Valentines Day Card: Pissed off Cedric?

Coral sent us this card she received on Valentines Day.
I'm not sure what the sender was trying to convey :)
Maybe it was unrequited love?


showme said...



Love the "i'm not a cradle robber". i try to tell myself that everyday and fail...LOL

crazylife said...

Well said Godze and Showme I also try to tell myself that too.

Just thought I would mention, this is the first pic I saw of Rob Pattinson. At the time I thought to myself this guy has star power. As well as great looking guy.

cullenluv said...

My daughter got this valentine from a classmate & couldn't wait to give it to me when she got home. It's been taped to the rearview mirror of my car since Feburuary! Love it!

Haystackhair said...

LMAO at your labels Goz.. I am not a cradle robber. Only because I haven't had the chance yet.....LOL

Tess said...


Of course! That's how men look when they lurve you

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