Rob Thinks He Can Get in Disguise :)

Robert Pattinson melted the hearts of many when Edward Cullen first appeared on screen in Twilight. The young actor is back in New Moon, but still admits he is shocked with the phenomenon Twilight has turned into. Pattinson sat down with Metro to talk about New Moon, his own success, and his character.

How is the filming going?

It’s great. To be honest, I am surprised at how relaxed it is. I was really nervous before we started because there’s so much expectation now. But with this team, everything seems to work really well. Everyone knows each other. It’s one of the most relaxed jobs I’ve ever worked on. It’s really strange. It’s going really well so far.

Last time we spoke, you told me that you still walked in the street without anyone recognizing you. I’m assuming that’s changed now.

I don’t walk in the street anymore, and when I do, I’m in disguise. (laughs) It’s actually a relief being back at work.(Gozde: Newsflash Rob, the hoodie and the ray-bans are hardly a disguise ;) It actually draws more attention. Try a pink wig next time :))

Were you surprised that Twilight became such a phenomenon?

It never ever fails to shock me. Even here. Yesterday, there were 300 people outside the set. It’s just crazy. Every day, every single person I meet knows someone who has a very strong attachment to the books. It’s very difficult to put your head around. I can go through customs at any airport in the world — every customs agent is like, ‘Can I get an autograph for my daughter?’ Every single time! It’s crazy! I just hope it doesn’t change the way I think and stuff.(Gozde: Again, newsflash, people are attached to YOU now not the book)

Which is your favorite motion picture vampire of all time?

I always liked the original Nosferatu. I watched 30 Days of Night recently. I thought it was really good. But I wouldn’t say that I was a vampire fan.

You must be offered a lot of roles now. How are you making your choices?

I judge things purely on the script. I’m booked up for this year. I’ve been doing the most different things you can possibly imagine. Every part is so different. I can’t say any of the parts I’m doing — they haven’t been finalized yet. But I don’t pick them in terms of genre; purely the script. If I like the script and I like the part, then that’s all that matters.

Are there differences in your preparation to play Edward?

I feel very familiar with the character. I’m a ghost, a figment of Bella’s imagination. I’m not really playing Edward. I’m playing a kind of disrupted memory, which is really strange. I’m trying to play him as if Edward’s constantly thinking that things are going to fall apart. It’s this idyllic relationship on the top. I’m very, very close to the surface. He’s so insecure about everything.

And from yesterday's Kristen Stewart interview:

How would you describe it to someone who hasn’t read the books or seen Twilight?

Anybody who’s ever been broken up with will probably watch this movie, and their temperature will probably go up.(Gozde: Our temperature goes up for another reason :))

How do I describe this? It’s a movie about ultimate devotion being ripped from you and thinking that your entire world that you’ve established is wrong. And then trying to get it back and realizing that it’s all OK. (Laughs) And vampires, werewolves, too, so that makes it even more exciting. Robert Pattinson is just so cute. So is Taylor Lautner. That’s what I would tell someone who doesn’t know about the movie yet.

Once again, thanks to Stella and Lynda for the tip :)

source: Metro News


Tess said...

Bahahahaha! I agree Gozde. The hoodie/RayBans have got to go if he wants to walk around unnoticed. The hoodie (like the beanie(baby)) has become a beacon!!

I loved hearing him say that he was more relaxed filming NM. Such a change from how he felt w/Twilight

The man is going to need to take a SERIOUS vacation when all the projects he has in the pipeline are completed.

Rob, My doors are always open bb ;)

Anna said...

I love how serious he is when discussing his interpretation of Edward.

Chillax honey, it's just Edward, your friend the psycho vampire - your job is to look pretty, that's about it!

I shouldn't mock... it truly is endearing how intense he is about the whole acting process :)

Kate said...

Tess he could go to yours first and then head over here for a while. The cottage is still available ;-)
And ya I think the hoodie and sunglasses were not really working! LOL

Tess said...

Kate :) Can I come too?

Jewels64 said...

Interesting that he said he just watched 30 Days of Night.

Trying to get a fix on your next director for Eclipse there Robbie?

Musk said...

How the hell do you..hold a mobile ph, speak into it at the same time with a fag hanging out your mouth???????? Oh thats multi tasking, manstyle..LOL

bbonin said...

Thank you, thank you Goz for the interview. I just love it when they type all out instead of a video since no subtitles :) enjoyed the interview too. He just sounds like a fanastic person which he is!

Btw, he's next in line to take a vacay at my place. LOL.

bbonin said...


bbonin said...

Plus I think it's hilarious about those customs agents ask Rob for an autograph for their daughters! Wish I had a customs agent as a relative! Damnit. ;)

phosphorus said...

@ bbonin: "fag" is a British word for cigarette.

thirtysomething said...

is it wrong when i see "30" come out of his mouth i think he's talking to me...?

RPnKSaddict said...

He can't hide, even his gate when he walks would give him away.

Anyone remember the guy from the cure..he had the same problem.

I'm glad that he's doing what he likes,and what he's interested in.
It's cool things were more relaxed for him on the set of NM.

Babs said...

Every time I see him with a cig between his lips, Franz Ferdinand's song starts playing in my mind
'kiss me, lick your cigarette and kiss me...'
no Rob you never know how you make a girl feel!!!

Treasure_7 said...

i am happy that he does not want to change his thinking and wants to stay the down to earth and humble guy that he is. I think that it is so cute that he is totally clueless to how gorgeous he really is. So cute!!

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