Cute Fan Encounter Video/ Pix Remember Me Set

She is too cute :)

As always scroll down for HQs :)

Holy Jaw Porn Batman! *THUD*
I was telling him that we werent crazy,see the goofy smile on my face arrg lol (Gozde: It's an involuntary reflex induced by his hotness. Plus at least you have a great smile :))Him signing my photo(stupid smile AGAIN) i told myself i wont smile like an idiot an there i was lol

First day pictures, no zoom:

Make way for Mr. President :)

The fans waiting patiently outside of Robert Pattinson's trailer on June 15th

My frend Gina was at the set Tuesday night into wednesday morning an showed me the pic of her and Robert! of course i freaked cuz i left early tuesday night. So i made up my mind to do an all nighter so i cud get my pic wit Robert as well. So we waited and watched him do this scene. They moved the fans so they could have shot the cab scene (where he kissed her) So i decided to walk over to his trailer as it was 3AM Thurs 25th. I was really tired, but decided to stick it out! Emillie came and left but no rob i was confused cuz his usual get away car was parked right behind us.
The security moved us to the opposite side but still no Rob! I ran around the corner to see them still filming a scene. I ran back to his trailer an we waited. It was now 4:45AM
Rob went into the makeup trailer, then to his trailer. Which was where the getaway car was parked! I was like awwwww an then his head security guy put his hands up like "wait hold on" the 20 girls there started to freak like pmg he is really going to do it! I looked around and saw more ppl arrive frm where they were by the set. I cud care less i was in front! lol
4:55AM Rob came out his trailer wit a lilttle jump down the last stair and made his way over to us!! Everyone was like hi Rob!!
one girl pushed infront me to get her pics (yes the blonde in all my pics!!!) :(, but i knew i was next! and then Rob reached out and hugged me close to him AHHHHHHHHHH!!!! and i put my arm around him!!! Convo.....
Me:"We arent crazy you know"
Rob: laughs *sigh* "How long have you guys been here?"
Me:" Not too long"
Me: "can u sign this pic (i took of you last week)" ok thts just stalker haha but he signed it. I hugged him again said thx an moved so the next lucky girl cud get her time!
Thanks to Khanisha for sharing her pictures and video with us :) And thanks to JittzPattzing
for leading us to her :)

Larger views:


Meeno said...

Kanisha did very well. She is a true fan -- nice, cute & intelligent fan. Good for yah!
Whooo, must be nice to have Robert's arms around you even for a few moments . . . go Kanisha!

Joann said...

Good for you Khanisha!! Boo to the blond girl that pushed ahead! And he gave you a hug after a full day of shooting? What a guy!

Kate said...

YAY Khanisha!!! SO glad you got to meet him! And how pushy was that blonde girl?? Obviously Rob was fed up of her taking up his time too ;-)
Thanks for sharing your pics, vid and story!!!
You're one lucky girl!!

Chocolate Coma said...

THX guys!!!

Angie said...

Kanisha you did us all proud!

Does your shirt say Mrs. Pattinson?
Nice promotion!

Haystackhair said...

Ohhhh, totally jealous here!! Good for you!!

showme said...


This is JittzPattzing btw...i really appreciate how promptly you sent those to're a sweetheart!

And like I said, join us here more often!


Chocolate Coma said...

Yea my shirt says Mrs Pattinson on it hahahaha

Unknown said...

wow great stroy! thanks for sharing:)))) i'm so jealous :)) you're so great :D and rob as always.. fantastic :)))))

Angie said...

That is too funny Kanisha. You go girl!

Babs said...

He finishes working at 5 am and still makes time to take pictures with fans. This guy is one in a billion.

Kanisha we need more girls like you to show him that not all fans are crazy :)

Yvonne said...

Wooo hoooo! Great story! So happy for you :)

Blonde girl: ok, YOU, my friend are the type he's scared of. No pushing in front of people...

Yes, I agree, Babs....this poor guy works all night long, and is still a gentleman. Comes out to see his fans, take pics and sign autographs. Good grief, what a doll.

Noe said...

haha aw she was so cute. i would be like that too even though just as she said i'd tell myself not to smile like a toothy dork... ugh it won't work i bet. we all fail when it comes to rob. haha coolness out the door and say hello to inner obsessed rob dork.

TO Twicat said...

Very nice, Hon! And you do not have a goofy smile! You looked lovely!

SeamusDuncan said...

You have a beautiful, genuine smile! I'm sure he appreciated it and wanted to give you the hug. And BTW, good for you for being so nice to the pushy blonde.

Great story, too, thanks for sharing.

Seamus & Dunca's mom

Chocolate Coma said...

THX guys!!!! Lol @ Noe i know right i did a whole prep session like oh am gonna do this and am goin to do tht an then there is tht Rob-obssesed smile haha good thing i got my braces off before the summer began lol.

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