Marcus Foster Endures Lame Comments about Robward

I know you missed my amazing skills with photoshop, see how awesomely I marked Marcus?

In an exclusive interview with singer/song writer Marcus Foster opens up about his upcoming American shows, how he'd like to tour with Rob Pattinson, and more importantly jokes about his obvious love for his vampire best friend! Twilight fans know that Marcus and Bobby Long co-authored the song Let Me Sign which Rob performed on the movie soundtrack, and that Marcus is part of the Brit Pack, those scruffy haired hot British guys who make up the inner circle in RPattz's life.

The musician tells that he almost cut off his thumb on Wednesday night:

"I was just making something in the workshop and my thumb went through this machine called a band saw, and it nearly took my thumb off. I've got a sculpture show I'm working on this week; I'm making some things for that. It's ok, it's fine I didn't need stitches or anything and it will heal but it just means I'm going to have to cancel this show I'm doing on Sunday. I've got to cancel it today. I could do it, but I can't take the risk of a long term injury."

We were first concerned about blood everywhere, and Marcus bravely says:

"Yes, it was quite horrific but it's alright. It's only pain," but we were clearly concerned with Edward trying to kill him for his blood.

"Yeah, well, I don't think he is a vampire," the musician sagely tells us. "That is just a movie. Although, maybe he was, that's how he got the part!" (Gozde: Oh Marcus, you are so polite! I don't think I could find the unbitchiness in myself to answer that lame ass comment from the interviewer:))

As for being best friends with the star, Marcus gets perks that regular folks don't get. "Rob's showed me a bit of the script, I think it's the beginning where she cuts her thumb," he says, referring to Bella's birthday scene where she cuts her finger. So we want to know, was he just reenacting that scene? "Oh yeah, my life is just reenacting Twilight scenes. It's mad!" he jokes. (Gozde: I feel for you Marcus, I feel for you. Who asks these questions?!?)

Before he kicks off his American tour, Marcus tells that he's "going to New York as well in a couple of weeks to see my friend Rob which will be nice."

He doesn't know if he'll be hanging on set with Rob, but it sounds like they're just going to lay low.

"We're just going to chill out I think, I haven't seen him for a while." Marcus didn't know about the craziness that is Rob's life since he's been in New York so when we told him about his buddy he said:

"Really? Wow, that's so weird. Well, we'll probably just stay inside the apartment and just drink, heavily." (Gozde: Atta boy! :))

As for the fame that's come to the stars, Marcus hasn't seen a change in Rob. "Whenever I see him he's the same, which is great. You know, you see people who fame changes, but it's great, Rob is still the same old guy so it's really nice. "

Gozde: Check out Marcus' music on mysace :))

Thanks to Dayna for the tip ;)


Kortnii said...

aweh thats great! I know Rob wont change. hes still that same awkward Rob as always.

I secretly wish he stumbled around IRL Daniel Gale style. but thats off topic...

Marcus is an amazing artist. Im addicted to his work. Im a folkie indie girl. and I hope he and Rob do some songs together at some point. maybe some secret shows. something.

and wtflip were those lame ass questions? seriously. was it a rob interview or a marcus one? thats so insulting to marcus.


Lisa Serrano said...

Thank you for posting this Goz.

I <3 Marcus

He has a killer sense of humor and he's going to have to with inane reporters like that one.

showme said...

oh man, i love Marcus Foster so much


Stupid Edward. sigh.

Gozde said...

Hey hey hey! Nobody calls Edward stupid! :) Edward Cullen has nothing to do with this idiotic questions.

I may or may not be irrevocably in love with Edward fucking Cullen :)

lostinphilly said...

Thanks for that info Gozde. I hope that Marcus does get to chill with Rob, they both need to drink heavily.

lovindashow said...

Marcus is my favorite of the Brit Pack. By far. I love Rob and all, but there's something about that Marcus that makes me so weak.

Weak interview. Thanks for posting, though, lol. Marcus cracks me up.

rpgirl27 said...

"Really? Wow, that's so weird. Well, we'll probably just stay inside the apartment and just drink, heavily." (Gozde: Atta boy! :))

LOL...that gave me the funniest mental picture...

domisgone said...

Ugh, I really feel bad for Marcus in this interview. This was LAME-ASS!

Babs said...

It's good to hear from Rob's friends that he hasn't changed, I hope they have a lot of fun together :)

Anonymous said...

Soooo glad Rob has good friends he can trust and hang with outside of this crazy Hollywood lifestyle he fell into with the Edward role.

Is Marcus saying that Rob has an apartment in the Village or is he calling a hotel the apartment? Has anyone noticed that Rob hasn't been photographed coming out of his hotel or even an apartment building? Interesting how the paps haven't identified his living location.....I hope things start to cool down soon for Rob so he can get back to some sort of a private life.

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