Edi Gathegi Interview with Miami Hurricane

From Miami Hurricane:

TMH: You were also on House, Hugh Laurie…Robert Pattinson in Twilight. (Gozde: 2 different generations, 2 HOT as HELL Brits :)) Two British actors who put on an American accent. Why is it that British actors are able to fool us American audiences?
Edi: I’ve figured it out! This is the reason: because they grow up watching American television. You don’t grow up watching British television. And Australians are the same way. Australians, pound-for-pound are the best actors in the world right now. Come on! Kidman, Jackman, Ledger. They have an advantage. They get to dip in both worlds. So I think I’m going to study in England for a few years.

TMH: Just to wrap it up, everyone loves Robert Pattinson now. [takes out a Cedric Diggory shirt] This was him in Harry Potter. (Gozde: Picture insert by me. Gangsta Ced and The Monster:))

Edi: Wow, he looks the same.
TMH: Just a little bit younger.
Edi: Just a little younger, but he looks the same. It’s so funny man. It’s so funny how when the cast list came out, there was all that controversy. They hated him. How huge he is now. I just love it. I love how no matter what people are saying, you can always persevere and then you can reinvent yourself. You can actually get back on track like Robert Downey, Jr. I just love how Robert Pattinson…it’s funny because we all as a cast were like, ‘dude, you are so perfect for this, you’re so amazing!’ And he was a little like, ‘oh, but I’m not. They’re saying I’m not.’ Look now! (Gozde: Edi is really articulate :))

Thanks to Mechevpao for the link :)


kchambers77 said...

i LOVE your photoshop skillz :D

and i watched monty python can i do british shows and film?

anna F said...

OMG, are we starting a Edrob pairing now?

Hansom Ransom said...

Your photoshop skills blow me away, Gozde! BTW, I love Edi Gathegi. It makes me sad that Laurent gets killed off in NM because I want Edi back. He is a good actor and super nice. He was at the Hot Topic tour stop in Miami and was very sincere and funny.

Hansom Ransom said...

I am so NOT starting rumors here, but I truly believe that the hottest Twilight cast hookup would be Rob and Rachelle. I love her.

Mechevpao said...

Hahahaaaa... I wasn´t expecting RomeRob photoshoped onto a body of a lady... hahahaaaaa

This made my day

Aside from the mention, I like Edi since I saw him working in House, and he is funny in interviews

Pet73 said...

All the actors I love mentioned in one interview: Robert Pattinson, Robert Downey Jr. (is there something up with the name? :)) and Hugh Jackman and Hugh Laurie (again the name thing :)).

phosphorus said...

@ Hansom: I like Rachelle, I think she's cool.

Pet73 said...

I already liked Hugh Laurie in "Sense and Sensibility" with Emma Thomson, Kate Winslet and Hugh Grant (what's the matter with those male names?).

Kate said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kate said...

LMAO at your photoshopping Goz!:-P

Pet73 said...

Just checked on imdb.com: Hugh Jackman has 11 (!) projects up? He beats our Robert in work enthusiasm!

rpattzdude said...

i do not agree with Edi about Rob looking the same, but man if he hasnt changed, he is so damned hot then as now as always.

scarlett said...

I 100% agree with you Ransom too. I love the combination of Rob and Rachelle in all the interviews I've seen... both funny, affable, intelligent, would be a hot hookup indeed :))

Oh and Goz your photoshop and tagging skills are second to none!

Kathy#1 said...

Ok, I was one that always said he would be perfect. Just tellin ya.

I see Rob even had his hoodie woobie as Cedric. LOL

Yes, I agree - Rachelle and Rob..wow..

Melissa said...

GOZ! Your photoshop skills are AMAZING!! LOL



Chicago girl now in LA said...

I agree that it is much easier for Brits/Aussies to imitate us due to watching so much American film/television. My fake Brit/Aussie accents are a joke.

kespax said...

Ha, ha, ha, such fun. I would kill to see Hugh & Rob do a black nuts Brit comedy together - and throw in some Robert Downey Jnr. Black Adder is sublime.

Anyway, about accents - Aussies do have the advantage of growing up on both pommie and US and Aussie tv, plus bits of stuff from allover the world.

We can do a pretty good US accent by 3-4ish (courtesy of Sesame St, but pre-school kids watch heaps of Brit kids shows too); one of my fave games with my fave nephew is all about accents, Scottish, US, Italian, whatever & funny phrases.
He used to terrorise his childcare centre with a pretty good Robert DeNiro, "you lookin at me" at about 3 years.

And you do realise American accents are rather easy?

I cringe at fake Aussie accents - like most of those on Lost, especially Claire's mother.
Most of us speak less twangy/nassaly, but I guess there are the twangers.
A lot of our speech is about being just too slack to say entire words - TV shows and movies never get our rythmn and idiom right, we make up words a lot, within any given circumstance or group.

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