Teen Vogue Scans

Thanks to Pattinson Online for the scans :)


wanabRPsmom said...

as usual the interview reflects a VERY SMART, AMBITIOUS, HARDWORKING FUNNY
Robert Pattinson.

Love the kid!!

Alexandra said...

I think I remember reading this a little while ago. Loved it :)

By the way I just found the scans for that US special Twilight edition if anyone's interested http://community.livejournal.com/ohnotheydidnt/36637953.html#cutid1

Noe said...

ooo i love robert and teen vogue is my guilty pleasure. but i convince myself it's okay because i'm 19... haha.

i know i've seen this pic before but he looks so different with curls/wavy hair.

maha said...

wow I enjoyed reading this interview ,it is enjoyable thing to read about a talented and smart handsome actor like Robert he is so ambitious so talented . I love him, respect him so much and I am happy for him, he reach half of his dreams and I hope he reach all of his dreams.

keep up the good of work Rob you are the best.

Gemgirl65 said...

Well, Rob certainly can't be accused of wasting time now! He has definitely put the workaholic part of him to the test. Lucky us.

RPnKSaddict said...

I love the workings of his mind.
I'm in for the long hall Rob,keep the movies and scripts coming.

anna F said...

I love this article, I think that it's very interesting and insightfull.

But the thing is this article is a reprint I think, I remember reading it in the past... does he sell so well that they will start reprinting old articles in new magazines?

As long as they only reprint the legit interviews, it's always better than the mindless gossip~
I still hope for new ones!

Jala said...

How refreshing to read an article like this which focuses on the stuff that really matters even if it is old.

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