Another Fan Report from Remember Me 06/15/2009

Teresa was also set stalking in New York on June 15th (the day that produced the best pictures)
Here are her pictures and you can read about her encounter over at her blog :)
Thanks for sharing it with us Teresa :)

Read her encounter at the source


Anonymous said...

OH! you MUST read her story! freakin' hilarious! i loved it!

happened to us all, no?

something in the water? or were we just DAZZLED?

lucky her though - awesome pics!

showme said...

Her account is hysterical. Y'all should go read it LOL

Her Robsession came on LIGHTENING SPEED ROFLMAO!

She like read the books and saw her first 'interview' in June. He just has that effect on women. he's such a sonofabitch!

(my only isssue is that she calls a 40 year old 'old' and hitting on her 20 yr old brother-who seems awesome btw. Girl! 40 yrs olds can hit on 20 yr olds! You just wait! You'll see. 28 to 40 is NOT a big jump. believe me, i'm halfway there and it happens in the blink of an eye, honey)

showme said...




socialitelifeRobert Pattinson Gives A Fan A Smile - new photos from filming today

Anonymous said...

OMG i'm lookin at the new pics....aahhh my life is now complete.....i don't even know what to say


i'm soooo DAZZLED!!

Mrs. Robinsane said...

Hey showme!

I agree—that fan encounter is an entertaining read, and she manifests many of the major symptoms of Robsession.

And, of course, I can't resist echoing your sentiments re: her critical depiction of the flirtatious 40-year-old woman (at least she didn't say "cougar" ;P).

At 40 myself, I neither feel, look, nor behave my purported age (whatever "40-year-old behavior" is supposed to be ;P). And if the genders in the blogger's scenario were reversed, the situation would probably not even attract notice....

*a bit touchy, are we, Mrs. R?*

showme said...

ITA Mrs. R....

esp with that last comment. Really!

lostinphilly57 said...

That story was just priceless; so funny (and she was SO lucky)! I love the part, "he's right fucking there, he was right fucking there"!..that would've been me. Her brother was such a saint to stay with her throughout the encounter. Awesome photos. Yes, showme, her Robsession came on lightning fast!! LOL.He is such a son-of-a-bitch who dazzles us quickly, one-at-a-time, lightning speed!

tkayyyy said...

sorry! i didn't mean to call her old, i don't think 40 is old AT ALL, i just think she was too old for my brother. I am very protective of him, he is ten years younger than me! and...i 'm pretty sure she was all coked up, so.. i just wasn't digging her. but sorry if i offended :)

although, i have to say, if a 40 year old man was hitting on my 20 year old sister, i would find it much creepier! she was harmless.

Noe said...

haha i love how witty all you women are with your comments pretaining to each blog. i swear from what i've read, it is a fact that rob has some of the wittiest fans out there ;)

three cheers across the board!

Mrs. Robinsane said...

Hi tkayyyy:

I hope you gathered that my comments were all in good fun, young whippersnapper! ;P

I enjoyed reading about your blessed fan experience, and you have certainly found a sympathetic—and often tongue-in-cheek—audience here at Robsessed.

*immediately envisioning Mrs. R's tongue, RP's cheek...or RP's tongue, Mrs. R's get the idea...*

Babs said...

Her story is hilarious!
I can't even remember what my life was like before robsession hit me with full force.
I went from what's-all-the-fuss-about-twilight to I-love-RP in the blink of an eye :)

tkayyyy said...

sorry, i know it's a little late to be responding to your awesome comments, but i am new to this (the blogging as well as the obsession), so, better late than never, right?

first of all, THANKS so much for your kind words. i am really glad you enjoyed my story. and thank you for reminding me of how lucky i truly am to have experienced that.

also, i can't adequately express how comforting it is to see that others are in the same situation as myself. my friends and family (understandably) don't get it. i wouldn't have either a month ago. their way of dealing with it is to make fun of me and tell me to get over it. trust me, i would if i could! so, to see that this thing, whatever it is, is happening to other people out there makes me feel much better and not so alone in this. so deep heartfelt thanks for that.

and after reading mrs. robinsane's insanely beautiful story (MUST read, it really made me want to go beyond the basics of this obsession and look seriously into its meaning and impact. i honestly find this ubiquitous fascination itself almost as fascinating as rob (almost). :)

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