, is that they are NOT Hollywood, big muscled,smooth talking airheads.
I was going to add pretty boys to that list but then I realized that I would be telling an untruth if I said that. There are a few amongst the group.
One in particular.

tracyvanhorne said...

I have always wondered how these boys manage to all be in the same place and not cause the earth to implode from all the hotness... very impressive boys, very impressive.

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