Rachelle Lefevre: Rob's not pregnant!

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From Jam! Showbiz:

Cue the hyperventilating, we have breaking Twilight news: "Rob's not pregnant!"

This with a laugh from Montreal actress Rachelle Lefevre, well aware of the absurdity -- and intensity -- of the rumours surrounding the vampire book-to-film franchise and its breakout star, Robert Pattinson, the angular heartthrob with the bed-head and British accent.

Lefevre, who plays vicious blood-sucker Victoria in the adaptations of Stephenie Meyer's bestsellers, is in Toronto shooting a movie opposite Kevin Spacey and prepping to present at Sunday's MuchMusic Video Awards.

But the topic of The Twilight Saga: New Moon is never far behind.

The Vancouver-shot sequel to last year's hit (worldwide gross: $382 million) opens Nov. 20, complicating the romance between star-crossed sex-abstainers vampire Edward Cullen (Pattinson) and mortal Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) with new characters (Frost/Nixon's Michael Sheen and Dakota Fanning are introduced as members of the Volturi, an ancient vampire coven), a love triangle (created by returning Taylor Lautner as werewolf Jacob) and converging enemies.

At the centre of the pop-culture tsunami are Stewart and Pattinson, magazine cover mainstays whose real-life rapport (romance or no romance?) at times eclipses their fictional one.

"They have fantastic chemistry together on-screen and you know that's the kind of thing that becomes the source of rumours," Lefevre says.

"People want them to be together. People would love to hear that -- that they fell in love on the set and so they read that into everything they see.

"But all I've seen are two people who have beautiful chemistry on-screen and are bonded.

"Kristen, before Twilight, already had a huge resume and had worked with some heavy-hitters, but she had also flown under the radar.

"And Rob, he was in Harry Potter (and the Goblet of Fire), so he had some experience with fame, but it was nothing remotely like this. So when two people go through that experience together -- the fandom and everything -- it's going to bond them."

How is Pattinson adjusting to life under the microscope?

"He's got a really good sense of humour. I've seen him frazzled, but when there were eight paparazzi chasing you and it's just you, it can be scary."
skipped (read about what Rachelle thinks of director change and beefed up Taylor at the source)

New Moon stars at MMVAs

Being part of Twilight is the closest she'll come to being a rock star, Rachelle Lefevre realizes.

So what better place for her to be than at Sunday's MMVAs?

The awards will be co-hosted by the Jonas Brothers and feature, among others, Lady Gaga, Nickelback, Alexisonfire, Billy Talent, Kelly Clarkson and the Black Eyed Peas.

"I've never presented anything before, so I'm just thinking, 'Please God, don't let me fall down,' " she says. "Seeing the Black Eyed Peas live is going to be sick."

Presumably though, there will be at least some Twilighters squealing for her and New Moon co-star Taylor Lautner. Despite that level of fandemonium, however, she says so far she has no outrageous encounters with the faithful to report. Even if being watched in public takes some getting used to.

"I walk down the street with my friends, feeling like I should be singing, 'Somebody's watching me,' " she says, breaking into a few bars of that 1980s pop song.

"But at the end of the day, I'm grateful for the whole thing. And the fans are sweet and loving. It's like being sprinkled with the nicest bit of love everyday."

And one of my favourite videos:


lovindashow said...

I love her interviews, she's absolutely adorable. I'd ship Robchelle, too. :)

Maryann said...

I love her too, she is hilarious and there is no frills about her at all!

monika said...

so now it's Rachelle's turn? lol I say next to talk about the matter on behalf of R and K, is going to be erm Taylor Lautner,yeah he's next to be grilled about something that doesn't concern him.

NawtyMeenx said...

I'm really liking Rachelle. She seems like she'd be kick ass to just hang with! Much love and success to our favorite nastiest vampire!

monika said...

funny how everyone denies,and some don't but the two people that the matter actually concerns.

she's great,hope we'll get to see more of her in NM/Eclipse.

Unknown said...

He's not pregnant?! Whew! Was kinda wondering when the studio had to go an spray on his abs...got kinda worried there for a minute!

Rachelle is a trip....loving her more....for her!

showme said...

i could easilyt be a robchelle shipper, too, Goz

She's my absolute fave....

Divinesally said...

Love Rachelle, she's gorgeous, smart, and has a great personality. Can't wait till Eclipse when Rob and her battle. That's gonna kick major ass!

Yvonne said...

Robchelle....all the way! (Ecxept I think she has a boyfriend...)

She awesome and adorable.....

crazylife said...

I like this video too! What a good game to play. Fun not a boring interview. I love Rachelle what can I say she is a fellow Canadian.

LovetheLips said...

Rachelle is so genuine and seemingly down to earth...always enjoy reading her interviews.

@crazylife - me too! Rachelle's a fellow Canadian and she makes us proud!

Anonymous said...

♥ Rachelle. She's a clever gal and gorgeous to boot.

I'm with Crazylife and Lovethelips - YAY Canada!

zlove said...

It's funny she said that about Somebody's Watching Me, I made a Rob pic montage to that a couple of weeks ago.

Gemgirl65 said...

Goz, I couldn't agree more---Rachelle is by far the most down chick in the cast...I so wanna have drinks with her!

How is it I've not seen this video? I am slipping in my Rob archival viewing! He looks hot. Bring on the must, baby...you're washable.

scarlett said...

Oh that vid is one of my favourites too and it's so cute that they chose all the same answers and picked each other for the last question!

Rachelle is definitely the most gorgeous female cast member both inside and out... love her :))))

phosphorus said...

Hahaha, I like her sense of humour. Rachelle is gorgeous. Since it isn't Rob, it's got to be Michael, then. -)

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