Interviews from France

“I’m a great fan of Belmondo”

Yellow lenses and pale complexion , Rob Pattinson stopped for a few minutes on
the set of “New Moon” to talk with us about the successful franchise and his
recent career.

Metrofrance : When we met you in Paris, You could walk freely in the street
without being noticed. I guess things must have changed since !

Robert Pattinson : I can’t walk in the street anymore, except if I’m dressed up
! (laughs). In fact it’s a relief to come back on a set.

Metrofrance : Were you surprised bu the huge success of the first sequel ?

Robert Pattinson : I am still surprised ! Even here, on the set. Yesterday,
there were 300 people waiting to catch a glimpse of us. It’s absolutely crazy :
everyday I talk to someone who loves it, or who knows someone who loves,
Twilight” ! It’s so crazy that I don’t dare get outside. Even when I arrive at
an airport, there’s always a custom officer to ask me an autograph for his
daughter !

Metrofrance : Did you choose a different approach for Edward ?

Robert Pattinson : Yes a lot. I consider now he is a ghost, a thing out of
Bella’s mind. I am more a memory than a character, which is very weird. I must
give the impression that his world is about to collapse any second

Metrofrance : Are you going to sing again on the soundtrack ?

Robert Pattinson : I don’t think so, even if it’s too early to state it !
Twilight’s soundtrack sold out so well that a lot of famous bands want to be
part of it !

Metrofrance : You must have a lot of propositions. How do you choose the “good
ones” ?

Robert Pattinson : My schedule is tight up to the end of the year, and all the
roles I have chosen are completely different one from another. I can’t give you
more details because all the contracts are not signed yet. But obviously, I
don’t choose according to the type of film but according to the screenplay and
the character. Only one thing matters : I must like them.

Metrofrance : When you were a child , were you fond of a particular actor ?

Robert Pattinson : As a kid, I didn’t know I was going to be an actor. So when I
started, it took me 3 or 4 years to realize it was really my job. However if I
had to choose, I would say Jack Nicholson and Jean-Paul Belmondo.

Metrofrance : Belmondo ?

Robert Pattinson : I like his being an anti hero, the kind of actor who seems to
be self confident and who doesn’t mind assuming his feelings.


From Technikart Magazine:

Robert Pattinson: « Everything happens so fast” »

Technikart Team was in charge of the daily report «SuperCannes» during the whole
Festival . She came across Robert Pattinson, the teenagers’ idol. This is a
record of a Live interview

Technikart : What happened yesterday Rob ? We were told about a riot in the
whereabouts of Carlton…

Robert Pattinson : Oh yes, there was one indeed (laughs but upset). I was having
my lunch when about 700 people stuck in front of the restaurant’s entrance near
the beach. It was kind of funny… I was carried by 3 bodyguards up to the car
which was parked in front of. I was literally carried, I didn’t touch the
ground. This is so weird.

Technikart : This is your life since about a year now ?

Robert Pattinson : Everything got more intense 6 months ago. It’ s difficult to
handle it out, it’s too fast. I don’t have the necessary distance, not enough to
be able to find a parade to all this mess.

Technikart : George Clooney has a trick to escape fans : he takes Brad Pitt with

Robert Pattinson : Oh yeah, I guess it must be efficient but you have to be
friend with Brad Pitt…

Technikart : Is it not the case ?

Robert Pattinson : I don’t know him. But the thing with celebrity, you can’t
fight it, it’s useless, you can’t run away . When it was something you were not
looking froward all your life, something you have never dreamed of, you can
freely not give a damn about it. They can shout my name, if they want to but I
can ignore it. I didn’t sign a contract with Disney, no clause compels me to
smile to photographs.(Gozde: So there you go! All you conspiracy theory believers, you hear that?)

Technikart : How are you feeling about shooting a film knowing the next one, and
also the next one and the next one are already on the draft ? How long are you
still stuck into «Twilight» ?

Robert Pattinson : In fact, it’s pretty cool because my character can’t get old
! To me It’s the key of this adventure. I’m not in the same situation as the
Harry Potter characters , who spent 10 years of their lives in these movies.
There’s nothing more frightening than signing up a contract for several movies
but in fact in September I will have wrapped 3 of the 4 Twilight series . Only
in a year. New Moon will be released in November, Eclipse next summer and
Breaking Dawn at Xmas 2010. Soon I will be freed from my contract.

Technikart : How is it in Cannes, Rob ? Do you have fun ?

Robert Pattinson : So so… I would like to do some things. I am not doing
anything. I hate being photographed. But I like the hotel…

Technikart : Which hotel is it?

Robert Pattinson : L’hôtel du Cap. It’s like a job. I have business lunches. I
leave restaurants on board speed boats, I feel like James Bond, this is cool.
However I will have time to attend Tarantino’s movie. But I guess the climbing
of the red carpet will ruin everything. I already hate it. (he pretends he is in
front of a crowd of imaginary photographs) «Yeah , all your fucking photos will
be on the headline tomorrow !»

Interview : Benjamin Rozovas

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...wowie! said...

I don't like these interviews. It's hard to read that he can't do anything outside/anywhere/anytime. I feel bad for the guy. Poor thing.

I so feel like a helpless mommy right now. =/

keely said...

Exactly what made me sad, too, wowie. But that´s the job :-(

Georgie said...

Oooooohhh my favourite crotch and bodyguard photo, thanks Gozde!

kchambers77 said...

i still think he needs a decoy or a case of disguises.

i feel so bad for him.

Anonymous said...

Rob hates his life.
Free the eagle :)
himmm, wonder what will he be like 2 years from now.. Not change much, I hope

Unknown said...

Gosh can't the fans and paps leave him alone just a little bit. I can imagine all the things he wants to do but he skip it because the fans and paps it's going to follow him or take pictures all the time... Im sure he's happy that people appreciate his work and that he gets to do more movies now but the fans and the paps need to back off. Im glad for him that there's been no pictures of him the last couple of days. Must be nice for him! I hope he's with his family in England:)

RPnKSaddict said...

In the live interview from France he said that he's coming to terms with the attention. So he's dealing. If he tuely wants to hide he's smart enough to find a way.

I just wish for him that it didn't have to come down to that. I wish he could just say "hey guys not today", and just move on about his business.
Unfortunatly we live in a world where others don't respect people's space.
I'd love to be his bodyguard and protect him.
Rob "I feel very protective of you."

Sara said...

I'm also extrememly glad he can get away from the Edward stigma.
That's what annoys me above everything else.
That people see him as this 'vampire' who's signed onto a franchise.
I'm looking forward to all his next projects and when we get to a time that people will mention those other projects rather than Twilght. Like Little Ashes for example, it's way too underrated.

Anonymous said...

I feel like inside me to pitch "shrieeeeeking" to paps and hyper fans with through all their ears through all brains back off him

Oh, first pic he looks kinda of the real generation of the legend like James Dean and Marlon Brando in the back 50's and 60's No doubt He will be...

Unknown said...

It's interesting that actors say they hate the limelight when they are the target but how many people, starving actors, would trade with him in a minute to get one tenth of the opportunities Rob is getting thrown at him JUST because of the dollar figure Twilight raked in. Had Twilight not done well, Rob wouldn't have gotten worldwide screenplay of Little Ashes or How to Be.

I think, yes, it is a shame the guy can't take a piss or fart without someone there with a camera BUT this is the life he chose and if he's struggling with the fame and recognitiion then maybe he needs to approach Summit and say I'd like to speak with a therapist on the serious down low and trust me, they would set up a BUSINESS MEETING with a therapist in the studio business offices and NO ONE would be the wiser.

I think Rob is talented in both is screen and musical abilities and I think we've YET to really tap into his capabilities and hope that maybe down the road he can reach out to people like Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie,George Clooney....and get their take on this stalkeritzi type stuff and see how they deal with it. Maybe it will help him begin to cope. I can tell you that you NEVER see the paps right up in the face of Brad or Angelina so maybe he needs to have a tighter security staff if he's truly uncomfortable with his current accessability.

....but don't hire anyone Rob until I find you in New York at the end of the month baby!!

I'll be gentle....I promise....!

Sara Tavares said...

Breaking Down in December 2010?
I think that´s new, I haven´t read that before.

Pet73 said...

sara- I was thinking the same thing.

Pet73 said...

I love him as Edward - but I'm sure there are different roles he will do very very well - especially when connected to other good and experienced actors.

Sam said...

howdy girls! so whats the scoop on rob? anyone know where he is- still in NY?

Vickie said...

PattinsonForever - Rob has no where the star clout, influence or money Brad and Angelina have. Brad and Angelina have spent years getting earning that status. They didn't start out at in their 20's with these resources. They now can hire 24 bodyguards, or request security from the studios. Rob's makeing good money but he is far from a superstar. In my opinion Rob could not see a therapist without someone finding out. Here in California we have had numerous cased of celebs private medical records given to the paps. I think Rob is just going through what anyone with sudden fame does. With internet, camera phones and twitter it's a whole lot different than it used to be. A whole lot harder. He just needs time to adjust.

Anonymous said...

When I read this I feel so bad for him...

kitty said...

Georgie-I'm glad someone else mentioned the shot with the bodygaurd/crotch!!! I don't feel so dirty! lol

rpattzdude said...

gosh want to cry during the reading so terrible he cant do anything and most of all he hates being photographed. poor him. he can only ignore it :( hope u chose a better job in your next life darlin'.

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