J-14 Scans - July

I am not sure if having your shoe laces stolen qualifies as being bullied. It is so vanilla :)
They definitely did not attend my school.

Oh and I love how Justin calls Jackson's music "more out there and experimental" :)
That's like someone saying "It's interesting" or "it looks different" when you get a new hairdo. Definitely NOT good :)

source: MrPattinson.com


domisgone said...
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showme said...

I love how they name the 'blonde pal' instead of his sister.

These peoeple really have no idea what they're talking about.

btw, i've never heard that "i can love 10 people at the same time" quote LOL

Anonymous said...

Yeah...don't believe any of that teeny bopper stuff they print. my sister's 12 and my mum buys them for her all the time. I tell her to never believe all the 'romantic' crap they print. he says none of it, and they just like to sell. :/

at least they always have hot posters XP

Pandora said...

Those people dont seem to know the difference between a prank and bullying.

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